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Chapter 566 - Consulting Session for College Admission

Medical Master
     Chapter 566 Consulting Session for College Admission

    “Now I can only consult Grandpa.”

    Hanging up the phone, the staff member gave a wry smile.

    Though working in the public relations department, he was a kind-hearted man. Since he heard that there was something wrong with the drugs produced by his company, he had some bad feelings about the company.

    He wanted to resign, but he knew how hard life was. He could never get such a high wage in other places, so he just forced himself to bear it the whole time.

    Now, he was still putting up with it.

    For the sake of his own future, he could only compromise.

    He dialed a phone number and the call got through.

    “Grandpa,” the staff member called out respectfully.

    Then, he said, “I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

    He quickly told his grandfather the situation he was facing and asked him to help him find a way out.

    However, he had never expected that after his grandfather listened to the whole story, a roar of anger was suddenly heard at the other end of the line.

    “You damn kid, do you want to irritate me to death?

    “I have been practicing martial arts all my life, and have always put virtue and morality before anything else. But you damn kid actually ask me to help you to perpetuate wicked deeds?

    “No, it’s you who have been holding the candle to the devil all the time. Now you want to drag me into this. You think your wings have grown strong enough to support yourself fly, don’t you? When you come back, I’ll definitely snap your wings!”

    Hearing the angry reprimand, the staff member forced a smile and said, “Grandpa, I have no choice. Your grandson also has to make a living, as well as fulfill my filial responsibility for you. If I don’t keep this job, I won’t even be able to support myself. Then, how can I look after you? Do you want to see your grandson accomplish nothing for the rest of his life?”

    “What’s wrong with that? It’s better than holding the candle to the devil!”

    On the other end of the line, the old man’s anger had not faded yet.

    “Well then.”

    The staff member smiled apologetically and said, “Grandpa, I promise this will be the first and also last time. This sort of thing will never happen again in the future. I’ll tap into a different industry the moment I find a job that provides almost the same paycheck. Are you satisfied?”

    “That’s more like it.”

    The old man’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

    “Grandpa, see, I’m being pressed by my superior now. If you have any idea, please give me some advice. If you can’t even help me, then your grandson will really lose his job,” said the staff member.

    “Nothing comes to my mind!”

    A very straightforward voice came from the other side of the phone, saying, “The opponent must also be a master of Tai Chi. Even if he is not a master of the actual combat skills, at least he is a master of the theory. You can’t win him at all.”

    “Even you can’t do it?”

    The staff member gave a hollow laugh.

    “I can’t.”

    On the other end of the phone, the voice said, “Because the other party has caught the ‘sore point’ of your company. No matter how hard your company struggles, it won’t work. After all, your company is so corrupt. This kind of corrupt company should go bankrupt. How do you have the face to talk about losing your job with me? Now, move your ass back home. I forbid you to work for this kind of corrupted company. If I can’t see you in three days, I will surely break your legs!”

    With that, he directly hung up the phone.


    At the other end of the phone, a gray-haired old man, who had just hung up the phone, snorted angrily and snarled, “Who said there is no way out? But the premise is that you get something on the other party so that he will have to withdraw his own ‘force’. Yet, can you really get anything on him?

    “Even if you can, I won’t give you any advice!

    “This kind of evil-minded company should be shut down as soon as possible!”

    The staff member of Taikang Pharmaceutical Company who had been hung up upon felt very helpless.

    He had no alternative but to call the manager of the public relations department again.

    “Do you have a solution?”

    As soon as the call got through, the manager’s urgent question came from the other end.

    “There’s nothing I can do,” the staff member said helplessly.

    “Think again. There must be a way.”

    The manager continued, “As long as you can find a good solution, I will recommend you to the chairman of the board and let you be the deputy manager of the public relations department. What do you think?”

    “Manager, I’m sorry, I really have no way to fix this.”

    The staff member shook his head and said, “If I have a way, I will definitely bring it up.”


    On the other end of the line came the vexed snort of the manager. He yelled, “Since you have no solution, come to the company and complete the resignation procedures tomorrow!”


    “Beep, beep, beep!”

    The line was disconnected.


    Taking a deep breath, the staff member shook his head with a bitter smile and muttered, “I should have resigned earlier. What the hell with my getting fired now?”

    In fact, he had already seen it coming.

    The plan to hire Fang Qiu was put forward by him. But now Fang Qiu’s reply had caused a great loss to the company. If as expected, the company’s share price would continue to drop tomorrow, and its reputation on the Internet would only become worse and worse.

    Although it had nothing to do with him, he was, anyway, the one who proposed this plan. So, he was the most suited person to take the blame.

    The next day.

    Surely, as soon as the stock market opened, the stocks of the six companies once again fell in a trice!

    “Is it like the Milky Way falling from the highest heaven?”

    “The stock price has dropped to a f*cking miserable level.”

    “If it weren’t for the limit-down, these six companies would probably have gone bankrupt in a day’s time, wouldn’t they?”

    On the third day.

    The stock price of the six companies fell staying again!

    Without any other choice, the six companies could only halt their stock trading.

    Meanwhile, the National Food and Drug Administration also began to fiercely sweep the market, resulting in a violent tsunami in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

    With the operation of the National Food and Drug Administration, the news about the discovery and confiscation of all sorts of substandard drugs appeared every day. A lot of pharmaceutical factories, whether unknown or famous, were immediately shut down after being found guilty.

    Soon, the National Food and Drug Administration came to investigate the six companies led by Siqi Pharmaceutical Company that Fang Qiu had blown the whistle for. They even did not inform these six companies beforehand but directly entered the companies and started the investigation.

    This kind of abrupt investigation gave the chairmen of the board of the six companies a great shock.

    For a time, the executives, including the chairmen, board of directors, general managers, and directors of the six companies all hurriedly tried to bribe the investigation officers through their connections, hoping to leave a chance for their companies to stay open.

    But in the end, no matter how hard they bribed or asked help from their connections, the officers were still resolute.

    The National Food and Drug Administration was unshakable in its determination.

    The investigation was non-negotiable!

    For some time, the whole pharmaceutical industry was extremely jittery. The small companies and factories that had been secretly producing substandard drugs all closed their doors in haste. Some even hurried to change to other industries, trying to cover up their previous business of making substandard drugs.

    In this situation, Fang Qiu undoubtedly became the common enemy of these evil-minded businessmen in the pharmaceutical industry. Many people were secretly cursing Fang Qiu.

    Also, because of the great influence caused by this matter, the sales of all Chinese Medicines in the country fell sharply, and even the number of patients who asked for Chinese Medicine prescriptions decreased a lot.

    The development of Chinese Medicine, which used to be feeble, had finally gone a little bit better recently. However, because of Fang Qiu’s breaking news, it once again became downtrodden. From the current situation, it was even more feeble than before.

    This led to many doctors of Chinese Medicine to be speechless with Fang Qiu.

    They thought that Fang Qiu’s act was uncalled for.

    Yet, of course, those who felt speechless to Fang Qiu and even had a grudge against him were those who wanted to make money by means of Chinese Medicine rather than real Chinese Medicine doctors.

    Those really wise doctors of Chinese Medicine were all praising Fang Qiu in private.

    “Seems that this medicine storm will last for a long time.”

    “The longer it lasts, the better. It’s better to completely take this tumor out.”

    “Yes, Fang Qiu did a good job this time.”

    “After this event, people will not dare to use defective Chinese Medicine for a long time in the future. In the long run, this will be very beneficial for Chinese Medicine. As long as the period of pain is over, the development of Chinese Medicine will officially enter a brand new stage.”

    A day later.

    In Jiquan, Qilu Province.

    The annual Consulting Session for College Admission took place.

    The Consulting Session for College Admission was held in the International Exhibition Center of Jiquan.

    That very day, those in charge of enrollment from more than 300 colleges and international educational institutions came to the scene to answer all the questions of all the students who had taken the college entrance examination.

    Early in the morning, the International Exhibition Center received teachers and students from more than 300 schools.

    As the consulting session had been determined a long time ago, the exhibition center had allocated all its resources according to the requirements.

    The exhibition center had a total of two floors.

    The stalls of the 300 universities had been assigned.

    As a result, the representatives from the assorted universities just needed to find the stall assigned to them and set up a table.

    Around 8 o’clock, the exhibition was closed.

    That allowed the teachers and students from the 300 schools to make the final preparations.

    In order to attract the candidates to consult at their stalls, the teachers and students of each university placed the recruitment handbooks in front of their own seats, as well as the introduction handbooks of that university. They also put up banners that said “Welcome Junior Classmates Come Home” and so on.

    There was no surprise that the best-positioned stall in this consultation session was the one at the entrance of the International Exhibition Center.

    Unfortunately, the stall of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine was not assigned there. By contrast, it was placed on a relatively remote spot on the second floor.

    The exhibition center was so big that even if some students came to look for the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine out of admiration, it was also very difficult for them to locate UJCM among more than stalls of 300 universities.

    At this time, two teachers and three students were already sitting at the enrollment stall of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. The other universities had almost all dispatched such a team. Most of those sitting behind each stall were two teachers and three or four students.


    During the preparation, many of the staff of the universities saw the board of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and were staggered despite themself.

    UJCM was definitely one of the most competitive universities in this term’s recruitment!

    After all, UJCM’s Fang Qiu had made a hit this year.

    Up to now, the big revelation Fang Qiu made was still shocking the whole country.

    “Never knew that UJCM’s stall is just next to ours. Do you think that Fang Qiu will come to the session?” asked a girl next to the stall.

    “Don’t reveal your goo-goo eyes. How could Fang Qiu come here?”

    “Yeah. If Fang Qiu comes, how can the other universities recruit any students?”

    “You never know. Fang Qiu is now the spokesperson of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. It’s possible that he will come to take part in such a big event like recruiting students.”

    “Take a look yourself. The teachers and students from UJCM who came for the consulting session are all seated there. But Fang Qiu is nowhere to be seen, am I right?”

    At those words. the girl who asked the question deliberated for a while, then, she also felt that the hope was dim. So, she held her cheeks with both hands and lapsed into a beautiful fantasy.

    Over here, the two teachers and two sophomores from UJCM looked left and right with a confused look on their faces!