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Chapter 338 - I’m Back!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 338: I’m Back!

    "Shut up!"

    Zhen Shanmei could not contain herself and started to fume in anger. Qi Shan obediently remained quiet and continued drinking his beer. As Li Shiyao looked at Fei Bai with her sparkly apricot eyes, he quietly said to her, "Don't listen to his nonsense."

    She did not know why her cheeks went red when Fei Bai looked at her with his eyes that were filled with his complicated feelings. She continued to ask, "So, have you had any crushes before?"

    "Yes. Just one."

    Fei Bai was a man with thick eyebrows and fairly large eyes, carrying an air of chivalry with him. He looked tough but was the selfless kind of person. He had clear double eyelids and his innocent eyes carried his shyness and consideration of whether to say more.

    Li Shiyao's heart thumped wildly. It… It should not be what she was guessing it to be, right?

    Li Shiyao nervously threw the paper from her hand onto the table. "I… I've finished asking the question. Next… Next person, please."

    Fei Bai seemed slightly disappointed. Why didn't Li Shiyao ask him who the person he had a crush on was? He was quite disappointed!

    It was Zhen Shanmei's turn to spin the bottle next. The bottle's mouth ended up pointing directly at Qi Shan. As he was too scared to honestly answer any of the questions related to relationships, he chose dare and finished three mugs of beer in one go. Then, it was Ning Meng's turn to spin the bottle.

    Ning Meng focused on spinning the bottle. She was hoping for it to point at Huo Beichen, but it had instead pointed at Zhen Shanmei. Zhen Shanmei said, "Meng Meng, if you have any questions, just ask away."

    Ning Meng had initially planned to draw a question from the lot but she decided not to at the last minute. She smiled widely and said, "Mei Mei, I'm going to ask you a question!"

    Zhen Shanmei was very open about it. "Go ahead!"

    After all, she had no unbearable secrets, unlike some man who did not even dare to express his true feelings. Hmph!

    Qi Shan was stunned to see her throw a cold glare at him when he thought he was innocent.

    Ning Meng ignored the tension between them and held her chin. "Mei Mei, what if… I'm saying this as a big ‘what if'… What if Li Haojie has suddenly turned over a new leaf and realized his mistakes, then, he decides to chase after you again? Would you go back to him?"

    Qi Shan immediately pricked up his ears.

    Zhen Shanmei clapped once loudly and said, "Impossible! A good horse would never eat the grass of the past! Anyway, I have a new boyfriend now. If I am to go back to him, this silly Qi Shan might not be able to marry anyone else for the rest of his life! How are we going to help him then?"

    Although he had just been scolded, Qi Shan felt some warmth for some odd reason when he heard her say this.

    Ning Meng glanced at Huo Beichen who was sat next to her and seemed out of his element with this game. She hinted at him. "Let the past stay in the past. If the lotus root is still connected although it is broken, that would be too cruel, wouldn't it?"

    Huo Beichen was still clueless, and so, Ning Meng smiled and said, "That's all from me."

    That ex-girlfriend "Ning Meng" of his had just returned to the country. She had to inject some "vaccination" into Huo Beichen. If this guy dared to connect with her at all, she would not know what to do with him! Hmph!

    Next in turn was Su Ye. He spun the bottle and the mouth pointed at Huo Beichen. The latter chose dare, so, he drew a lot from the dare pile but was stunned when he read the challenge quietly. Ning Meng glanced over: [Call your ex-girlfriend.]

    Ning Meng was completely speechless. Coincidentally, Huo Beichen's phone on the table flashed, signalling a message had just come in.

    N: [I'm back.]