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Chapter 520 - The Founding of Yun City, Highly Esteemed by Various Clans

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 520: The Founding of Yun City, Highly Esteemed by Various Clans

    Yun Jiuge was about to enter the city when Zi Shang took her hand and pointed to a stone tablet nearby, saying with a smile, “Yin Shili is quite thoughtful indeed.”

    Yun Jiuge followed the direction of his gaze and only saw a huge stone tablet inscribed with two large and magnificent characters in front of the city gate, “Yun City.”

    “I didn’t build this city. It’s more appropriate to engrave Zi City instead!” exclaimed Yun Jiuge who felt that she had taken the credit from Zi Shang.

    In fact, Zi Shang had done as much as she had during this period. But he always hid behind her, keeping a low profile.

    “This is the city I built for you, so it deserves to be named Yun City,” Zi Shang said with a smile.

    If it were not for Yun Jiuge’s kindness, he would not have cared whether these human-beast hybrids survived or not. He certainly would not have helped them in this way.

    “Yun City it is then!” It was just a designation. Yun Jiuge would not be trivial and argue with Zi Shang about it.

    The two of them walked into the city together and saw Elder Bai taking the hand of a young Eagle Clan member, A’shui and walking over.

    “Miss Yun, I heard that you caught A’hui. Is he really a traitor?” Elder Bai could not believe that A’hui would betray the Eagle Clan. However, if A’hui did do wrong, he wanted to settle it in private.

    A’shui did not speak. His light blue eyes looked pitifully at Yun Jiuge.

    If A’hui was really identified as a traitor, he would have a hard time in the future being known as a traitor’s child.

    “A’hui didn’t betray your clan. Everything was devised by the Divine Envoy. I’ll explain the matter clearly in front of everyone in awhile,” replied Yun Jiuge. She rubbed A’shui’s head and took out a Cherry Pill to give to him.

    “Thank you!” A’shui saw this extremely pretty Spiritual Pill and his eyes suddenly lit up. He decided to keep it for his father to eat.

    “That’s really wonderful. Oh, right, the Cattle and Horse Clans have come to us. Now they’re all gathered in the square,” said Elder Bai, who was more at ease now. He knew that the Eagle Clan would not have a bad hat.

    “They’ve all moved here?” asked Yun Jiuge, who did not expect Elder Bai to work so fast.

    “Yes, we took the foodstuffs and Green Moss and made a trip to the Horse and Cattle Clans. They moved in here without hesitation. Lord Yin Shili has already assigned them to their areas where they’ve started planting Pig-out Herb and Green Moss,” spoke Elder Bai, whose face was full of confidence.

    In fact, the Cattle and Horse Clans did not fully believe them at first. But when they found that the city’s land was actually fertile, they moved over here without hesitation.

    “You did well. Take me to see them,” requested Yun Jiuge. She had to acquaint herself with the first batch of herbivores who sought shelter with her.

    “They’re right there in the square. I’ll take you there,” replied Elder Bai, who took Yun Jiuge to the grand square.

    The square was simple and crude, with only one high platform in the middle.

    At this time, the high platform was completely surrounded by human-beast hybrids. There were people from the Eagle Clan, human-snake hybrid clan as well as the Horse Clan and Cattle Clan gathered together.

    As soon as Meng saw Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang, he immediately hailed, “Miss Yun, Lord Ye Zi.”

    The other human-beast hybrids also followed suit and cheered as if they were welcoming the triumphant return of heroes.

    Yun Jiuge raised her hands with a reserved smile and greeted them. Then she walked toward to the Horse and Cattle Clans.

    The Horse Clan Leader was named Mang and the Cattle Clan Leader was called Black Horns. The skeletal frames of the two people were exceptionally large and tall. But they were bone thin everywhere. The clan people behind them also looked very weak.

    Word had it that the two clans started to become ill after they refused to throw in their lot with the Divine Envoy. They felt weak everywhere in their bodies and had no way of eating ordinary plants. They could only eat the most tender and clean green grass. But where could such green grass be found in this dead land?

    The food brought over by Elder Bai solved their predicament, helping them make up their minds to come and seek shelter.

    Worst to worst, they would die. But at least, they would die with full stomachs at Yun Jiuge’s side.

    “You can stay here with a peace of mind. I won’t treat you unfairly,” Yun Jiuge informed them before going to the high platform above the square with Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang stood behind Yun Jiuge. His tall figure was like a stoic mountain. His stern and dangerous presence was throughout the air.

    The human-beast hybrids gathered around the high platform all became nervous and filled with fear, watching his eyes until Yun Jiuge spoke and broke the suffocating atmosphere.

    “I believe that Elder Bai and Clan Leader Meng have already informed you on the matter of Demon Qi. You must have a lot of questions on your minds. I’ll explain in detail to everyone today,” said Yun Jiuge, who went straight to the point about the human-wolf hybrids and A’hui.

    Then she recounted the incident of how Nangong Yue had released the strange disease, demonized the human-wolf hybrids with Gaga Grass and then made Devil Stone weapons to infect A’hui.

    The human-beast hybrids were in an uproar. The Horse and Cattle Clan members were ashen-faced. Their clan people were sick in the past.

    If it had not been for the Eagle Clan’s help, they would have suffered the same outcome as the human-wolf hybrids.

    “Miss Yun, in that case, can they still be saved now? What if they’ve contracted a strange disease?” Mang and Black Horns asked at the same time.

    “I haven’t found a way to save them yet, but you needn’t be afraid of contracting a strange illness. Now you’re overly weak to battle death, but as long as you fill your stomachs, you’ll be able to fight back,” replied Yun Jiuge. She did not mention anything about the Golden Light being able to eliminate the Demon Qi. This was only suitable for research in private.

    “So, what’s going to happen? Will we all end up being puppets?” Black Horns looked at the human-wolf hybrids’ dull eyes, not wanting to become like them.

    “This is why I need you to move the other tribes’ human-beast hybrids into Yun City as soon as possible. You human-beast hybrids have no resistance to Demon Qi. It’s only going to become more and more dangerous to remain outside,” Yun Jiuge urged.

    Nangong Yue had definitely controlled many tribes. She had to rescue them as soon as possible.

    “The human-wild boar hybrids next to my clan are infected with the strange illness too. I’ll go look for them tomorrow,” Black Horns said in a hurry.

    The human-wild boar hybrids did not follow them here because they were too conceited and did not believe Elder Bai’s entreaties.

    “Next, I’ll study ways to get rid of the Demon Qi. Go to Elder Bai and Clan Leader Meng if you need anything. They’re fully in charge of everything inside and outside of the city,” said Yun Jiuge as she called up Elder Bai and Meng.

    The two human-beast hybrids had their heads held high and straight backs, looking immensely proud. They felt that the wisest decision of their lives was to pledge their allegiance to Yun Jiuge.

    “I’ll leave Yun City in your hands. Come ask me again if there’s anything you don’t understand,” instructed Yun Jiuge. With that, she retreated from the square.

    The most important thing now was to quickly find out the mystery of the Golden Light and absorb its energy first before Nangong Yue got there.

    “Why don’t you take the opportunity to let them go look for Li Wei?” asked Zi Shang who was puzzled.

    He felt that Yun Jiuge had wasted too much time saving these human-beast hybrids.

    “I’d made a divination a while ago and found that Li Wei is safe at the moment. He doesn’t need us to go look for him specifically. He’ll naturally appear when it’s time for him to. If we were to divulge his whereabouts without careful consideration, it’ll be detrimental to him,” Yun Jiuge replied.