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Chapter 256 - LovMusik Trending Section

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 256: LovMusik Trending Section

    If one’s personal style was very distinct, they would have an advantage in a group photo.

    But this was the first time the photographer had encountered such a difficult situation.

    If the aura of a contestant was too strong, no matter what the girls around her tried to do, they would appear to simply serve as a foil. That feeling caught in the film would become even more obvious. It was almost a massacre.

    If this was released, the fans of the other contestants would probably puke to death.

    The photographer hesitated for a while and pointed at Su Cha. “Contestant number 62? Let’s try having you on the left…”

    Would it be better if she didn’t sit in the middle?

    The other contestants were in an uproar.

    Being placed in the front and center was the perk of getting into the top three. They would appear more eye-catching in the photo and that would give their fame a boost. Wasn’t the photographer making things difficult for them?

    Even though everyone knew that Su Cha’s radiance had overshadowed everyone else, the photographer was still in a difficult position.

    However, Su Cha had no objections. If the photographer was asking her to change positions, she would do so directly.

    In the end, everyone found changing positions to be useless. Su Cha was the most outstanding wherever she was placed.

    Her strong aura was incomparable. When facing the camera, her eyes were sharper and more devastating. Just a slight glance could make people nervous.

    The photographer became even more nervous as if something was wrong. He wanted to say in fear, “I’m innocent…”

    This feeling was too baffling.

    But even if Su Cha was standing out too much, the photo still had to be taken.

    In the end, the Yonggu City competition’s group picture was finally taken.

    After the shoot, Mona’s expression darkened.

    The attitudes of the people around her were clear enough. Her radiance as the champion was completely being overshadowed.

    Su Cha became the center of attention wherever she was.

    Other people felt it even more clearly. When Su Cha was sitting next to her, all she needed to do was make a simple movement to make Mona feel that she was being crushed by a huge pressure. She felt almost breathless. She was completely restrained in front of the camera, unlike her usual self.

    She did not know why.

    Only Jin Mou and Le Anqi performed well.

    Jin Mou had good training. As she came from a wealthy family, she did not feel much pressure. Meanwhile, Le Anqi was used to following Su Cha.

    Despite the filming coming to an end, the production crew did not notify them to leave. Le Anqi squatted beside Su Cha and watched LovMusik videos.

    Now that they were participating in the show, the production crew had requested them not to reveal any insider information, so Le Anqi had not been updating her LovMusik videos recently.

    As she swiped, she suddenly saw a familiar video.

    Her expression changed with just one glance.

    She tugged at the corner of Su Cha’s shirt nervously. “Su Cha, we are on LovMusik’s trending section!”

    Hearing this, Su Cha looked down and saw a video that was on repeat.

    Han Xiaoyuan: [I met a pretty girl in the subway. It was love at first sight, but it turned into fear…]

    On the screen, Su Cha smiled at the wretched man. It was a standard beautiful smile, but in the next second, she broke his wrist.

    The scream could be heard clearly through the video. In the end, she kicked the man out of the subway with a swift and elegant posture.

    She was so dashing that it made one want to squeal.

    This video had made it to LovMusik’s trending section.