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Chapter 311 - Residual Effects of the Injury (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 311: Residual Effects of the Injury (1)

    Xu Weilai's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

    Based on his demeanor… did something make Gu Yu angry after all? Had his patience with her simply been because of the state she was in? That meant he didn't like her that much after all…

    Just as her mind was preoccupied with those thoughts, Gu Yu walked over to her and lowered his eyelids to deeply gaze at her. His voice carried their usual frostiness as he said, "Xu Weilai…"

    Xu Weilai's hands clenched subconsciously. She was mentally prepared for him to ridicule her with his cutting words.

    However, Gu Yu instead said, "I will continue to work hard until I have succeeded."

    Xu Weilai's eyes widened in shock, looked up reflexively, and stared blankly at Gu Yu. Not only did he not get angry, but he had also expressed his determination for her once again.

    She tried to decipher Gu Yu's mood from the look on his face. Before she could scrutinize it closely, however, he turned around and strode to the couch. He sat down, retrieved his laptop, and continued to work.

    It was almost as if what he had just said had been a figment of Xu Weilai's imagination…

    However, if she looked at Gu Yu a little more carefully, she would have realized that his ears had reddened imperceptibly.

    Gu Yu stared at the computer screen for some time before his emotions finally returned to normal. For Xu Weilai's sake, he was willing to make a fool of himself…

    After previously asking Assistant Lin what a scumbag was, he had followed up by asking him over the phone to explain the phrase, "Losing love is easy, but regaining it is hard."

    Gu Yu had been reduced to asking such random and naïve questions at times.

    Fortunately, Assistant Lin was eager to make up for his past mistakes. Thus, he came up with an explanation that would be easily understandable for Gu Yu.

    Assistant Lin said, "I'll give you an example. Let's say someone with an excellent project proposal comes to you seeking your partnership, but you keep finding faults with the idea. Eventually, the individual becomes hurt from your endless criticisms and no longer wants to work with you. However, you suddenly realize that the project possesses huge potential. Won't that mean that to convince the individual to work with you again, you would have to restore their faith in you through a huge show of sincerity?"

    In other words, what Xu Weilai meant was that she wanted to see his sincerity. Rather, a more accurate way to put it was that Xu Weilai no longer trusted him.

    After Gu Yu hung up the phone, he did not return to the hospital room immediately. Instead, he leaned against the wall in the corridor and remained there for a while. Every instance that he had mistreated Xu Weilai after their marriage and hurt her with his words and actions flashed in his mind, one after another.

    As he recalled the way Xu Weilai had sobbed in despair and heartache after his apology to her, his eyes gradually turned red.

    Gu Yu had never regretted his actions before. However, at that moment, he truly regretted how heartless and vicious he had been towards Xu Weilai.


    Half a month later, Xu Weilai could finally be discharged from the hospital thanks to Gu Yu's meticulous care of her.

    Xiao Chun held a bouquet of fresh flowers in her hand as she came to pick Xu Weilai up from the hospital. She was on her way to the hospital room when she saw Gu Yu. She opened her mouth to call out to him, but she changed her mind when she saw him making his way purposefully into the doctor's office.

    Xu Weilai had mostly recovered, and she was even healthy enough to be discharged. Why did he have to go into the doctor's office? Was there some other problem?

    With a frown, Xiao Chun changed the direction of her footsteps and walked over to the doctor's office as well.