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Chapter 303 - Xingzhi is Not A Gentleman

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 303: Xingzhi is Not A Gentleman

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    However, she did not expect the man beside her to have something up his sleeve. Suddenly, he retracted his left leg that was about to touch the ground and switched to his right leg.

    Jiang Yao mimicked his movement subconsciously but her reaction was not as quick as Lu Xingzhi’s. Due to the sudden change, she tripped on her right leg and fell face-front.

    Luckily, Lu Xingzhi was quick to react and grabbed Jiang Yao in time. Jiang Yao was terrified as she fell into his arms. If she were to fall straight onto the ground, her chin would have touched the ground first, and her face was going to be ruined!

    Suddenly, the laughter of a few people were heard behind the both of them.

    “Hahaha! Jiang Yao, I almost died of laughter because of you!” Zhou Weiqi was standing behind them and he was the one who was laughing without holding back. He had one of his hands on his waist and another one pointing at the two in front of him. He laughed so hard that even his eyes could not be seen.

    “Xingzhi is not a gentleman. Aren’t you afraid that Jiang Yao might fall?” Chen Xuyao walked toward the both of them and said quickly before Xingzhi started turning against them, “Yueze already took his wife back home. Yueze heard that you guys were out and asked me and Weiqi to come out and look for you guys. He wants us to get both of you back to the mansion.”

    He looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was still hugging Jiang Yao tightly in his arms, and chuckled silently. His buddy’s romance was really something else.

    Lu Xingzhi replied with a hum. He helped the woman in his arms to stand straight and walked away while holding her hand.

    Jiang Yao looked at Zhou Weiqi, who was laughing like a moron, in disdain. When she walked past him, she lifted up her leg and stomped on his foot. She did not stomp on it with all her might but still, she felt especially relieved when she heard him crying out loud in exaggeration.

    “It’s broken! It’s broken! Oh no, my toes are broken!” Zhou Weiqi grabbed his toes and jumped around, as amusing as a clown.

    However, Lu Xingzhi and Chen Xuyao continued walking as if they did not hear him.

    Lu Xingzhi looked at the little woman who was trying to hold back her laugh after getting her revenge. He could not help but caress her head.

    “If I’m by your side, I will not let you fall.”

    “Huh?” Jiang Yao was stunned but she came back to her senses a few seconds later and replied, “Yeah! I know!”

    He was trying to explain himself for nearly making her fall when he was teasing her just now.

    Only because Lu Xingzhi was by her side, she could let herself loose and play however she wanted even if it meant to shut down her brain momentarily.

    She believed that he was going to protect her no matter what.

    “Oh, right, Xingzhi, Chen Feitang is here too.” Xuyao said, “The members of the Chen family aren’t free today so they sent Chen Feitang here as their representative.”

    “Chen Feitang was already there when Xingzhi and I were in the Liang family’s mansion just now.” Jiang Yao replied without giving it a second thought. “She was in her military uniform and she looked extra majestic and dashing. It’s rare to see a female soldier who looks so pretty. Judging by her uniform, she isn’t just any female soldier who’s involved in the cultural aspect of the military, right?”

    “No.” Chen Xuyao shook his head. “Chen Feitang was tough ever since she was young. Afterwards, she made it into military school and became even tougher. She was the school’s champion of mixed martial arts, champion of fencing, and first runner-up in shooting. Even for guys, only a few could outmatch her skills.”

    After saying so, Chen Xuyao realised that he had said too much when he got a cold glare from Lu Xingzhi.

    However, he still could not resist touching the tip of his nose and glancing at Jiang Yao. “Jiang Yao? Did you just call Chen Feitang a beauty?”

    How generous was Jiang Yao exactly?

    Zhou Weiqi heard them talking about Chen Feitang when he caught up with them and jumped straight into the conversation as well. “That’s right! Chen Feitang was so tough and that made her nowhere close to a normal woman. Am I right, Xingzhi? When she was still in school, she always came to you for practice, didn’t she? During that period of time, people were saying…”

    Before Zhou Weiqi could finish his sentence, Chen Xuyao gave him a big slap on the back of his head. Chen Xuyao then said, “Weiqi, which pit did you just crawl out from? There’s even a worm stuck on your head, it’s so disgusting!”