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Chapter 309 - It Feels Good To Tease Your Wife But Coaxing Her Was A Torment (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 309: It Feels Good To Tease Your Wife But Coaxing Her Was A Torment (1)

    Gu Yu's dark eyes met Xu Weilai's gaze. He stared at her intently and said, "The type of person that I like."

    "I don't have any requirements for the kind of person I like or have any ideal type. My standard is the person that I like. Whether she is pretty, gentle, delicate, weak, or whether she's not pretty, not gentle, not delicate, not weak, as long as it's her, I can accept it."

    Xu Weilai always thought that Gu Yu just had a sharp-tongue and was someone who could say hurtful words naturally and casually. However, unexpectedly… He was able to say such pleasant words so easily too.

    All men could say sweet words. It was just whether they wanted to say it or not.

    Xu Weilai calmed herself down and bit her lower lip lightly. In the end, she still asked, "Has the person you like appeared? This.. is a personal question too."

    A hint of gentleness appeared on Gu Yu's brows. The corners of his lips lifted slightly as he replied, "Yes, she has appeared."

    She has appeared…

    Xu Weilai took much effort to calm her palpitating heart down but then, it started to beat furiously again. So far, the only two women that had appeared in Gu Yu's life were Su Ziqian and her. Did that mean that there was a 50% chance that it was her? Or could it be that there were other women she didn't know of?"

    She opened her mouth and almost wanted to ask him who it was.

    But, when the words reached the edge of her mouth, they disappeared. She needed to calm down. She mustn't fight wars that she had no confidence in anymore.

    If she didn't get the reply she wanted, how awkward and hurtful would that be…

    Xu Weilai swallowed a few mouths of saliva and took a few deep breaths. She continued asking the next question, "Lastly, may I know what's your current relationship status?"

    This was, of course, a normal question to ask. Xu Weilai knew that he wouldn't announce publicly that he was married to her so she already knew his answer. He would definitely say that he was single.

    Without waiting for his reply, Xu Weilai had already started writing on the piece of paper. She wrote the word ‘single'.

    Halfway through her writing, she heard Gu Yu's low and gentle voice replying to her, "I'm married."

    Xu Weilai's hand stopped abruptly. She widened her eyes in shock and looked at him.

    The moment she met his dark eyes, Gu Yu moved his thin lips and continued, "My fiancée became my wife."

    What he said meant that… he was prepared to announce their marriage…

    The unexpected reply caused Xu Weilai's mind to turn blank for a long while before she slowly started digesting that piece of news. Did that mean that Gu Yu finally admitted she was his wife?

    Her sacrifice that time not only allowed her to get Gu Yu's apology and his gentleness, he was also willing to admit and reveal her status to the public…

    It was what she had always dreamed of. However, under these circumstances, she felt complicated.

    What she wanted was his sincerity. Yet, she couldn't confirm if he was doing all of that out of true love.

    She was in a dilemma. She didn't know if she should reject or accept his words. The two thoughts had a tug-of-war in her mind and in the end, she leaned towards rejection. Thus, she lowered her voice and said, "Gu Yu, I'm sorry. I don't want to announce our marriage."

    Gu Yu frowned slightly. He wasn't angry. He was just confused. Very soon, he seemed to have thought of something. His gaze turned dark as he asked, "Are you still planning to divorce me after you earned your one billion? Is that why you don't want to announce it?"

    That time, Xu Weilai wasn't afraid of his cold face. She raised her chest and looked up straight. "I still want to earn the one billion to return it to you. This is something I must do. However, whether we divorce or not… depends on you."