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Chapter 966 - Duke Moville Pays a Personal Visi

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 966: Duke Moville Pays a Personal Visit

    Since Duke Moville was an aristocrat, Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya had to make sure that they paid close attention to their social etiquette when greeting their visitors, regardless of the reason. Otherwise, their reputation would be affected and others would make a joke out of their pride in Chinese manners.

    Wen Xinya returned to her room to change out of her casual outfit before putting on some light and elegant makeup. She allowed her long tresses to drape down her back and she secured it with a beautiful floral hairpin that was made of jade and had long tassels that ended at her earlobe. She exuded an inexplicable grace and beauty.

    Si Yiyan put on the mask for her before they made an appearance together.

    Duke Moville was seated in front of the coffee table and holding onto his cane with a deadpan expression. He looked cool and calm, but he was constantly rubbing the scaled serpent’s eyes with his thumb.

    Avrora stood beside him, clad in a long lilac dress which had a toga, bandeau design that made her cleavage look absolutely full and alluring. The tulle of the dress made her waist look slender and the epitome of European beauty. It was no wonder that she was branded as the most beautiful woman in Russia.

    Si Yiyan walked towards them together with Wen Xinya. “It’s such an honor to have you here, Duke Moville.”

    Duke Moville stood up and said courteously, “Don’t say that. You’re being too formal, Rex.”

    Si Yiyan said, “When I heard that you came by for a visit I felt incredibly honored. I initially wanted to come and receive you personally but Bella was busy changing, so there was a delay.” He then glanced at Wen Xinya and chided softly. “Women are just so troublesome!”

    Although he seemed to be berating her and blaming her, his gaze was full of affection.

    Wen Xinya could not help but glower at him coquettishly. “Duke Moville is a Russian aristocrat. He might just blame you for being too casual if we don’t show him due respect.”

    Although she seemed to be jesting, there were hidden meanings to her words.

    Duke Moville tightened his grip on the cane and smiled. “Miss Bella, you’re really standing on ceremony with me. I came here especially with Avrora, simply because I want her to apologize to you. Not only has she offended you during the banquet, she even injured you. I feel really bad and guilty about that.”

    However, there was nothing he could do since he was in a disadvantageous person. The only thing he could do was to swallow his pride and deal with it. It was also the reason he brought Avrora along today.

    Avrora greeted Wen Xinya courteously according to a Russian aristocratic etiquette. “Good afternoon, Miss Bella.”

    Wen Xinya answered, “Long time no see, Miss Avrora. I hope you’re well.”

    Avrora shuddered and thought to herself,

    However, she nonetheless apologized to Wen Xinya politely. Hanging her head low, she said softly, “Miss Bella, please forgive me for everything that I did to you.”

    She made herself look as submissive as possible.

    Wen Xinya could not help but be greatly taken aback. Previously, Duke Moville had already made Avrora apologize to Wen Xinya for being rude during the banquet. She remembered that Avrora had performed the same etiquette but held her head up high and appeared proud and arrogant, full of a sense of superiority.

    Yet, at this moment, she was hanging her head low and hiding her emotions. Even her spine had curled up and she had completely swallowed her pride. Within just two days, there was such a drastic change in her attitude. Clearly… losing the document had made her lose everything. She was not living well in the Duke’s residence at all.

    Realizing that Wen Xinya did not answer her, Avrora remained in her position and continued, “Miss Bella, please don’t hold it against me. Please forgive me for my rash behavior.”

    Duke Moville remained silent while seated by the side. His only purpose of bringing Avrora was to win Rex’s and Bella’s sympathy. He was trying to show his submissiveness. As the saying goes, “You never hit a smiling face”. He felt that the discussion would proceed smoothly so long as they had a good attitude.

    Wen Xinya guffawed. Staring at Duke Moville with glistening eyes, she said, “You’re really formal, Duke Moville. During the banquet, you’ve already apologized to me and compensated me for Miss Avrora’s rude behavior. Since I’ve accepted your apology back then, I’ve already let this matter slide.”

    However, she did not mention if she was going to forgive Avrora or not.

    Avrora nodded subconsciously and bit her lip tightly.

    Wen Xinya caught sight of the look of resentment in Avrora’s gray eyes, though she did not take it to heart.

    Duke Moville understood that she had accepted his apology but did not have intentions to forgive Avrora. Finding her to be sly and intelligent, he quickly changed the subject and asked concernedly, “Miss Bella, has your injury gotten better?”

    Wen Xinya answered politely, “Thank you for your concern, Duke Moville. My wound has already healed and there are no longer any major issues.”

    By bringing Avrora along with him to visit them personally, Duke Moville was just trying to take the initiative to show his submissiveness so that Si Yiyan would obviously give him some face.

    Indeed, he was old and conniving.

    Duke Moville slid a jade box towards Wen Xinya and said, “This is some medicated cream that I’ve brought for you from the president. It has better efficacies than the one I gave you previously, Miss Bella.”

    Knowing that Si Yiyan valued Wen Xinya greatly, Duke Moville had no choice but to reevaluate her and see her in a different light. His decision to make Avrora apologize to Wen Xinya and give her the medicated cream, was all to show his respect for her and use the gesture to please Si Yiyan.

    Duke Moville was observing Si Yiyan’s actions while speaking to Wen Xinya and, although there was a mask, Duke Moville could tell that Si Yiyan was staring at the box coldly, making him take a deep breath. He had made the right gamble!

    There was no weakness of Rex that he could target, and pleasing him was a tall order. However, the results would be brilliant so long as he found the right method.

    That was to tackle Bella!

    She was Rex’s only weakness.

    Wen Xinya smiled and thanked him. “Thank you, Duke Moville.”

    Wen Xinya gasped and thought to herself that Duke Moville was really not to be belittled. Although he was trying to please Si Yiyan, he still upheld his pride and mannerisms of an aristocrat. All of his actions seemed reasonable.