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Chapter 336 - Don’t Call Me Girlfriend

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 336: Don’t Call Me Girlfriend

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    It was a though they could hear a crow fly by when Huo Beichen said this. He was tall with slender legs. After taking off his coat and handing it over to the staff, he walked to Ning Meng's side as his cold stare engulfed the people in the room.

    He caught Qi Shan trying his best to curl up into a ball while Su Ye and Fei Bai both looked as though they wanted to turn their bodies into thin air. All three of them lowered their heads, not even daring to breathe. Huo Beichen's icy cold eyes became more intense as they swept over these three stooges after which, he finally looked toward Ning Meng. Ning Meng coyly laughed and stood up.

    "Brother, quick, give me a smile~"

    The three stooges stared at her in disbelief. Did the missus not want her life anymore? She still had the guts to tease Lord Chen? While Huo Beichen was still processing the situation, he saw Ning Meng pick her milk tea up from the table.

    "This milk tea has no sugar in it. It's so bitter~"

    Everyone was confused, and Huo Beichen continued to look at her. She was trying to win his favor with her smile, her peach blossom eyes pleading at him, and this look of hers calmed him down quite a bit. As he was on his way over to this place, he had suddenly understood what was happening. How was it that these six people were meeting up without inviting him?

    Huo Beichen was still quite pissed off. "Why don't you just let these few friends bring you happiness. Wouldn't that be enough?"

    "No way!" Ning Meng maintained her compliment-heaping composure.

    "Brother, such a dignified, exquisite, handsome appearance such as yours coupled with intelligence and a visionary mind. You have this gentlemanly manner with an extraordinary temperament. Multi-talented yet righteous in spirit, incomparable to any other! There was none like you in the past, and there will be none like you in the future. How could these few people even compare to you? You are absolutely the best husband anyone could possibly have in the whole wide world!"

    Ning Meng said all of these things in one breath and left everyone speechless. She then carved a smile on her face. "Only your smile is the sweetest!"

    Every bit of anger in Huo Beichen's heart had completely vanished and he did not realize that his lips had curled up into a smile. Ning Meng took a sip of her milk tea and her face was filled with an exaggerated expression.

    "Oh my, so sweet! Lord Chen, quick, come and sit over here!"

    She diligently picked the dishes and scooped them onto his plate. "I kept this chicken drumstick just for you to eat!"

    Huo Beichen had finally warmed up and the room was finally not subzero cold. Zhen Shanmei secretly gave her a thumbs up from the side. The atmosphere slowly turned lively and Qi Shan looked at Su Ye eating chicken feet and could not stop himself from saying, "Have you not held hands with someone for so long that you need to take the chicken feet to feel some softness?"

    Su Ye was confused and looked around the table, finally realizing that he was the only one without a girlfriend. Su Ye put down the chicken feet he was chewing on and picked up the jug of fresh fruit juice on his side. He stood up and began pouring for everyone. Although there were seven of them, the jug was empty after he had poured the juice into six glasses. Su Ye held the jug and asked the staff, "Is there any more of this juice?"

    The staff made a big round and went toward him, looking into the jug and then sincerely answering, "Unfortunately, there is no more juice in the jug."

    Su Ye mulled over the situation. "I meant... do you still have any watermelon juice? Can you blend some more for us...?"

    The staff who had just experienced a short-circuit in his brain flushed red and immediately went out. "I'll get you another jug of this juice!"

    When the staff had left the room, everyone erupted into a roar of laughter. Qi Shan patted Zhen Shanmei's shoulders. "Dear girlfriend, it looks like there is someone who has a shorter brain nerve than you!"

    Zhen Shanmei pursed her lips. "Don't call me your girlfriend. Next time, you should call me queen, dude."

    "?? Are you sure?"

    "Don't waste my time. Quick, call me that."

    Qi Shan was speechless, but he said it anyway.

    "Queen dude."