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Chapter 258.4 - Bai Zhi Yan, You Might Really Be A Pig

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 258.4: Bai Zhi Yan, You Might Really Be A Pig

    “All those people who murdered his parents, every single person in the clan, not even the lives of animals and livestock were spared. The entire clan was purged, cleaned out in their own blood. With the strength of one lone man, he massacred an entire clan.”

    “After that passed, he did not come back to the Divine Healers Sect. He wandered around in Cloud Heavens for a few years and when things grew tumultuous and chaotic, he then established the Dark Lands which took Cloud Heaven by storm. They stood towering over several great mighty powers in Cloud Heaven and have not fallen from its throne for a hundred years. That man is a powerful character with a great and intelligent mind.”

    Bai Qiu’s evaluation of the man, could be said to be extremely high.

    Although he did not know much of the man, but just by the fact that he was able to assume that seat right at the pinnacle of power at such a young age, he was definitely not just an ordinary man.

    And the evil reputation of the Dark Lands was something that no one did not know about.

    As the demonic Lord of a unorthodox sect, and Fei Er was still saying he had a kind heart. Just where did she see that in him?

    Mo Jing Yu came to feel a little perplexed.

    Those two people were still happily chatting away and when Bai Zhi Yan knew that Qing Bei was reunited with his parents, it was inevitable that they would come to speak of Qing Yu.

    But Bai Zhi Yan’s mouth was at times a little too loose and he just presumed that Qing Bei had told his parents everything, so he said a little too uninhibitedly: “Aunt Lan does not have to worry at all. That lass Qing Yu is really smart, so how could she possibly lose out at all?”

    “Moreover, Jun Yao dotes on her like she’s his little ancestor. He was already so protective of her back when we were down there in the lower realm and now that we’ve come up to Cloud Heaven, he is even going to look for the lass every night, only coming back just before dawn. Haha, I think he just cannot hold himself back but want to go warm the blanket for the little lass…..”

    When he spoke about that, he even sniggered slyly for a moment.

    Listening to the man up till that point, Qing Lan Fei started to feel that something did not sound right somewhere, and she did not know how to react for a moment.

    But Mo Jing Yu’s face turned dark. “What did you say? Warm her blanket! ?”

    Bai Zhi Yan had spoken a little too quickly and Qing Bei was not able to stop the man even if he wanted to. There was nothing he could do but silently shifted himself a little further away from the man.

    He felt that his Father might jump up in thunderous rage.

    But Bai Zhi Yan was still standing there oblivious like a fool, not knowing what was going as he continued to spill the beans: “That’s right! And he thinks that I do not know anything about it. How can I not know what he is thinking? That lass is well blessed with her looks and is smart and capable. How could he possibly be able to stop himself from wanting to take advantage of such a girl?”

    Mo Jing Yu was almost about to explode from what he was hearing. There was no way he could possibly bear the thought that his most beautiful and adorable precious daughter had caught the eye of a big tailed wolf and that she might be eaten up at any moment!

    That was preposterous! He would never allow that to happen!

    Even if they owed that person for saving Fei Er’s life, but when it involved his own precious daughter, he would never give in.

    Qing Bei glanced at the completely oblivious Bai Zhi Yan out of the corner of his eye. With such an amazing subordinate under him, it was probably going to be very very hard for Lou Jun Yao to want to be together with Qing Yu.