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Chapter 255 - A Servant Girl

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 255: A Servant Girl

    Most of the contestants were not familiar with each other, but there were already undercurrents.

    The Yonggu City's competition district was probably the one that had the worst relationship between contestants. An example was Su Cha and Jin Mou. The two of them did not seem to like to talk to others.

    The other contestants would at least pretend.

    However, the production crew could not be bothered about it at the moment. The shoot needed time, so they'd asked some contestants who had finished dressing up to start filming the solo covers first. As for the rest, they asked the makeup artist to touch up their makeup.

    The difference was obvious now.

    Some contestants had already participated in many shows and had an advantage. They had a unique sense of fashion and style when it came to taking pictures. The feeling they gave off when their pictures were being taken was not bad. Some of them were sweet and cute, and the others who were not good at it gave off a sense of homeliness.

    There were also a few popular contestants in the Imperial Capital's competition district. They were strong, and their style when taking photos was very distinct. When they started taking pictures, almost all the girls ended up looking at them.

    Le Anqi was a little envious. "Look at this scene. The hot spots are really different."

    She was a small-time internet celebrity herself, so she was used to this kind of shooting. However, an internet celebrity like her needed only casual photos, and the style of filming was sweet. Naturally, the atmosphere was much lighter.

    There was almost no advantage to be found in shooting the cover with the competition.

    It was easy to be overshadowed by these other contestants.

    Su Cha did not care much about the shoot. She distractedly let the makeup artist put on her makeup and thought about the filming process.

    After the solo cover was done, the cover photos for each competition district were next. Everyone from the same competition area had to be photographed together.

    This kind of shooting was similar to asking a contestant to pose. It was like a photo for a magazine. Su Cha had never learned to do it before, but hers was different from the other people's photos. The other contestants noticed that the photographer took only a single photo of Su Cha before giving her a pass.

    In the photo, Su Cha's black hair was simply draped over her shoulders. The long hair on her right was lowered, and her body was slightly tilted. When she looked at the camera, there was an indescribable sense of dominance. It directly appeared in the camera and occupied the entire frame.

    It was hard to ignore.

    The photographic effect was good, so the photographer let Su Cha pass.

    One might not be able to see anything from a single photo, but with this comparison, Su Cha immediately became outstanding.

    When everyone from each competition district had been photographed, the photographer thought that the individual results were good.

    When it was the group from Yonggu City's turn, there was a problem.

    First, he asked the contestants to sit on the chairs and relax their postures as much as possible.

    Su Cha simply crossed her legs and leaned lazily against the back of the chair. When she lifted her eyelids slightly, she then looked at the camera without saying a word. Her strong aura was unleashed.

    The photographer looked at the camera several times before looking at them.

    His expression was conflicted, and he hesitated.

    And though the shoot went smoothly, the photographer's performance was a little strange. The other contestants seemed to have realized something.

    Su Cha was a runner-up, so she sat in the middle with Mona. It was the C position, which was the most outstanding.

    Even if Mona tried her best to act cool and fashionable, with Su Cha there for comparison…

    It was not just her. Su Cha sat there and expressed her intention.

    She made everyone around her look like a group of maids.