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Chapter 259.1 - Turn Her Into The Same Type To Be Together

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 259.1: Turn Her Into The Same Type To Be Together

    — White Fens Land —

    Evil Purgers Coalition

    “Ye Er seems like he has been running to the Feng Family Manor quite a bit recently. What is it? Was someone in the Feng Family so blind that he came to offend you?”

    A man in dark clothes was seated up on the raised pedestal, looking to be in his thirties with outstandingly handsome looks, who exuded a mature charm that would make the ladies mesmerized with him. His deep green eyes were like the finest jade, which seemed to hold unfathomable mystery and danger.

    This man was the Coalition Chief of the Evil Purgers Coalition, and his name was Qiong Fei.

    The most powerful and mysterious might in the White Fens Land, a power that possessed the absolute right to speak in the realm.

    That face of Qiong Fei looked like he was only in his early thirties but in actual fact, he was a man from the Wolf Tribe who was several hundred years old. He was not like any ordinary human, a person who had a much longer lifespan.

    In those few hundred years, the women he had been with had died of old age one after another, but he had remained looking as young as he had been throughout.

    Because of his unique bloodline, ordinary humans were not able to birth him a descendant at all. Even when they were fortunate enough to get pregnant, due to the fact that they were unable to withstand the innate brutal bloodthirstiness of the wolf tribe’s blood, they would be tormented to death.

    But among the many women he had, there was one miracle.

    Not only did she birth him an outstanding and healthy heir, he was still unable to forget her after so many years, and it could be said that the woman had truly succeeded.

    But Heaven’s will does not always coincide with that of mortals, and when he wanted to hand down his position, people from all quarters were eyeing it covetously.

    He had carefully shielded and protected his seven month pregnant wife. But in order to not burden him, she had dragged her heavy body to draw his enemies away from him, only to end up falling into a dimensional tunnel by accident, and not a single trace of them could be found from then on.

    He had fallen into depression for a very long time because of that, not only for the unborn child, but also for the woman who gave up her own life for his sake.

    But it all came back full circle and the child came back to his side in the end. This was probably because of the affinity that they shared.

    Qiong Fei treated the child that he had lost and recovered extremely well. As people from the wolf tribe were innately cold indifferent, he was probably showering all his tenderness and patience onto his one and only heir that carried his blood.

    Qing Ye Li’s thoughts that had drifted far away was gradually pulled back to the present by the man’s voice. He then turned his eyes away a little as he replied indifferently: “It’s nothing. I was merely dealing with some private matters.”

    “If there is anything you need your Father to help with, feel free to tell me.” Qiong Fei said in a warm and gentle voice.

    Qing Ye Li did not say anything else, the expression on his face cold as always.

    Seeing that, Qiong Fei did not get angry but smiled faintly and said: “Is Ye Er still angry with me? You are an intelligent person, and you would have known all along that you’re not an ordinary person. So what could be holding you back?”