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Chapter 258 - An Unexpected Person

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 258: An Unexpected Person

    "Su Cha has always been very popular."

    After they were done talking, Mona grinned and said, "Even without this video, her popularity is almost comparable to that of the popular contestants from the Imperial Capital region."

    Hearing this, Dong Yishan sneered, "In the end, she's still inferior to others. Now she's thinking of ways to hype herself up."

    Dong Yishan's eyes flashed with jealousy.

    Mona smiled without saying anything.

    Le Anqi inadvertently turned her gaze over and saw Mona and the others. Coincidentally, Mona's eyes met Le Anqi's.

    Mona smiled at Le Anqi in a friendly manner. Le Anqi looked at her, then at Dong Yishan and the others. Mona turned her face away from Su Cha out of habit. "Su Cha, why do I feel that Dong Yishan and the rest are discussing you? Did they see your video too?"

    Su Cha remained calm.

    She did not know it for a fact.

    However, she was very sensitive now. When Dong Yishan and the others had been discussing something, they'd glanced at her. Su Cha could tell from their looks and expressions that they did not mean well.

    Still, Su Cha did not care about these people at all. After all, it's only those with equal strength that she could regard highly.

    This group of people could not even be considered an opponent. They would be eliminated sooner or later. What was there to be concerned about?

    The girl lowered her eyes. She just wanted to go home as soon as possible.

    After a long while, the production crew finally informed them that they could go back. And so that the contestants could prepare well, they also announed that the national Top 50 competition would begin the day after tomorrow.

    Su Cha was not nervous, but Le Anqi was extremely nervous when she found out.

    She was already lucky to have been able to enter the national competition. The first round of the competition would be broadcasted live across the country. The rest of the competition would be broadcasted directly on the television station. It would be a lie to say that she was not nervous at the prospect of being in front of many viewers.

    The show  was still very popular. Even though the competition had not officially begun, the audience had started watching it from the beginning. In the later stages of the live broadcast, the production crew had started to promote and prepare for the viewership ratings. It was not only the audience that the contestants would face.

    Once a person had become popular, they would face many different situations.  was a talent show, and its audience would be even more pickier. There were even contestants with poor mental fortitude who had quit halfway through the competition. Le Anqi only hoped that God would bless her. She was not someone who'd do anything wrong and she had a more honest disposition.

    She knew that she would not be able to make it to the end. All her hopes were on Su Cha.

    She had full confidence in Su Cha.

    After the two of them left the production crew, Le Anqi saw some contestants sitting in luxury cars waiting for them. Although she knew that most of the contestants had deep pockets, Le Anqi was still amazed by the scene.

    She also knew that many popular contestants were beautiful and had an advantage, especially in the popular district of the Imperial Capital. She had heard that many of them were extremely popular among the upper-class. When she's compared to them, the difference was obvious.

    Such humble children like her and Su Cha could only take the subway, but Le Anqi shrunk her neck at the thought of that place. "Su Cha, do you think we should take a taxi back?"

    After she finished stating her question, she saw Su Cha looking toward a certain direction. She also looked over and saw that Su Cha was looking at Jin Mou.