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Chapter 335 - What a Coincidence~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 335: What a Coincidence~

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    Ning Meng almost threw her phone away the moment she saw this! Who was going to tell Huo Beichen that he had not been informed about the dinner? She stared at her phone in horror. She then saw that the other five people in the room were all looking at her simultaneously. One by one, they then started to stare at her phone.

    She took a big gulp. If she was to tell Lord Chen that they had all forgotten about him and had left him behind, would he bring a rifle over and shoot them all dead?

    "What should we do?"

    Qi Shan could not contain his nervousness and shouted out in a panic. Suddenly, his phone rang out at the same time, almost as if to accompany his screams. Qi Shan froze stiffly as if he had just seen a ghost, and he slowly turned to look at his phone. At the next moment, he was so frightened that he jumped off from his chair.

    "Boss! It's the boss calling! What should I say?"

    He held his phone as though it was a burning hot mountain yam, looking around, and finally…


    He threw his phone into the aquarium.

    "My phone's damaged!"


    Qi Shan looked toward Fei Bai after throwing his phone into the aquarium. Fei Bai was bewildered at the situation. He stealthily looked at his phone and the next thing they knew…


    His phone fell to the ground and was broken to pieces. He then said with a deadpan look on his face, "My phone's spoiled."


    Su Ye glanced at Qi Shan and Fei Bai and discreetly turned off his phone. "My phone's out of battery."

    Qi Shan and Fei Bai looked at Su Ye in confusion.

    After a while…

    "F*ck! Why did you not tell us this idea earlier!" Qi Shan was furious. "Now I have to spend so much money just to get a new phone!"

    Fei Bai looked at Su Ye in disdain, and Su Ye let out a cough.

    "I could not even say a word when one of you had already thrown your phone into the aquarium, and the other smashed his own phone."

    Everyone was rendered speechless.

    Since Huo Beichen could not reach the other two, he finally gave Ning Meng a call. Ning Meng stared at her phone as everyone else looked on with hope brimming in their eyes. She drew in a deep breath and picked up the call, smiling. "Hello, Lord Chen~~"

    She spoke in a sing-song voice rife with a kittening tone. It made the whole room cold and give rise to goosebumps. The guy on the other side of the phone seemed to have caught on to the irregularity and asked, "Where are you?"

    "What a good question. Do you know where I would really like to go now?"

    Huo Beichen replied, "Hmm?"

    "Your heart."

    Huo Beichen mulled over the matter and asked, "What did you do this time?"

    Ning Meng coughed. "Brother, how could you say that?"

    "If there is nothing wrong, why would you talk to me like that?"

    She coughed again. "I was just about to give you a call! Well, I've not gone out for such a long time, so I had asked Zhen Shanmei and Li Shiyao out for shopping. Who would have known that I would bump into Qi Shan and the gang? We're just deciding to eat out together now. Do you want to join us?


    "Charming Club."

    "Oh." He replied in a faint voice. "Are you saying that you somehow also bumped into Su Ye and Fei Bai?"

    "…Ha. Haha… You're so smart!"

    While Ning Meng was drowning in her guilt, Huo Beichen quietly replied, "I'll come over now."

    After she had hung up, Ning Meng breathed a sigh of relief. "All settled now!"

    Su Ye, Qi Shan, and Fei Bai sat with blank expressions plastered on their faces. They looked like they knew some form of evil was coming their way and they were in imminent danger, and the private room's atmosphere turned stiff from then on.

    Fifteen minutes later, Huo Beichen had arrived. He closed his eyes halfway.

    "This place has been booked since five in the evening. It truly is a coincidence that all of you are here already."