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Chapter 337 - Truth or Dare

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 337: Truth or Dare

    Zhen Shanmei was stunned. "I only said one word!"

    One word?

    Qi Shan looked around at his surroundings and felt slightly embarrassed. "There are so many people looking at us, that's not very appropriate, right?"

    Why did Zhen Shanmei like such a unique nickname?

    Zhen Shanmei was fuming with so much anger that her face had turned pale. "Say it!"

    Qi Shan sighed and shyly said, "Dude."

    Everyone looked perplexed upon hearing this. After Qi Shan had said this, he tried to justify himself. "I was just telling myself, why would one call a woman a dude?"

    Zhen Shanmei pushed Qi Shan in anger. "I asked you to call me Queen! Dude was just an expression! You stupid scumbag!"

    A moment of realization dawned upon Qi Shan.

    "Hahahahaha!" The whole room erupted into another roar of laughter.

    Zhen Shanmei was so disgusted that she could not even look Qi Shan in the eye. "How on earth did I end up being with you? Can I return this damaged product?"

    Qi Shan anxiously said, "My queen, please don't look at my low EQ in disdain. You have to understand that men have something big, tough, and solid-hard that always attracts women! Do you want to know what that is?"


    She flushed red upon hearing this, and the whole table did not dare to look at them. Why would he want to declare something like this in public? Furthermore, it was not as though she had checked out his product! Zhen Shanmei saw that he was about to continue blurting his thoughts out, so she quickly stuffed his mouth with some food. "Eat up! There are some things that we should not casually say out in the open, you know?"

    While Qi Shan was chewing on his pork ribs, he continued speaking in a confused manner. "I'm not casually saying this! I'm trying to share my experience with my brothers here too!"


    How could this person be this shameless?

    Qi Shan swallowed the food in his mouth and quickly continued while Zhen Shanmei was not paying attention. "Men must have big fortunes, a tough aura, and solid-hard relationships. This combination will surely attract any woman's attention!"

    Zhen Shanmei, who had been about to stuff his mouth with more pork ribs, was baffled when she heard what he had to say, and she looked at him with a wronged expression. "So, this was what you really wanted to say?"

    Qi Shan looked nervous. "What else could it be?"

    The way these two teased each other was too funny! Ning Meng was laughing so much that her face had turned red. They finished their meal in this enjoyable atmosphere and proceeded to the neighboring room for karaoke and card games. However, there weren't any card games for seven people that were fun. Ning Meng then suggested, "Let's play another game!"

    "What game?"

    "Truth or dare!"


    Although this was an old classic game, everyone was visibly excited at the thought of it. In fact, Charming Club had prepared questions for them to draw lots from. After they had cleared the table, a wine bottle was placed in the middle. The person whom the mouth of the bottle was pointing toward would then need to draw one of the many questions and decide whether to answer this question or pick dare instead.

    Li Shiyao spun the bottle and its mouth unfortunately pointed accurately at Fei Bai. He drew a question for Li Shiyao to read out loud. She took a look at it and announced the question. "Have you had a crush on anyone before?"

    Fei Bai looked straight at Li Shiyao. He was a man of few words and felt embarrassed at the question. Qi Shan, who was at the side, chuckled, and with his low EQ, he blurted out, "He has no crush on anyone, but there are definitely a lot of people he would like to crush to death!"

    Fei Bai threw him a cold death stare. Qi Shan then remembered that Fei Bai had warned them that if anyone mentioned that he was an assassin in front of Li Shiyao, he would kill that person. Qi Shan had just finished a bottle of beer at that time and he quickly tried to amend his mistake.

    "My bad. He does not have anyone to crush to death, but he has a lot of crushes!"