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Chapter 564 - A Solution: A Sincere Invitation To Fang Qiu!

Medical Master
     The stock of Nine Herbs Hall was the only one rising among all the pharmaceutical companies’ stocks which were falling.

    Seeing that the stock price of Nine Herbs Hall which kept falling before actually began to rise, people of other pharmaceutical companies were suddenly very surprised.

    Why was Nine Herbs Hall’s stock able to rise at such a time when the stocks of all the other pharmaceutical companies were slumping?

    What was going on?

    In the midst of confusion, people of the major pharmaceutical companies all logged into their Weibo accounts and entered the official Weibo page of Nine Herbs Hall to see what happened.

    As they saw the Weibo posted by Nine Herbs Hall, they were also surprised to find that there were favorable comments below the post.

    It was filled with compliments.

    Some said that Nine Herbs Hall specialized in processing Chinese Medicine and had medical ethics.

    Some people said that they dared to post such a Weibo at this moment, which showed that Nine Herbs Hall was absolutely confident about their medicine.

    After searching for a while, they found that there was no comment trying to slander this company.

    All the pharmaceutical companies were speechless.

    How could they do this?

    Nine Herbs Hall was obviously going to take advantage of this matter. To be blunt, they were trying to rise while other companies were suffering.

    Although it sounded a little inappropriate, Nine Herbs Hall stood out because they were more open and above board.

    It seemed that they were actually saying, “Our company strictly follows the national policies of production drugs, and we aren’t afraid of being investigated. We’re indeed considerate of our consumers. That’s how we do. How about that? If you can’t accept it, why don’t you do the same?”

    Undoubtedly, as they were in a bear market, many companies wanted to imitate this method to restore public confidence and their share prices.

    Unfortunately, to think about it was one thing, but to do it was quite another thing.

    No matter how much they thought about it, they still didn’t dare to do it.

    After all, most people in this business would play some tricks.

    As the owners of these companies, they were clear whether they could guarantee that there was a problem with their own medicine or not.

    They had a guilty conscience!

    Especially now, when all the people were paying attention to the quality of the medicine, how could they dare to be the first to stand out?

    If they became the first one to stand out and then was investigated by the National Food and Drug Administration, they would be over.

    Helplessly, those companies could only continue to remain silent. They needed to carry out a thorough inspection by themselves and first ensure that their own problems could be solved before the inspection of the National Food and Drug Administration came.

    In any case, these pharmaceutical companies dared not to produce medicines with problems in this period.

    In the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, as the source of the whole incident, Fang Qiu didn’t care about what happened on the Internet. After breakfast, he ran directly into the school library to find Xu Miaolin to study.

    In the reading room of the library, “Don’t you need to record the show this week?”

    Looking at Fang Qiu who just entered the door, Xu Miaolin asked curiously.

    “No, I don’t.” Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “The recording material last week is enough. We have to wait for the notice of the show before going back to record. But the day after tomorrow, I need to follow the school to attend a Consulting Session for College Admission in Qilu Province.”

    “Oh, I see.” Xu Miaolin nodded with understanding.

    “Mr. Xu?” After answering Xu Miaolin’s question, Fang Qiu suddenly smiled and asked, “What do you think of what I did this time?”

    “Humph!” Xu Miaolin snorted and rolled his eyes at Fang Qiu, saying, “Kid, you really can make trouble everywhere.”

    “Well. You’re the one who helped me register an account on Weibo.”

    Fang Qiu twitched his mouth and said, “If it weren’t for this Weibo, many things wouldn’t have happened. The source of this matter is really not on me.”

    Upon hearing that, Xu Miaolin widened his eyes and looked extremely embarrassed.

    If Xu Miaolin really wanted to find out the source of the trouble, he was really the one to blame.

    “All right, go and read your books.” In embarrassment, Xu Miaolin quickly changed the topic and said, “Don’t forget that you only have less than a year left. You are still far from being a highly-skilled doctor now.”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

    In fact, there was no need for Xu Miaolin to remind him. He had been thinking about this thing all the time. After all, as for Fang Qiu, the old master’s injury was the most important thing.

    All the things he had done over the years was to treat the old master’s illness!

    After that, Fang Qiu left the reading room and found a quiet spot in the library to read books.

    The pharmaceutical companies held meetings for a whole day. The leaders and people of the PR departments of each company were almost crazy.

    On this day, there were nearly a thousand different coping schemes proposed by people in countless pharmaceutical companies.

    However, all of the proposals were quickly rejected as they were put forward!

    Under such circumstances, other employees in the company all got off work, but these leaders and staff of PR departments were still in a meeting.

    There was no other way.

    This was the order giving by the chairman of the board.

    No one was allowed to leave without working out a solution!

    In Taikang Pharmaceutical Company, the bald and fat man, Ma Guoyong, was sitting in the conference room, looking at all the leaders and staff of the PR department in the conference room with a gloomy face.

    “Solution, I want a solution. What did you give me? I spent so much money paying you guys. Did I pay you to stay here in silence?”

    Ma Guoyong was furious.

    If these things didn’t happen, he would be in a hotel now, holding a beautiful lady and eating delicious food.

    But now, the decline of the stock price made him start to panic, just like the leaders of other companies.

    Especially when he heard the news that the National Food and Drug Administration was going to strictly crack down the companies with problems, he was even more worried.

    Once they really found out something, the Taikang Pharmaceutical Company he had worked so hard to build would be finished!

    “Pa!” With a slap on the meeting table, Ma Guoyong stood up and glared at all the people present, saying, “I’ll give you three more hours. If you can’t work out a practical solution, then all of you will be fired!”

    After that, he strode out of the conference room and slammed the door heavily.

    In the conference room, the leaders of all the departments, as well as all the employees of the PR Department, looked at each other in dismay. Each of them had a very unpleasant look on their faces.Read More chapter on vi pnovel. com

    It was not that they didn’t want to give a solution. But they really couldn’t find a perfect solution!

    The atmosphere was solemn.

    After Ma Guoyong slammed the door and walked out, the people in the meeting room were still silent.

    At this time, an employee of the PR department suddenly stood up.

    He had been in the meeting room for so long. In this extremely depressing atmosphere, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Just when he was so desperate and wanted to quit his job, he somehow suddenly thought of his grandfather.

    His grandfather was a Tai Chi master.

    In the past, his grandfather often told him some principles about Tai Chi, but he didn’t listen to it seriously. He felt annoyed every time he heard about it, not to mention learning from his grandfather.

    But now, in the face of such a difficult situation, he suddenly thought of his grandfather and came up with an idea. He then rose to his feet.

    “I have a plan!” The employee opened his mouth.

    “What is it?” The PR manager immediately asked.

    The leaders and colleagues of other departments also turned their heads to look.

    “I suggest that we write a letter of appointment to Fang Qiu.”

    The staff said, “We can employ Fang Qiu as the Quality Control Manager of Taikang Pharmaceutical Company. Everyone knows that our company doesn’t have such a position at all. It is because of this that we have to especially create such a post for Fang Qiu.”

    When he heard that, the PR manager’s eyes lit up.

    The leaders of the other departments nodded in agreement.

    “That’s a good idea! With the strength of our company, there is no problem to hire Fang Qiu.”

    The employee continued, “As long as he agrees, I believe the chairman will offer him the money he wants. Of course, we don’t need to worry that he won’t agree. As long as the letter of appointment is issued, we can reverse the situation. First of all, we can use this matter to let everyone be confident in our company and let them see our company’s determination to change. At the same time, we can also use Fang Qiu’s image of being a righteous Chinese Medicine doctor to improve the image of our company.”

    “Perhaps, if we do this, the company will benefit from this matter.”

    “Of course, we all hope that Fang Qiu will agree because this is absolutely a good deed. But even if Fang Qiu doesn’t agree, it will be favorable to our company as long as we send an invitation. On the contrary, it will be bad for Fang Qiu, which can be considered a counterattack of our company.”

    Upon hearing that, everyone nodded in succession.

    All the staff in the PR department cast admiring glances at the employee.

    Of course, compared with these employees, the company executives in the room thought more about it.

    If Fang Qiu agreed and demanded an exorbitant price, they wouldn’t hesitate to give him as much money as he wanted. As long as they signed a contract, they could directly trick Fang Qiu.

    When the time came, what would he do if something went wrong with the drug that Fang Qiu represented?

    In the eyes of these executives, if they really wanted to do this, they must not implicate the company. After all, the Taikang Pharmaceutical Company was a large-scale listed enterprise. If they really wanted to frame Fang Qiu, they could use the problem drugs to start a new company!

    What if Fang Qiu disagreed?

    Then the company could completely use his rejection as a topic.

    They might say something like, “As the representative of Chinese Medicine, Fang Qiu didn’t dare to accept the appointment of Taikang Pharmaceutical Company. Didn’t you just say that there was something wrong with the drugs of our company? Then you should supervise it. If you don’t dare to supervise, it’ll mean that you’re afraid that you can’t make good medicine yourself.”

    After thinking about it carefully, the staff thought this was really a perfect solution.

    Soon, when he was informed by the secretary at the door, Ma Guoyong rushed over from his office.

    “Great!” Hearing the plan proposed by the staff, Ma Guoyong immediately walked to him, patted the shoulders of the staff with satisfaction, and praised, “Well, this is a great solution. Do your job well in the future, and I will give what you deserve.”

    Upon hearing that, the employee felt flattered.

    It was the first time that he had been praised by the chairman, which made him very excited and grateful to his grandfather at the same time.

    He thought and exclaimed to himself, “You really live up to your reputation as a master of Tai Chi. You’re really something, Grandpa!”

    As a matter of fact, what he used was exactly the principle of Tai Chi—Accomplish a great task with little effort by clever maneuvers, which could change the momentum and use the counterforce to fight back!

    Ma Guoyong was very satisfied with the solution.

    The people who had a meeting for a whole day also sighed with relief. Finally, they could go home.

    Soon, the official Weibo account of Taikang Pharmaceutical Company had posted a Weibo according to the request of the high-up.

    “Mr. Fang Qiu, thank you for your supervision in our company. In order to produce better medicine, serve the consumers better, and show our firm determination to serve the people, we sincerely invited Mr. Fang Qiu to be our Quality Control Manager so that we can produce good medicines that can reassure the consumers. Of course, in this medical case, we have made a mistake. In the future, we will definitely learn from the lessons and give priority to patients’ needs. Finally, we sincerely hope Mr. Fang Qiu @Who do you think you are can consider the appointment of our company.”