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Chapter 254 - Is It That Disgusting?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 254: Is It That Disgusting?

    The train incident was considered a minor one. Other than Le Anqi's fear, nothing unexpected happened.

    When the train staff found out about it, the two of them had already arrived where the production team was.

    Le Anqi did not intend to tell anyone about this. When she joined the production crew, she realized that there were already many people present.

    Most of the popular contestants from the other districts had gathered.

    Among the crowd, Su Cha took a glance at the contestants and found where Jin Mou and the rest were.

    Jin Mou remained alone and did not seem to have many friends. Mona and the others were not far from her.

    Most of these contestants were fashionable and stylish, but when Su Cha entered, she attracted a lot of attention.

    The competition district of Yonggu City might not be a popular one, but as long as Su Cha appeared, the crowd's attention would inevitably be drawn to her.

    Many girls saw Su Cha's face and knew that she was a threat.

    After all, the audience was very honest these days. The first thing they did was to look at the contestants' faces.

    Not to mention, some contestants had also gone out of their way to learn about the strong competitors in other divisions. They knew that Su Cha's face was not only good-looking, but her singing ability was also very strong. Naturally, she could not be underestimated.

    Moreover, Su Cha had entered the waiting area and was slated to become the runner-up. It was obvious how big a threat she was.

    "Sister Su Cha, Sister Anqi, you're here."

    Dong Yishan was wearing a red sports dress, showing off her beautiful figure. She skipped over and greeted Su Cha and the others in a lively and cute manner.

    For a moment, it was as if no one could remember that she had targeted Su Cha in Yonggu City's competition area. She even led Su Cha by the nose.

    Le Anqi and Dong Yishan's fans had even fought online.

    Su Cha was surprised. Some people could really be so shameless, huh?

    If they changed places, could she also pretend that nothing had happened?

    Le Anqi was also disgusted. She would rather deal with a straightforward hatred than to deal with Dong Yishan, who pretended to be innocent.

    However, with so many people around, Dong Yishan came forward to greet them. If they ignored her…

    Le Anqi hesitated, but Su Cha did not give her face.

    It was as if she did not see Dong Yishan. With a smile on her lips, she looked straight at Jin Mou and nodded at her.

    Dong Yishan's smile froze.

    There were already many people who were paying attention to Su Cha. Su Cha's current behavior was undoubtedly a slap to Dong Yishan's face in front of everyone. All of a sudden, the contestants from other divisions started to whisper among themselves.

    Dong Yishan did not know what they were discussing, but she could tell that some contestants were mocking her.

    They did not think that Su Cha was arrogant because she just looked that way.

    And given Su Cha's strength, these people could only think that Dong Yishan had been seeking humiliation.

    Dong Yishan thought Su Cha was going to greet her, but instead, Su Cha did not give her any face.

    Jin Mou, who was being watched by her, was alone when she arrived. She did not care about anyone. When she saw Su Cha smiling at her, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she smiled back.

    No one needed to explain to her why Su Cha had suddenly done that.

    Dong Yishan's expression turned even uglier. She had not paid any attention to how many people had greeted Jin Mou just now.

    How could she treat Su Cha differently now?