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Chapter 967 - Publicly Embarrassing Him in Front of Everyone

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 967: Publicly Embarrassing Him in Front of Everyone

    The atmosphere became warmer.

    Avrora retreated and took a seat beside Duke Moville. She hung her head low and would occasionally glance up with an inexplicable look in her eyes.

    She would occasionally gaze at Si Yiyan affectionately.

    Her behavior made Wen Xinya feel extremely disgusted. Fortunately, Si Yiyan focused all of his attention on her.

    Unable to stand it, she stared at Avrora childishly with raised brows in a bid to provoke her.

    Just like she had expected, Avrora could no longer hold it in and allowed her feelings of anger and resentment to show.

    Of course, both Duke Moville and the intelligent Si Yiyan knew that they were provoking each other.

    Si Yiyan was pleased with Duke Moville’s appropriate behavior and no longer appeared stern. Instead, he smiled and said, “Duke Moville, you came by so abruptly that I have nothing much to serve you with. Since Bella is good at brewing tea, I’ll get her to serve you with some fragrant tea. Don’t mind us, Duke Moville.”

    Wen Xinya gave Si Yiyan the side-eye. She understood what he meant.

    During the banquet, Duke Moville made Avrora brew some tea and even bragged about her skills. Hence, Si Yiyan decided to do the same.

    Indeed, he was petty and vicious!

    But, she liked it!

    Momentarily stunned, Duke Moville recovered from the shock and gave it some thought. Despite being upset about it, he kept his smile on and said, “I didn’t expect that Miss Bella would be good at tea-brewing too. Seems like I embarrassed myself by bragging about Avrora’s tea-brewing skills during the banquet previously.”

    Si Yiyan smiled and remained silent.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “I’m just a wild child and my skills are mediocre. I can’t compare to Miss Avrora who has learned the proper technique of brewing tea.”

    Previously, Duke Moville brought up the fact that Avrora had specially hired a professional tea brewer to teach her how to brew tea. Hence, compared to Avrora, Wen Xinya’s tea brewing skills seemed a little casual since she had only casually learned from Old Mr. Mo.

    Duke Moville obviously wouldn’t be so silly as to think that her skills were really inferior. “Miss Bella, you’re really modest. You Chinese are the experts in brewing tea.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “In that case, I shall embarrass myself.”

    The maids changed the charcoal stove and placed the water on it to bring it to the boiling point. Wen Xinya placed the tea cake on top of the small fire to dry it and grind it into powder before sifting it. Once the water began to boil, she began brewing it.

    She was extremely skillful and graceful when brewing the tea and with finesse, she brought out the aroma of the tea leaves.

    Duke Moville’s face stiffened. He had heard about the method that she used to brew tea before, and he knew that it was an ancient technique used during the Song Dynasty. It was difficult and required the precise temperature, flame, and quality of water. It could only be performed by a high-skilled brewer who could refine every detail to perfection.

    Unlike Avrora, she did not go through the standard protocol of learning how to brew tea.

    However, there was a clear contrast in skills.

    She was obviously trying to insult him under the pretext of serving him tea.

    Duke Moville stared at her as she carried herself with grace and poise. It was apparent that she was well-mannered.

    He glanced at Avrora, who was nothing except a pretty face. She was inferior to Wen Xinya in terms of elegance and manners.

    He suddenly felt ashamed at the thought of how confident he was previously. He was even thick-skinned enough to suggest that Si Yiyan marry Avrora. He felt extremely silly.

    He heard of that certain Chinese tea brewing technique that had long stopped being passed down. The fact that she could master it meant that she was not only well educated but was also from a wealthy and prestigious family.

    Even Avrora was greatly taken aback. She stared at Avrora in astonishment and suddenly felt ashamed. She was full of herself and put herself on a pedestal. Yet, she lost to Wen Xinya time and time again. She was overwhelmed with feelings of indignation.

    Si Yiyan rested his chin in his hand and enjoyed the scene before him instead of disturbing her.

    Soon, the tea was brewed and Wen Xinya poured it into the cups before placing them in front of each and every one. She smiled and said, “I’ve embarrassed myself. Duke Moville, please don’t mind the fact that my tea-brewing skill is inferior.”

    Duke Moville smiled and said, “The tea is light in color and the taste is smooth. The fragrance of the tea lingers in my mouth for a long time. It’s such an eyeopener.”

    He was not exaggerating at all. Chinese tea techniques were popular all over the world, especially amongst the wealthy and prestigious aristocrats. Duke Moville was no exception. He had a penchant for tea and knew quite a bit about it. Hence, he was rather surprised at Wen Xinya’s skill.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “You flatter me, Duke Moville.”

    She then glanced at Avrora who was beside Duke Moville.

    Avrora’s face grew sullen and bit her lip without uttering a single word.

    Si Yiyan picked up the tea, looked at it, and gave it a taste before saying smilingly, “Turns out it’s my favorite Wuyiyan tea. The orange is bright and clear like agate. Its fragrance lingers in my mouth too. Wonderful.”

    Wen Xinya turned shy immediately. Although she admitted that she was good at tea-brewing, she could not help but feel like a potter who praised his own pot.

    A petulant expression formed on Duke Moville’s face. Previously, Si Yiyan had merely made a brief remark about her impeccable tea-brewing skills. It was not as elaborate as this.

    Si Yiyan ignored the expression on Duke Moville’s face and instead, held Wen Xinya in his arms while smiling smugly. He asked proudly, “When did you learn how to brew tea using that ancient Dou technique? Why didn’t you tell me? How do you plan to compensate me for letting me find out last?”

    He was displeased about the fact that he was not the first to taste the tea brewed by her using that technique.

    Wen Xinya glowered at him and pulled his arm down. “Your injury hasn’t healed yet. The doctor said that you shouldn’t move about.”

    It would be terrible if he aggravated his wound by putting an arm around her shoulder.

    Si Yiyan laughed out loud.

    Duke Moville’s face stiffened and he frantically asked, “Is Rex injured?”

    Duke Moville kept his guard up as an ominous feeling filled him. He could not guess Wen Xinya’s purpose for bringing up his injury.

    Rex’s injury definitely had something to do with the gunmen whom he had sent. He was initially planning to pretend not to know about the injury. However, now that Wen Xinya had mentioned it, he ought to show some concern.

    However, it would definitely lead to the topic of the attack. The situation was extremely disadvantageous to him. He had a hard time building his advantages and yet, Wen Xinya ruined it.

    Wen Xinya was indeed not to be belittled.

    She was indeed Duke Moville’s jinx.