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Chapter 522 - The Blood Clue (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 522: The Blood Clue (2)

    “Yes, just these two requests,” the Rabbit Clan Leader said and nodded. Of course, she would have liked more but didn’t want to come across as greedy.

    “I’ll allow two more requests. Just let me know after you’ve thought about it,” Yun Jiuge said. She didn’t want to shortchange them.

    “Thank you for your kindness,” the Rabbit Clan Leader said. She was overjoyed. Knowing that Yun Jiuge was a generous person, they would not be at a disadvantage when following her.

    “Okay, now tell me what the Golden Light clue is,” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “It’s blood,” the Rabbit Clan Leader said solemnly.

    “Blood?” Yun Jiuge asked. She immediately recalled Xiao Hua mentioning that Qiu Sen had taken the human-beast hybrids away, locked them in cages, and extracted their blood. Could it be that the extracted blood could absorb Golden Light?

    If that was true, was the Rabbit Clan Leader not afraid that she would eat them up?

    “Yes, it’s blood. When we human-rabbit hybrids give birth to children, we’ll feed them a little blood to stimulate their physical strength. But this method is only useful for our clan members, and will not work for other clans or human-beast hybrids.” The Rabbit Clan Leader was taking a gamble that Yun Jiuge would not harm them after revealing this.

    “I’ll need your blood to verify this,” Yun Jiuge said. Although she felt that they were not lying, she still needed to verify this.

    “Of course, you can take mine,” the Rabbit Clan Leader volunteered.

    “No, take mine.” Elder Rabbit, who had not spoken till now, moved forward, looked at Yun Jiuge with red eyes, and said, “If you need to, I can stay by your side to let you check.”

    “You two don’t need to be so nervous. There are other transformed human-beast hybrids as well, not just your human-rabbit hybrid clan.” Yun Jiuge told them about Xiao Hua and Da’er in an attempt to help them relax.

    “I didn’t expect that Xiao Hua and Da’er would also have Golden Light. It seems that the secret of the Golden Light is indeed profound,” the Rabbit Clan Leader and Elder said. They were familiar with Xiao Hua and Da’er, and immediately became relaxed when they heard that they had companions.

    “You can settle the drawing of blood by yourselves. I hope to get blood from all of your clan members, but we don’t need too much. A small bottle is enough from each person,” Yun Jiuge said and took out hundreds of transparent thumb-sized crystal bottles from the Magical Bottomless Bag. She said, “Remember to write their names clearly on the bottle. Don’t get confused.”

    “Okay,” the Elder Rabbit and the Clan Leader replied. They took the glass bottles and left respectfully.

    After they left Yun Jiuge’s house, the two of them simultaneously let out a sigh of relief and were slightly celebratory.

    It was stressful to reveal such secrets, but fortunately, Yun Jiuge’s response was even better than they had expected.

    “Hopefully we haven’t misjudged her character,” Elder Rabbit said and smiled bitterly. She was naturally a pessimist. She did not like taking a risk like this, but she had no other choice.

    “I trust her,” the Rabbit Clan Leader said firmly.

    When she had gone out earlier with the Elder, she was shocked by the majestic castle.

    There was no doubt that this castle would help the human-beast hybrids stand against the cold, hunger, and death.

    Now the human-eagle hybrid clan and human-snake hybrid clan had already gained a strong foothold in the castle. Even the human-horse hybrid clan and human-cow hybrid clan who came earlier than them would be viewed with more importance.

    The human-rabbit hybrid clan had come late and were previously disrespectful to Yun Jiuge. Even if they could remain in Yun City, they would only be at the bottom.

    The Rabbit Clan Leader didn’t want this to happen. In order to gain a more significant rank in Yun City, she took a risk in telling a secret.

    “Go, choose our territory first, and then draw the blood of our clan members,” the Rabbit Clan Leader said. Since she had already chosen to trust Yun Jiuge, she chose not to think too much about the matter.

    They led the clan members to a fertile plot of territory and asked Da Meng to deliver the blood samples of all the clan members.

    “Place it there!” Yun Jiuge said. She had transformed her house, and there was a row of wooden frames beside the wall that were specially used for storing blood samples.

    At this point in this time, only three tubes of blood had been placed on it. These belonged to A’dai, Xiao Hua, and Da’er.

    Da Meng carefully placed the blood samples of his clan members on it, and then looked at Yun Jiuge respectfully, asking, “What else does Miss Yun want me to do?”

    Yun Jiuge, who was making a record, said without looking up, “It’s alright, you’re dismissed.”

    “Okay.” After Da Meng left, he automatically stood guard at the left door.

    A’ze, who was originally standing at the right door and dozing off, saw Da Meng and said in a dissatisfied tone, “Rabbit, after delivering the goods, return to where you should be. Don’t stand here and block the way.”

    “This is where I should be,” Da Meng said, giving A’ze a cold look.

    “You should be at the rabbit’s den, not here,” A’ze replied and raised his eyebrows, looking fiercely at him.

    “Miss Yun has agreed to accept me as a bodyguard. You’ve no right to drive me away,” Da Meng said as he lifted his chin and squinted at A’ze, not bothering to hide his contempt.

    “This is impossible. Only the human-eagle clan members can be Miss Yun’s bodyguard. How can you, a male rabbit, steal our position?” A’ze said angrily. He found that he was looked down upon by a rabbit.

    They had fought with the human-snake hybrid clan several times before managing to get the position of her bodyguard.

    “I can beat you,” Da Meng said in a low voice. Before he came here, the Clan Leader had told him that he didn’t need to hide his strength and that he needed to show Miss Yun his value.

    “Ha, even a rabbit dares to say that it can beat me?” A’ze said. He felt that the male rabbit was crazy.

    “If you don’t believe me, you can try me,” Da Meng said in a provocative manner.

    “I’ll beat you to death,” A’ze said and immediately flapped his wings. He rushed towards Da Meng and swiftly threw a punch with his fist.

    Da Meng rolled on the ground and avoided the punch.

    “Bunny, how is it that you’ve fallen even before I’ve hit you?” A’ze said and laughed triumphantly. He was about to rush over and teach Da Meng a lesson, but suddenly felt a pain in his chest and flew back involuntarily.

    Da Meng had jumped from the ground and caught up to A’ze rapidly. His fist slammed into A’ze and he pressed him to the ground, starting to beat him up.

    The human-beast hybrids passing by surrounded them and shouted loudly.

    “A’ze, aren’t you a human-eagle hybrid? How is it that you’ve been beaten by a human-rabbit hybrid till you look this pathetic?”

    “Ha ha ha, last time eagles preyed on rabbits. Now, it’s the opposite.”

    When Elder Bai heard this commotion, he rushed over, only to see that A’ze had been beaten by Da Meng until he had bruises all over his face. Seeing the fury in his eyes, he hurried over to stop him.

    “Don’t move,” Yun Jiuge said and got hold of Elder Bai. She had noticed this commotion a long time ago.

    “Miss Yun, if they keep fighting, A’ze will start to go crazy, and then the male rabbit will be in danger,” Elder Bai said anxiously.

    “What do you mean when you say A’ze will start to go crazy?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “A’ze may seem simple and easily taken advantage of, but don’t be deceived. When he’s really angry, he can be very scary,” Elder Bai said, hurriedly revealing A’ze’s past.