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Chapter 325 - Little Tang Tang, I’m Scared

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 325: Little Tang Tang, I’m Scared

    The other bandits surrounded them after they heard the man’s shout.

    “Put your hands up!” The man said.

    Tang Jinyu put his hands up. Jian Qi appeared frightened and she hid herself behind Tang Jinyu. At the same time, she was pulling at his clothes.

    Brother Long walked toward them and glanced at Tang Jinyu. He then glanced at Jian Qi. Jian Qi appeared scared as she was hiding herself behind Tang Jinyu.

    Brother Long did not take much notice of Jian Qi. He looked at Tang Jinyu again before signalling to his subordinates what he wanted them to do.

    One of his subordinates walked toward Tang Jinyu to frisk him.

    He found nothing. Then, he turned toward Jian Qi, he wanted to do the same to her too.

    Tang Jinyu immediately blocked his advances.

    “Get out of the way.” The man said coldly. Then, he grabbed his rifle and pointed it right at Tang Jinyu’s head.

    Tang Jinyu stared at him coldly without any intention of stepping aside.

    The man holding the rifle wanted to kill him directly. However, he was stopped by Brother Long who was standing beside them. He waved his hand at him and asked him to move aside.

    The man stepped aside but he was still staring at Tang Jinyu ferociously.

    Brother long took two steps toward Tang Jinyu. He looked at Tang Jinyu imposingly. “Are you a soldier? What are you doing here?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at him and replied calmly, “I brought my friend to the snowy mountain to enjoy the scenery. Who are you? Do you know that it’s against the law if you have heavy weapons with you without special permission?”

    Brother Long sneered coldly. He seemed to not care one bit. “Against the law? I am the law! No one will know about it even if I kill you now!”

    Then, he looked at Tang Jinyu disdainfully before glancing at Jian Qi again. He said sarcastically, “You claim that you’re enjoying the scenery here. But, it seems to me that you’re doing something unseemly here.”

    “Watch your words!” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    Brother Long smiled icily. He ignored what Tang Jinyu said. Then, he moved fast and dragged Jian Qi out from behind Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu stretched his hand out to pull her back to him. However, Brother Long took out a gun and pointed it at Jian Qi. “You better stay where you are. If not, I’ll kill her now.”

    Tang Jinyu released his hand.

    Brother Long gave Tang Jinyu a disdainful look. Then, he turned to look at Jian Qi and asked her coldly, “Who are you to him?”

    Jian Qi appeared frightened. “I’m his girlfriend…. I haven’t seen him for such a long time so I came here to be with him. Don’t kill me… Please let us go. I’ll give you all the money you want if you let us go.”

    Brother Long laughed coldly. “It seems like we’ve bumped into a rich girl.”

    “I’m a superstar. I have money. I could give you money.” Jian Qi said nervously.

    It appeared as if she wanted to resolve everything using money. She seemed deeply frightened too.

    The man laughed frostily. “Superstar?”

    Jian Qi nodded. “You can go online and look me up. My photos are there. I’m Jian Qi. I won’t lie to you. I’ll ask my agent to give you the money if you let us go.”

    Brother Long signalled to one of his subordinates, who then took out his phone and looked her up.

    “Brother Long, she’s not lying. She’s indeed a superstar.” His subordinate replied.

    “Can you let us go now?” Jian Qi said, looking scared.

    The man sneered coldly. “I don’t care for you petty money. Keep it to yourself if you’re still alive to spend them.”

    Then, he gave an order to his subordinates, “Bring them along with us. Drive the car away too.”

    Tang Jinyu was tied up directly when they were put into the car. Jian Qi seemed so frightened so they did not tie her up as they did not want to waste any more time.

    Jian Qi then leaned against Tang Jinyu and gave him a bear hug. “Little Tang Tang, I’m scared…”

    As she was doing so, she rubbed her head against his chest.

    It was indeed quite difficult for her to have such a great chance to take advantage of Instructor Tang.

    She chuckled to herself deep down.

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    ‘That’s quite enough, Acting Queen!’