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Chapter 312 - Residual Effects of the Injury (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 312: Residual Effects of the Injury (2)

    Xiao Chun walked up to the entrance of the office and gently turned the doorknob, keeping the door slightly ajar as she peeked inside.

    The doctor and Gu Yu were both seated on the couch. The doctor looked somber while the expression on Gu Yu's face was fathomless. With his lips pressed together in a thin line, his aura felt a little off.

    Following that, Xiao Chun saw the doctor place a document into Gu Yu's hands. When Gu Yu finished reading it, his expression darkened considerably, and his eyes were lined with pain.

    Xiao Chun immediately knew something was wrong.

    The doctor raised his hand and pushed his glasses up his nose bridge. He paused for a while to search for the right words before speaking, then eventually said, "Mr. Gu, this is the final result of Mrs. Gu's medical examination. I regret to inform you that it was the worst possible outcome that we expected. Mrs. Gu… was too deeply stabbed, and her internal organs were affected. Back then, when she underwent the emergency operation, we all thought she wouldn't make it."

    "When she awakened later on, it was already a miracle. Unfortunately, her body will no longer be the same as before. She'll feel tired and feel cold more easily. She will also lack energy when exercising. Most importantly, her womb was affected in a way that may make it harder for her to carry a baby. If you are planning on having children in the future, please keep in mind that she may suffer a miscarriage!"

    Gu Yu's hands clenched tightly around the medical report. The blue veins began to bulge on the back of his hands, and his fingertips turned white.

    The doctor noticed his reaction and sighed softly.

    Over the past few days, he could tell that Mr. Gu loved his wife very much. It was also evident that Mrs. Gu held some affection for her husband. For a couple in love, reducing the ability for them to have their own children was a cruel fate indeed.

    As he watched Gu Yu, he couldn't help offering a few words of consolation as he said, "Mr. Gu, miracles can happen in medical science. After all, it was a small miracle in itself that Mrs. Gu was able to regain consciousness. Mrs. Gu is still young, so there's hope that her body will slowly be able to regain its strength. As for children, this doesn't mean she won't be able to conceive at all, either."

    Gu Yu closed his eyes and hid his pain beneath his eyelids. After half a minute, he slowly reopened them. When he looked at the doctor again, the expression in his eyes was filled with murderous intent.

    His lips parted, and he slowly enunciated each word as he said, "You'd better keep your mouth shut."

    The doctor knew what he was referring to immediately. He straightened up and promised, "Please don't worry, Mr. Gu. I promise not to say anything regarding Mrs. Gu's physical condition. No one else will know of it."

    Gu Yu rose from the couch and strode over to the paper shredder. He placed the medical report in it and destroyed it.


    Only when she saw Gu Yu heading back to the hospital room did Xiao Chun emerge from the corner she'd been hiding in. The verbal exchange between Gu Yu and the doctor kept replaying in her mind.

    Little Weilai's body was suffering from such a huge residual effect from the injury…

    As Xiao Chun leaned back against the wall, her expression remained frozen for a long time until her phone chimed loudly.

    She picked up her phone and saw that it was a WeChat message from Xu Weilai, asking if she was at the hospital yet. If Xiao Chun didn't arrive soon, Gu Yu was going to take her home.

    Xiao Chun's grip around her phone tightened and loosened twice before she finally had her emotions under control. Forcing a smile onto her face, she hugged the bouquet and walked towards the hospital room.


    When Gu Yu and Xu Weilai returned to the apartment, Mrs. Lin had already returned. Upon seeing that Xu Weilai had lost a lot of weight and that her complexion had paled considerably, her eyes widened. Pained by the sight, she said, "Young Mistress, I should have been there to take care of you."

    Xu Weilai felt her heart warm up. She took a step forward to hug Mrs. Lin as she said, "Mrs. Lin, I'm sorry for making you worry. Don't worry about me, I've recovered."