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Chapter 424 - Ják“s Attack

Let Me Game in Peace
     424 Ják“s Attack

    After Qin Wufu read the information, his expression turned odd.

    Lu Su said excitedly, "Uncle Qin, with Zhou Wen's ability, our strategy at Chess Mountain won't be so passive…"

    "I'm afraid I can't give this person to you," Qin Wufu said.

    Lu Su couldn't help but be taken aback and asked in puzzlement, "Why? Uncle Qin, don't you believe me? I can guarantee you that the data is real. Zhou Wen's Companion Beast's ability can effectively form antibodies. It can make the soldiers immune to the blood in the river. The side effects are also very tiny…"

    "No, Susu, you misunderstood me. I believe in your research and information and know that Zhou Wen might have such abilities. However, I still can't give him to you. Or rather, I don't have the authority to give him to you," Qin Wufu said with a bitter smile.

    "You are the commander-in-chief of Chess Mountain. How can you not have the power? What background does Zhou Wen have? Could he be sent by the Federation?" Lu Su asked in puzzlement.

    "No, he should be considered a member of the Sunset army. However, his identity is a little special," said Qin Wufu.

    "Regardless of his identity, since he's from the Sunset army, even if he's the Overseer, he has an obligation to protect the lives of soldiers. He has the responsibility to contribute," Lu Su said sternly.

    "If he was the Overseer, that would be easy. Unfortunately, he's not," Qin Wufu said.

    "Uncle Qin, who is he?" Lu Su could barely hold it in anymore.

    "His name is Zhou Wen. The man Madam Lan married also has the Zhou surname. What kind of status do you think he has?" Qin Wufu said.

    Lu Su's eyes widened and she said in surprise, "Madam Lan actually found such a young husband… That age gap…"

    "What nonsense are you talking about? Madam Lan's husband is Zhou Wen's father. Zhou Wen is still studying at Sunset College, and he's a student. He used to study under Wang Mingyuan for a period of time, so the bureau is targeting him and is attempting to bring him back for interrogation. Madam Lan placed him here because she hopes that we can protect him. Now, if I were to get him to treat those soldiers, how would I answer Madam Lan if one of the soldiers comes from the bureau and something happened?" Qin Wufu berated.

    Lu Su was enlightened. "I see. However, if that's the case, he should be more willing to help because of Madam Lan, right?"

    "Nonsense. I'm saying no. And that's final. We mustn't let anything happen to him." It wasn't that Qin Wufu didn't want Zhou Wen to help.

    An Sheng had repeatedly exhorted him not to let anything happen to Zhou Wen or interfere with his actions. If anything happened to Zhou Wen, Madam Lan would definitely pursue the matter and even the Overseer wouldn't be able to stop her.

    Qin Wufu knew that An Tianzuo was the most filial, so there was no way he would go against his mother.

    Qin Wufu knew Madam Lan's temper. Even though Madam Lan was usually easy to talk to, if anything were to really touch her bottom line, she would be an unbridled bull that couldn't be stopped.

    Lu Su wasn't willing to give up despite being rejected by Qin Wufu. She could clearly prevent so many soldiers from dying, so why couldn't they use Zhou Wen? Lu Su felt that Zhou Wen wasn't a foppish scion. From her observation, she found him a very gentle person who was very willing to help others. He didn't have the temperament of a scion.

    Uncle Qin might say no, but if Zhou Wen is willing, that's a whole other matter. Lu Su decided to convince Zhou Wen herself.

    After Lu Su left, Qin Wufu looked at the information in his hand and couldn't help but mutter to himself, It's such a pity for Zhou Wen. If he hadn't been embroiled in Wang Mingyuan's matter, his future would have been limitless. Now that he's being targeted by the bureau, it's hard to tell if he can live to grow.

    Lu Su walked out of Qin Wufu's office and headed straight for Zhou Wen's residence.

    Zhou Wen was reading a book when Lu Su came and informed him of her intentions.

    Zhou Wen waited for Lu Su to finish before looking at her and saying, "Doctor Lu, if it was in the past, I would definitely have agreed to it without question. But I probably can't agree to it now."

    Lu Su sighed and said, "I can understand. After all, you have been targeted by the bureau. If you interact with the soldiers too much, it will give the bureau an opportunity."

    Zhou Wen shook his head. "I'm not worried about my safety. I'm just afraid that the soldiers will be implicated by me."

    Lu Su didn't say anything else. She felt that Zhou Wen's words were just an excuse. No matter how domineering the bureau was, it was impossible for them to bring men to charge into a military camp and kill them. So how could they endanger ordinary soldiers?

    Lu Su believed that Zhou Wen was only saying this to save her dignity.

    However, Lu Su didn't find anything wrong with Zhou Wen's actions. After all, everyone only had one life. It wasn't wrong to cherish their lives. Everyone had the right to protect themselves.

    Therefore, Lu Su didn't say a word. Although she was somewhat disappointed, she decided to return to try extracting the antibodies from the few soldiers that Zhou Wen had treated.

    Although doing so would take quite a while, Lu Su had no other choice.

    "Dr. Lu, if there's nothing important, I hope you try not to come to my place in the future. If there is anything, it's better to send me a message." Zhou Wen felt that if Lu Su came over often, she might be implicated as well.

    A person like Ják was best at using someone's weakness. As long as it could achieve his goal, Zhou Wen believed that Ják would do anything.

    "Don't worry. I won't disturb you again." Lu Su couldn't help but feel completely disappointed when she heard that.

    After leaving Zhou Wen's dorm, Lu Su was about to return to study the antibodies when she saw a man dressed in an officer's uniform walk over.

    The officer had his head lowered as he walked, his cap covering most of his face. Lu Su didn't see his face, but when he got closer, the officer looked up.

    When Lu Su saw the officer, she found him odd. The officer in front of her looked to be in his thirties and his face somewhat pale.

    There were quite a number of Sunset Army officers in their thirties, but this officer clearly had the looks of someone from the West District. He was very different from the people of the East District. Although the Sunset Army also had officers from the West District, there weren't many. Lu Su ought to know all of them, but she had never seen this officer before.

    Just as she was about to ask, the officer raised his hand and pressed it against her shoulder. Lu Su wanted to dodge, but her body refused to obey. She immediately stiffened once the hand touched her shoulder. She couldn't move. When she opened her mouth, no sound came out.

    The officer smiled at Lu Su and asked elegantly, "You just came out of Zhou Wen's room, right?"