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Chapter 378 – Friend

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. He was no longer the naïve rookie he had been when he arrived; he had a certain understanding of the various treasures that could be found within the Land of Divinity and Demons. He knew that this blood marrow was an unsurpassed precious treasure that could be used to strengthen the body and treat injuries. Its value was unimaginably high!

    Qin Hanshi smiled. “You know it’s something good now, right? There is more blood marrow than I thought. Enough that we can share it half-half. Make sure you keep it safe. This blood marrow’s true function is more than strengthening the body and treating injuries; it can also further activate a cultivator’s bloodline. Just half of this blood marrow can’t be bought even with a billion spirit stones!”

    Qin Yu was somewhat touched. He didn’t know about this blood marrow at all. If Qin Hanshi wanted to take it all for himself, he definitely could have done so.

    Suddenly, he felt several points of friendship with him.

    Qin Hanshi took out two jade bottles and neatly divided the blood marrow in half. When all of the blood marrow was taken out, that crystalline jade-like skull instantly shattered, turning into powder that drifted away on the wind.

    “This is yours. I especially prepared these jade bottles and they can seal in the aura of the blood marrow so that it doesn’t leak out.” Qin Hanshi passed Qin Yu a bottle. “Let’s hurry and leave; the commotion around here was too great. It will be troublesome if other people start arriving.”

    Qin Yu smiled and nodded. He received the jade bottle and then crawled up on his feet. The two people lifted Xie Yu and trudged forwards. Perhaps it was because they were lucky, or perhaps because the auras of the battle just now had been too terrifying, all of the nearby monster beasts had been scared away. They walked several dozen miles, not encountering any dangers along the way.

    “I can’t continue any further, let’s rest here!” Qin Hanshi took out a palm-sized stone from his storage ring. Then, he tossed it into the air where it started to rapidly grow in the wind. Soon it landed back down, changing into a small courtyard. He looked over and saw that Qin Yu’s face was much ruddier now and he revealed a look of admiration. It was rare to see such a recovery speed. But, since this likely involved Qin Yu’s secret, he didn’t ask about it. “Let’s go.”

    The three pushed opened the door and entered the courtyard. Qin Hanshi took out an array disc and fiddled with it. Soon the courtyard emitted a layer of light that wrapped around it. Then, it sunk directly into the ground. One could see the soil and rock around the sphere of light that encompassed them, but now it moved around them like soft currents of water, easily diverging as they sunk down.

    They continued downwards for around 3000 feet. Then, after activating a concealing array formation, Qin Hanshi finally relaxed. “We’ll temporarily be safe here. Let’s take this time to recover.”

    Qin Yu nodded. He chose a house and walked in.

    Qin Hanshi put Xie Yu down and started to cultivate. He had released all of the marked sword intent he stored in his sword heart. Luckily he had obtained this blood marrow, otherwise his losses would have been massive.

    In his room, Qin Yu sensed his own condition. Half a day later he opened his eyes and bitterly smiled. Although the power of the burning heavens was mind-bogglingly tyrannical and overwhelming, the losses he suffered were equally terrifying. The blood essence he lost in just two breaths of time was enough to refine 10 sets of Storm Flow. His cultivation had dropped to the early fourth level of Divine Soul, almost falling to the third level. And as for his lifespan, although he couldn’t accurately sense it, he knew that he must have lost at least a dozen some years of life.

    And this was just two breaths of time. The longer he maintained the power of the burning heavens, the steeper the costs would become. If he maintained it for three breaths of time, he would have had to pay at least twice the price. And there was no need to mention four breaths of time or five breaths of time.

    This was truly going all-out!

    Qin Yu took out a pill and swallowed it. Fortunately, he had enough pills and could quickly recover his bodily condition. If it weren’t a poorer Divine Soul cultivator and they received the same wounds today, they would need at least a year if not longer to recover.

    In a flash, a month passed.

    Qin Yu pushed open the door and walked to the center of the courtyard. He looked up to see the dirt and stone around him.

    Creak –

    Qin Hanshi opened his door, a happy expression on his face. “Qin Yu, have you recovered from your injuries?” As he spoke, his face lit up with acclaim, “Your recovery speed is truly fierce.”

    Qin Yu smiled, not explaining anything.

    At this time, Xie Yu also walked out from another house. She had a glum expression on her face as she said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, if I offended you before, I hope you don’t mind.”

    She knew that if it weren’t for Qin Yu erupting at the last moment, they would all have died at Bronze Bell Ancient City.

    Qin Yu nodded. “It’s fine, I didn’t care to begin with.”

    Xie Yu’s heart turned heavy and she was at a bit of a loss. But, she didn’t dare to reveal anything. She bowed and returned to her room.

    Qin Hanshi suddenly said, “In truth, this cousin of mine isn’t that bad…”

    Before he finished speaking he was interrupted by Qin Yu’s eyes. He lightly coughed and then changed the topic. “Qin Yu, do you have any plans after this?”

    Qin Yu said, “The reason I came out today was to say my farewells.”

    Qin Hanshi hesitated for a moment. “The Infinite Realm is filled with countless perils; you have experienced this for yourself. A single mistake can lead to your death. You and I have already obtained the blood marrow and that harvest is enviable enough.”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “I have other important matters I must see through.”

    Qin Hanshi was left helpless. “Everyone has their own ambitions so I cannot force you to do anything. After you leave, remember to be careful. I will be staying here with my cousin and waiting for the Infinite Realm to close.” He took out a jade slip. “This is a map. It should be much better than anything you can find on the market. Since I’m staying here, I might as well give it to you.”

    Qin Yu didn’t decline. Since he regarded him as a friend, there were some things that didn’t need to be discussed much.

    Qin Hanshi rubbed his head. “Also, if you were to directly refine that blood marrow, it would be too wasteful. If you happen to know a demonic path alchemist, you can ask them to help you refine a Blood Marrow Pill. Only then can you fully utilize the power of the blood marrow. It might even help restore your hair.”

    The ash gray hair was too eye-catching; it was hard not to notice it. Although Qin Hanshi had faintly guessed some things, he didn’t ask further.

    Qin Yu smiled. “Alright, I understand. Fellow daoist Qin, if destiny wills it, we will meet again!” As he spoke his figure flickered and he flew out from the golden protective light of the courtyard. With a flash of brown, he vanished into the earth.

    Qin Hanshi revealed a look of praise. Fellow daoist Qin Yu indeed had many skills; he even had such exquisite earth-attribute abilities. However, he didn’t know just how he had lost so much of his lifespan.

    Xie Yu pushed open the door and walked over to her cousin’s side. She said in a low voice, “Cousin, the blood marrow is extremely important to you. No matter how much you have, it wouldn’t be enough. You don’t even know who this Qin Yu is, so why share half with him?”

    Qin Hanshi smiled. “Even if it is only half the blood marrow, it is enough for me to use. In any case, Qin Yu helped us and if it weren’t for him we would have died.” There were some words that he couldn’t voice out loud. This fellow daoist Qin Yu gave off a marvelous feeling. He faintly felt that he would see him again in the future.

    There was a flash of earth-yellow on the ground’s surface and then Qin Yu’s figure appeared. He looked up towards the direction of Bronze Bell Ancient City. He could faintly see several black spots floating in the air.

    His eyes flashed and he turned and left. Qin Hanshi and Xie Yu were underground. Although he wanted to find Immortal Sect disciples, he couldn’t stay here.

    In the skies above Bronze Bell Ancient City, the several cultivators facing off against each other noticed Qin Yu leaving. But as they swept their senses over him and found he was only a second level Divine Soul, although they were briefly surprised they didn’t care too much either.

    Every time the Infinite Realm opened there would always be some young fellows who managed to luckily sneak their way in. But generally speaking, their ultimate fates were bound to be miserable. What was more important now was finding out what the secret within Bronze Bell Ancient City was that it would cause such a terrifying battle to take place.

    After flying several hundred miles away, Qin Yu took out the map that Qin Hanshi had given him. Because it was already activated, he only needed to pour in his magic power to make it appear. As he thought, this map was far more useful than the one he had. The white regions were larger and there were more red danger zones. This map even had some points of gathering for the native life forms.

    Qin Hanshi could be considered sincere enough.

    He hadn’t found Ning Ling but he had found a friend. This feeling wasn’t too bad.

    Whoosh –

    Qin Yu flew far away.


    Qin Yu was flying through a black swamp at a low altitude. He suddenly frowned, and with a flick of his sleeve killed a strange fish creature that attacked him. A wisp of gas fused into his body. He came to a temporary stop and swept his eyes over the vast and boundless swamp, a bit of anxiousness in his eyes.

    This was the third month since he had stepped into the Infinite Realm. Qin Yu had travelled to many places, killed many monster beasts, and found several precious treasures and precious spirit plant seeds. He had even fought with the body cultivating native life forms. But, he had not once encountered a disciple from the Immortal Sect.

    Although the Infinite Realm was large, whenever it opened there would always be a massive number of Immortal Sect cultivators that entered. Things shouldn’t have been so unreasonable that he hadn’t even encountered one yet. There was a high probability that the Immortal Sect disciples had gathered together to seek out some certain lucky chance.

    This wasn’t without precedent. After all, with the Immortal Sect’s methods, searching through the Infinite Realm wasn’t too difficult. However, this was the last situation Qin Yu wanted to see. When the Infinite Realm opened it would remain so for at most one year. Now, a quarter of his time had passed. If he couldn’t find Ning Ling before it closed, all his efforts would be for naught.

    He took a deep breath, suppressing these anxious thoughts. He continued to move forwards, flying for another two days. Finally, he saw the edge of the swamp. At this time, a group of flying cultivators flew over. Qin Yu saw them and prepared to leave. During his three months here, whenever he encountered anyone, he didn’t want to waste his time with them.

    “Fellow daoist, please wait!” A figure howled forth like a shadow, blocking his way.

    Qin Yu frowned and his gaze revealed a chilling intent. He wasn’t in a good mood to begin with because he couldn’t find anyone from the Immortal Sect, and now he found it difficult to repress his thoughts.

    The cultivator blocking his way felt a chill in his heart. He hurriedly said, “Fellow daoist, don’t misunderstand, I have no ill intentions. It’s just that we discovered a hidden area and need the help of a cultivator who is skilled in water-attribute magic arts. I saw fellow daoist flying over the swamp with water vapor lingering around you; it’s clear you are a master in this field. Do you think you can help? If fellow daoist agrees, we can discuss the details.”

    Qin Yu took a deep breath. “I have important business to attend to. Look for someone else.”

    The cultivator revealed a hapless expression. “Alright.”

    Qin Yu flew far away.

    At this time, the dozen some cultivators waiting behind flew away.

    “He actually refused?” A youth frowned. “Brother Xu, didn’t you promise him some things?”

    Xu Wenze forced a smile. “He didn’t even give me a chance to state the conditions.”

    The person shook his head. “Then that’s troublesome. Neither you nor I are skilled in water-attribute magic arts. It will be difficult to find appropriate help!”

    “It’s fine if he left. If that person really agreed, I would have refused.” A woman in the group suddenly spoke up.

    Xu Wenze was surprised. “Why?”

    The female cultivator revealed a disdainful expression. “Some time ago outside Square Wave City, my uncle brought me to compete for the Infinite Token. I saw that person there, though his hair was a different color. When he saw two Blue Sea cultivators fighting, he simply ran away in fear. What use is a person with such little courage? Moreover, he is a mere second level Divine Soul. Even if he helped, how much could he help us?”

    Xu Wenze was startled. Thinking about it, Qin Yu did seem like a second level Divine Soul. But his eyes…were truly terrifying.

    A middle-aged cultivator suddenly said, “Miss Feng cannot be negligent. The person who just left, his strength isn’t simple.”

    Feng Yunyun curled her lips. She had to respect the guardian that her uncle sent. Even if she thought otherwise, she could only nod her head.

    Xu Wenze laughed. “Alright, alright, let’s hurry up and find a helper. Perhaps there might be some good treasures inside.”

    Shua –

    Shua –

    The group quickly left.