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Chapter 518 - Blood-sucking Qiu Sen

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 518: Blood-sucking Qiu Sen

    “The Monkey Demon Yin Corpses are coming. Quickly go.” Yun Jiuge turned her head to look behind and saw two Golden Core Monkey Demon Yin Corpses that had just pounced over, carrying long spears. The thick death energy at the tips of the spears were terrible.

    “Help me tighten grip. I’m going straight out of the Death Swamp,” said Zi Shang, who directly crushed the wall with a whip of his tail and jumped out of the castle. They instantly came to the edge of the Death Swamp.

    Yun Jiuge covered Zi Shang with a layer of golden light to keep out the death energy.

    Zi Shang jumped into the Death Swamp. With a swipe of his tail, they shot out like a swift arrow.

    Several fast-moving puppet human-beast hybrids chased after and fell into the swamp before sinking immediately.

    The Monkey Demon Yin Corpses looked at Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang who bolted. They hammered their chests and let out angry roars.

    Behind the gray stone door, Qiu Sen, who was studying human-beast hybrids with the golden light, looked up the moment he heard the noises.

    He summoned the Monkey Demon Yin Corpses in. After using his consciousness to communicate, he learned that a woman and a human-snake hybrid had broken in and caused damage.

    “It’s Yun Jiuge, isn’t it?” Qiu Sen suddenly laughed. His left pupil was so deeply and strangely black. He said, “So what if you’re the reincarnation of the Goddess? No one can prevent our Tianwai Demonic Clan from embarking on a great journey.”

    After Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang rushed out of the Death Swamp, they then raced wildly for an hour at a great speed. They only breathed a sigh of relief once they confirmed that those human-beast hybrid puppets did not give chase.

    “We’ve to find a safe place to stay as soon as possible,” said Yun Jiuge. She saw the gradually darkening sky and her heart began to sink.

    It was extremely dangerous at night in the Secret Realm. The death energy would pervade very quickly. No animals dared come out except for the deformed dead beasts.

    Even Yun Jiuge, who had Holy Power to protect herself, dared not make an attempt.

    Zi Shang glanced at the vast wilderness and was afraid that it would be difficult to find a safe cave before dark. They might as well create a hole in the ground on the spot.

    He raised his hands and pressed them to the ground. The gray colored Yin Qi sprang from his hands and drilled into the ground.

    A round hole in the ground appeared immediately before Yun Jiuge’s eyes.

    “It’s done.” Zi Shang carried Yun Jiuge and jumped in. Next, he sealed up the hole and left no trace in the vast wilderness.

    “You’ve used Yin Shili thoroughly enough.” Yun Jiuge looked around the empty basement, which had been created by Yin Qi.

    “It’s an exchange of equal value. Fan Yin’s favor is unbelievably valuable.” If not for the extraordinary situation, Zi Shang would not have wanted to make a sale with Yin Shili. It was a bargain to let them help build the city.

    “What favor did Fan Yin owe you?” Yun Jiuge’s impression of the elegant monk was that he was always proper, solemn and could not even crack a joke. How did he end up owing Zi Shang a favor?

    “I told him that you were going to take him into the Harem, which made me feel very embarrassed. So, he felt like he owed me,” Zi Shang said rather evilly.

    “I’ve never thought of taking him, okay?” Yun Jiuge glared at Zi Shang annoyingly. No matter how base she was in her previous life, she also had a bottom line.

    “I know. I deliberately conned him.” Zi Shang calculatingly let Fan Yin owe him a favor so that he could make him suffer later.

    “You’re so despicable.” This fella, Zi Shang, even dared to make use of her. Yue Ling’er was really not wrong about him.

    “Thank you for the compliments,” Zi Shang said and smiled. He was indeed a despicable person, and he was very proud of it.

    “Let A’hui out. I want to ask him what’s going on.” Yun Jiuge decided to interrogate the traitor first.

    Zi Shang let A’hui out.

    A’hui’s perpetual cold face actually looked sluggish. He looked at Yun Jiuge with dull eyes. He was obviously being controlled.

    Yun Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye and could only see that his brain was filled with a dense ball of gray energy.

    “How did this happen?” Yun Jiuge had examined A’hui before and he had not been controlled. How did it suddenly break out? Could it be that this Demon Qi was hidden so well that even her Spiritual Eye had been deceived?

    “Is it because of this?” Zi Shang motioned for Yun Jiuge to take a look at A’hui’s back, where there was a bloody wound. He was previously injured there by the human-wolf hybrids using crossbows and arrows.

    Yun Jiuge suddenly thought of the human-wolf hybrid’s special gray colored arrowhead.

    She took the arrowhead out of her Magical Bottomless Bag.

    Zi Shang released Yin Qi toward the arrowhead, which immediately turned into black and red Demon Qi. It zoomed toward the wound on A’hui’s body and flowed in.

    After Yun Jiuge shot out her Holy Power to wipe out the Demon Qi, she asked Zi Shang, “Where did they obtain so many Devil Stones? Why did the human-snake hybrid clan not use this kind of arrowheads?” If the human-snake hybrid clan also used this kind of arrowheads, the Eagle Clan would probably have been wiped out.

    “It probably has something to do with the user’s physique. The human-wolf hybrids have already become puppets so as to bring out the advantages of the Devil Stones. However, the Devil Stones probably can’t cause the human-beast hybrids to directly turn into puppets. Other methods such as Gaga Grass and so on have probably been used to first turn the human-beast hybrids into puppets before the Devil Stones can be effective,” Zi Shang guessed.

    “It’s getting more and more troublesome,” Yun Jiuge sighed and put A’hui into the Spiritual Beast Bag. Next, she took out the Leopard Clan youth and Lizard-like therianthrope.

    These two people were more impassive than A’hui. Gray energy covered their bodies entirely, just like the human-wolf hybrids. If Yun Jiuge had not seen them speak earlier, she would think that they had become puppets.

    She used Holy Power to penetrate the chests of the two human-beast hybrids.

    The golden light produced by the two human-beast hybrids emerged at the same time and slowly dispelled the Demon Qi in their heads. Then they opened their eyes at the same time.

    “Is that you?” the Leopard Clan youth instantly recognized Yun Jiuge.

    “Where are we?” the Lizard-like therianthrope looked at the yellow mud basement warily.

    “It’s safe here. You’ve already broken away from the Death Swamp,” Yun Jiuge flatly said.

    Zi Shang hid his presence and concealed himself within the shadows.

    “Did you save us?” the Leopard Clan youth said with an incredulous look. This woman actually crossed the Death Swamp and Gray Castle. It was too amazing!

    “That’s right. What are your names? Why did you go to Gray Castle? What’s going on there? What’s behind that door with the engravings?” Yun Jiuge fired off a series of questions.

    The Leopard Clan youth gave the Lizard-like therianthrope a glance and saw him nod before he slowly said, “My name is Xiao Hua and he’s called Da’er. We were captured and brought to Gray Castle. Behind the door is a Lord named Qiu Sen…”

    It turned out that Xiao Hua and Da’er were part of the human-beast hybrid group to first submit themselves to the Divine Envoy. Once they received the Divine Envoy’s order to capture Yun Jiuge, they had been hanging around at the entrance of the Secret Realm.

    After Yun Jiuge took A’dai and escaped that day, they intended to go back and report to the Divine Envoy. But they did not expect to be seized halfway by Qiu Sen and taken to the Death Swamp. They even began to help him catch human-beast hybrids who could turn into animal forms everywhere.

    “This Qiu Sen that you’re talking about — does he look like a five-year-old boy?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “No, Qiu Sen is a tall and handsome man who looks very sinister and scary,” Da’er said, shaking his head.

    Could it be that Qiu Sen had removed the curse?

    Yun Jiuge thought about it, and asked, “What is Qiu Sen doing with those human-beast hybrids who can take on animal forms?”