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Chapter 310 - It Feels Good To Tease Your Wife But Coaxing Her Is A Torment (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 310: It Feels Good To Tease Your Wife But Coaxing Her Is A Torment (2)

    Gu Yu remained silent for a moment. "Please explain."

    Xu Weilai started bringing up old scores again without any mercy. "I've already said that I'm not as easy to coax as I was before. I remember all the hurtful words that you said to me. In the past, you didn't announce our relationship because you didn't want to. Now, what right do you have to announce it just because you have changed your mind?"

    "In my eyes, you're still on probation. If you perform well, I will consider clearing away your punishments. If you don't perform well, I will not change my intention to divorce you!"


    "All in all, I still don't want to admit your identity now! Hence, I will just write ‘married' as the answer to this question. I will delete the sentence you said after that! I will only admit our status after I recognize your good performance."

    Complicated emotions were tossing and turning within Gu Yu's gaze. He seemed to be in disbelief. He, Gu Yu, got rejected so firmly and directly. She even gave him the cold-shoulder…

    Probation? That was the biggest failure in his life.

    For an instant, Gu Yu didn't know if he should be angry or find it funny.

    Xu Weilai knew that Gu Yu was an arrogant person who was used to making decisions based on his own whims and doing whatever he liked. That was why he was unable to accept that now. However, she would not change her mind!

    She smiled and added, "Gu Yu, do you know there's a popular saying that has been going around nowadays? It feels good to tease your wife but coaxing her is a torment."

    Three years ago, Gu Yu and her got together naturally. After that, she was the one who took the initiative most of the time. Three years later, with the help of his grandfather, Gu Yu and her got married directly. She really didn't get to enjoy the feeling of being chased by Gu Yu at all, not even for a day!

    Hence, using this opportunity, she needed to let Gu Yu chase her properly. Didn't they always say that one would only treasure something that was hard to get?

    She learned her lesson from three years ago. She mustn't let Gu Yu get her so easily. If not, he would abandon her easily whenever he felt like it…

    "Okay, the interview will end here. Thank you, Mr. Gu for your cooperation."

    After she finished speaking, she ignored Gu Yu's furrowed eyebrows and started arranging her interview materials on her own.

    Gu Yu stared at Xu Weilai silently with a deep gaze for some time. Finally, he got up with a black face and strode out of the room.

    Xu Weilai secretly glanced at the cold back view of the man. She felt slightly anxious. Did she go a little overboard earlier? After all, a man like Gu Yu would definitely feel unhappy getting rejected so mercilessly.


    Gu Yu walked to the end of the corridor and stared at the scenery outside the window. He took a few deep breaths before he managed to calm the unhappiness and anger of getting rejected.

    He went out because he was afraid that he would be unable to control himself and as a result, flare up at Xu Weilai.

    Some time ago, Assistant Lin bought him books like ‘Sweet Talk Level 10'. However, they were all useless! What the hell was Assistant Lin doing? He gave Assistant Lin such a high salary every month but all he did was feed him nonsense?

    The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Gu Yu took out his phone and dialed Assistant Lin's number. The moment the other party picked up, Gu Yu scolded him directly without any hesitation. He questioned his professional ability and furiously reprimanded him!

    His words were so harsh that Assistant Lin was dumbfounded. Who was he? Where was he? What did he do? How did he commit such a huge crime unknowingly?

    But, it didn't matter if it was his fault or not. If his boss was unhappy, it meant that as his subordinate, he was in the wrong!

    He could only swallow his grievances, and he admitted his mistakes pitifully, "Mr. Gu, I was wrong."

    He sensed that the other party was silent for a moment. Then, he heard Gu Yu's voice resounding again. There was no warmth in his voice. "I will give you a chance to amend your mistakes!"

    "Please say it!"


    Half an hour later, Xu Weilai finally saw Gu Yu returning to the ward. However, there were no expressions on his handsome face. He was even walking towards her angrily…