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Chapter 323 - Your Little Goddess Has Fallen and She Needs A Kiss to be Revived

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 323: Your Little Goddess Has Fallen and She Needs A Kiss to be Revived

    After the five-kilometre marathon ended, Tang Jinyu went to them and gave them a sweeping glance. His gaze then fell upon Lightning.

    He looked at him and Lightning instantly felt threatened.

    Surprisingly, Tang Jinyu did not take any action in the training that followed.

    Lightning was relieved and he thought that he was thinking too much.

    However, when it was time for lunch and everyone had left for the cafeteria, Tang Jinyu stopped him. “Lightning, stay back.”

    Lightning. “…”

    Jian Qi rushed to the cafeteria and she was going to get some rest after her meal. She had not slept since last night, she was so tired she could sleep while standing up.

    She finished her meal in five minutes and everyone teased her, “Big Sister Qi, do you even chew your food?”

    Jian Qi replied calmly, “I’m training my speed.”

    Everyone. “…”

    Jian Qi left the cafeteria after she was done. On her way back to her room, she passed by the training field and Lightning was running. She smiled while walking over. “You’re impressive, Instructor. You are using your lunch break to continue training.”

    Lightning gritted his teeth and ran even faster when he saw her.

    Boss was out of his mind in giving him extra training!

    Jian Qi yawned. She did not tease him anymore since she was too tired.

    “Instructor Lightning, keep it up,” Jian Qi smiled brightly.

    Lightning grunted. He knew that she was making fun of him.

    Just when Jian Qi was about to reach her room, she saw Tang Jinyu coming out of his room. Her eyes immediately started shining and she threw herself at him.

    Tang Jinyu dodged her. “Looking for more punishment?”

    Jian Qi murmured. “Little Tang Tang, I was standing in the cold the whole night and I thought about you the whole time. How could you treat me like that…”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. “Jian Qi, you want to accompany Lightning?”

    Jian Qi. “…”


    Jian Qi’s smile deepened looking at Tang Jinyu with a straight face. She was ready to flirt with him.

    “I want to run with Little Tang Tang instead. You’ll run in front of me, and I’ll be chasing you from the back. How romantic…”

    Tang Jinyu pursed his lips. “Romantic? Let’s go, I’ll show you what romance is.”

    Jian Qi smiled. She was instantly energetic and followed Tang Jinyu.

    Clearly, she underestimated how insane Tang Jinyu could be.

    He was running in front while she was chasing after him from behind.

    Only thing was, he was driving a car and she was chasing after him with her own two feet.

    When everyone saw them, they wanted to clap for her.

    Crocodile said, “Big Sister Qi is teaching us a lesson with her life again. Dumb ways to die 101!”

    Zhao Yu laughed. “I’m impressed by her ‘flirting’ tactics!”

    “She will not stop if she doesn’t get what she wants!”

    Feng Yi was upset. “Why is my goddess so stupid?”

    Everyone laughed. “You’re the stupid one!”

    The other soldiers that were training saw Jian Qi chasing after Tang Jinyu who was driving. “The Special Fire Team is such a tough existence. Even their training is insane!”

    “Poor girl!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    Tang Jinyu was the insane one!

    They finally stopped after a few kilometres. Jian Qi fell heavily on the snowy ground.

    “Little Tang Tang, your little goddess has fallen and she needs a kiss to be revived,” Jian Qi said.

    Tang Jinyu got down from the car and looked at her. “You’re faster than before.”

    Jian Qi thought to herself. ‘How can I not improve after being tortured by you daily?’

    Before Tang Jinyu could continue speaking, he stopped and his face turned dark.

    Jian Qi had the same expression as well.

    Their eyes met, and Tang Jinyu bent down to pick her up.