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Chapter 421 - Mythical Companion Beas

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 421 Mythical Companion Beas

    "dr. lu, i'm really sorry. i didn't use any medicine. in fact, what i used to treat those soldiers is the ability of one of my companion beasts. as for antibodies, i'm not sure either. i don't know how long the effects of the companion beast's skill last. although i wish to help you, there's not much i can do. if a soldier suffers from such injuries, you can call for me at any time," zhou wen said.

    lu su was somewhat disappointed when she heard zhou wen. companion beasts' primordial energy skills were typically temporal. they were of use at the time in question, but would not be of any use once the period was over. they also wouldn't form any antibodies.

    "in this era, companion beasts are becoming more and more widespread in medicine. to have such a companion beast is already a good condition for becoming a doctor. are you interested in learning some medical knowledge from me?" lu su felt that it would be a waste for zhou wen to not be a doctor with such a companion beast.

    zhou wen shook his head and said, "i'm really sorry. i still have many things to do. i usually don't have much time."

    although lu su was somewhat disappointed, she didn't say anything else. since zhou wen had the ability to heal the rashes, this was already an unexpected harvest. it could reduce many casualties.

    this matter didn't end there. after a few days, lu su would realize that the soldiers who had been injected with the poison had become immune. even if they were stationed by the river, they wouldn't get rashes again.

    although doctor darkness was only at the epic stage, he was no ordinary companion beast. regardless of his background or abilities, he was very special.

    zhou wen returned to his dorm and finally had a good sleep. once he woke up, he headed to the underground sea to deliver a palm strike to the black dragon.

    the black dragon already had several poison boils formed from palm imprints. although the poison boils had yet to take its life, it was clear that the black dragon's mental state was no longer right.

    if the other eight black dragons were like muscular young men, then this black dragon was like an old man in his twilight. its movements slowed down significantly, and it looked rather muddle-headed, as if its mind was no longer clear.

    from the looks of it, the poison has had a huge impact on it. however, it's unknown how long it will take to poison it to death. zhou wen was most looking forward to having a black dragon companion beast drop.

    this fellow had its speed and strength greatly weakened due to its chains. once the restrictions were removed, zhou wen would be killed by the black dragon in less than a minute. the difference was too great.

    if he could obtain the black dragon as a companion beast, he might be able to have a true mythical fighter and not need to slowly nurture his companion beasts like banana fairy.

    although it was somewhat fun to nurture them from the beginning, their combat abilities were indeed lacking. furthermore, it was too slow. tyrant behemoth was still at the legendary stage, and it was unknown when it could advance to the epic stage.

    for two consecutive days, the thearch didn't send any messages. zhou wen could finally read and game in peace. however, zhou wen had almost wiped out all the mortal monsters in the game dungeons. there was no point in continuing the grinding. all he could do was continue reading.

    has ják given up? it's been a few days, but why hasn't anything happened? zhou wen didn't make any progress while reading, so he began thinking of ják.

    to fight such a fellow was terrifying, but he had a faint sense of excitement. back then, zhou wen felt that his train of thought had become much clearer, and his thoughts had become more lively and spirited.


    at that moment, ják couldn't control his excitement. in front of him was an elderly with a head full of white hair. the old man looked like he had dementia as he sat there motionless. however, he emitted a strange sanguine glow. his eyes shimmered with a red light.

    the blood hex clown possessed the old man and replaced his will to control his body. even his memories were controlled.

    ják discovered a huge secret from the old man's memories.

    this old prisoner actually had a mythical companion beast. he had never told anyone about it and had paid a huge price to nurture it to the epic stage.

    he originally imagined that he could become an overlord by relying on his mythical companion beast in the future, but too many resources were needed to advance a mythical companion beast. he couldn't afford it, so all he could do was use his position to his advantage and get some information.

    however, just as he nurtured his companion beast to the epic stage, his crimes were discovered. the special inspector bureau secretly arrested him and imprisoned him in heaven.

    because his position was special and the object of corruption was a special item that couldn't be handled openly, the bureau had taken custody of the case.

    as he was only a corrupt criminal, the bureau merely questioned him as per usual, without wasting too many resources. the elder hung on and didn't reveal the matter regarding the mythical companion beast.

    this time, he had been sent to ják by shen yuchi. originally, it was because he had a companion beast that could change colors for concealment—ják had specifically asked for it.

    to his surprise, ják actually discovered the biggest secret in his memories. he couldn't help but be overjoyed. what a fool. to be so easily caught by the bastards at the bureau despite having such a mythical companion beast. he's trash even with one.

    however, this has ended up benefiting me. ják didn't hesitate any further as he activated the blood hex clown's ability. he controlled the elder's body and made him pay with his life to transfer the companion beast to ják.

    when the man fell like a desiccated corpse, a strange tattoo appeared on ják's arm—a purple cat-shaped tattoo.

    shen yuchi, you might have considered all possibilities, but you probably never expected that i would be this lucky, right? with this mythical companion beast, the restriction you left on me can no longer restrain me. after i enjoy the beauty feast, i will definitely go to the capital and kill every one of you in the bureau. ják looked at the purple cat symbol on his arm as the excitement on his face intensified.


    when ják snatched the old man's mythical companion beast, zhou wen also wore a look of delight. after waiting for so long, the fruit on the dead man tree had finally ripened and dropped.

    the phone automatically vibrated as zhou wen obtained the fruit in-game.

    when the blood-colored avatar caught the fruit, a notification popped up on his phone. ‘mythical companion egg, do you want to incubate it?'

    mythical companion egg… zhou wen was pleasantly surprised and delighted. although he had already guessed it, seeing a real mythical companion egg excited him greatly. he hurriedly checked the mythical companion egg's stats.