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Chapter 257 - When Without Ability, Think of All Kinds of Unorthodox Methods

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 257: When Without Ability, Think of All Kinds of Unorthodox Methods

    LovMusik's trending section was very influential.

    LovMusik was the most popular video app. Most of the popular videos on it would be uploaded onto Weibo.

    Su Cha's current embroidery video did not go viral even if it was a little famous. Unexpectedly, it was the video of her beating up the pervert today that went viral.

    She had noticed it when people were taking pictures of her in the subway, but she did not think much about it. She did not expect to be directly put on LovMusik.

    Su Cha was silent.

    With her current status, it might not be a bad thing for her to become famous in LovMusik.

    Hot comment 1: [I'm not bragging, but if this lady kicks me, I might die.]

    Hot comment 2: [This lady is too pretty. What did she eat to grow up like that?]

    Hot comment 3: [Why does this girl look familiar?]

    Hot comment 4: [She is one of the top 100 contestants in Dreams in Progress. So is this video just a publicity stunt?]

    Hot comment 5: [It's not a publicity stunt on the subway. The man who was beaten up was a pervert. He molested a female friend of hers and was beaten up by her. How domineering!]



    There were all kinds of comments on LovMusik. Some people quickly recognized Su Cha's identity and praised her.

    Some people suspected that this video was a publicity stunt.

    However, Su Cha knew better than to create hype.

    "Su Cha, is this bad for us?"

    Le Anqi was worried. After all, Su Cha had hit someone in the video. She was afraid that Su Cha would be negatively affected.

    "It's nothing."

    Su Cha did not care at all. "We did nothing wrong."

    This man was trying to molest Le Anqi. He deserved to be beaten.

    If it were any other woman, she might just have suffered in silence today.

    Le Anqi watched the video a few times. After watching several times and seeing the video on LovMusik, she realized that Su Cha might really blow up this time.

    The news of LovMusik's hot topic spread very quickly. Basically, once it became popular, it would spread quickly and others would mimic it.

    There were many contestants who were involved with LovMusik. After all, LovMusik was a gathering place for internet celebrities and popular people. Soon, people started to upload videos of Su Cha.

    Su Cha was so eye-catching that even though many ordinary people did not know her, when the other contestants saw Su Cha's outstanding appearance and aura, they instantly recognized her.

    Dong Yishan and the rest were currently crowded together. After watching the video, Dong Yishan could not help but feel sour in her heart, especially upon seeing the tens of thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes displayed on LovMusik. Her eyes turned red. "How could you think of such a method to create hype? You're really crazy about fame!"

    She did not dare to speak too loudly. Only Mona and the other contestants could hear her.

    Mona remained silent. A contestant whispered, "It doesn't seem to be staged. I feel that Su Cha was truly being ruthless when she kicked that guy…"

    "For fame, of course one would have to act more realistically."

    Dong Yishan rolled her eyes and glanced at Su Cha and the others. "If you don't have the talent, you must put in the hard work."

    Everyone: "…"

    Another person said, "Then by doing this, if she really becomes popular, won't her popularity soon surpass ours?"

    She said nothing that didn't echo Dong Yishan's words.