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Chapter 326 - Put on the Coa

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 326: Put on the Coat

    “Little Tang Tang, do you think that they will kill us?” Jian Qi hugged and nuzzled him. She spoke with a soft voice but it was loud enough to be heard by the driver and the bandit beside him.

    The man who was sitting beside the driver said, “If you listen obediently to us, we’ll certainly let you go after we have completed our mission.”

    “When will you complete your mission?” Jian Qi asked with a frightened look.


    The bandit was about to say something but he was interrupted by his mate. “Don’t talk nonsense with her.”

    “They won’t be able to do anything even if I tell them!” The bandit replied.

    “Don’t complicate matters. Brother Long will kill you if he finds out about it!”

    The warning his mate gave him frightened him slightly.

    They remained quiet after that. As such, Jian Qi could no longer get any information from them. So, she continued to do what she was doing just now.

    She hugged Tang Jinyu. Then, she started to pinch his waist and move her hand over his abdominal muscle. She leaned her head on his shoulders and spoke softly into his ears, “Little Tang Tang, you have such a great body!”

    “I can feel that you have six packs!”

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    She took advantage of Tang Jinyu’s body all the way throughout the car ride until they reached a secluded house at the foot of the snowy mountain.

    They got out of the car with the bandits pointing their guns at them. Jian Qi held onto Tang Jinyu with a frightened look.

    They were thrown into the house together with the injured soldier who had fainted.

    The door was closed behind them and there were two bandits left guarding them at the door. The others went over to another house beside them.

    Jian Qi then helped to untie the ropes around Tang Jinyu. However, the door was suddenly pushed open and a bandit came into the house with a rope to tie Jian Qi up.

    Both of them were then tied against a pillar.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn it, how am I supposed to take advantage of him now?’

    The door was closed shut again after they were tied up. However, Jian Qi could still move around easily. Although they were tied to the same pillar with their backs against each other, Jian Qi could still stretch her hand out to hold Tang Jinyu’s hand.

    She held his hand and pinched it. She then said happily, “Yes! I’m holding your hand again. What do you have to say about this, Little Tang Tang?”

    Tang Jinyu took a look around and finally his gaze fell upon the soldier who was passed out on the floor. Then, he said coldly, “I want to break your hand.”

    “I’m your most adorable girlfriend. How could you say that?” Jian Qi said sadly. After that, she pinched Tang Jinyu’s hand again.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. Then, he turned his hand around and held her hand instead to stop her movements.

    However, she did not keep quiet. “Finally, Little Tang Tang is holding my hand. I’m gonna pass out from being overjoyed!”

    Tang Jingyu heaved a heavy sigh. Then, he said coldly, “Untie the ropes.”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrows. “Are you so eager to hug me?”

    Although she was talking nonsense, her movement was fast. She made use of the gap between them and untied the ropes immediately.

    In fact, they had gone through multiple trainings in setting themselves free while being tied up. It was almost impossible to tie them up especially when they were tied up together.

    Tang Jinyu checked on the soldier immediately after he was set free. He made sure that the soldier had merely fainted because of blood loss. Then, he breathed a sigh of relief.

    Jian Qi bent down and took a look at the door. The door was locked from the outside. Moreover, there was no one guarding them at the moment.

    “Guard him in here. Be careful. I’ll go outside and take a look around.” Tang Jinyu said as he turned around and climbed out of the room through the window.

    He opened the window and soon a gush of cold air blew into the room.

    He paused in his movement. Then, he turned around and took off his coat. He put the coat over Jian Qi’s head and said to her, “Put on the coat.”

    After that, he climbed out of the window and left the room.