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Chapter 327 - They Wanted to Sexually Harass Me Just Now

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 327: They Wanted to Sexually Harass Me Just Now

    Jian Qi took down the jacket from her head and looked toward the window.

    Tang Jinyu had now disappeared. But, his cold voice was still lingering in the room.

    Jian Qi then turned to look at the camouflage jacket in her hand.

    She could still feel his warmth radiating from it.

    The warmth there seemed to have seeped through her cold fingers as they now felt slightly warmer.

    Jian Qi smiled faintly and looked down. The light in her eyes was hidden by her long eyelashes.

    Nobody could see the emotions in her eyes at that particular moment.

    She then put on the jacket quickly. When she looked up, she was once again back to her usual self.

    She then walked toward the soldier and checked his injuries.

    The bandits had roughly bandaged the injured soldier’s wound. It was because they were afraid that he might die and that it would create more trouble.

    She looked at the soldier again. She had to move him to a safer place.

    However, she could not put him outside the room on the snowy ground. He would surely freeze to death.

    She took a look around the room and her gaze fell upon a stack of hay.

    She turned around to look at the soldier again. She smiled and said, “I’m afraid that you need to suffer for a while.”

    She then buried him under the haystack. Soon after, she heard some footsteps outside of the room.

    “Can we do this? We don’t even know what Brother Long will do to us if he finds out about it.” One of the bandits said nervously.

    “Don’t be afraid, it will be fine as long as we complete the mission in time. Moreover, we’ll leave tonight as soon as we complete the mission. What are you afraid of? Brother Long won’t even care about them. Even if he did, we could blame it on those two soldiers. That girl won’t even ask a lot of questions.”

    “But, I’m still worried that Brother Long…”

    “What are you afraid of? Don’t you want to enjoy the taste of that woman? She’s extremely gorgeous. We cannot let the soldier have her all to himself…”


    “No more buts. If you don’t want to have fun, I’ll do it myself.”

    “Fine. Count me in.”

    Jian Qi became cold as she was listening to their conversation. Her demeanor changed swiftly to that of a wicked and dangerous one as her eyes turned bloodthirsty. How could they have such thoughts about her?

    Had they even thought about the consequences?

    Jian Qi walked toward the pillar and stood beside it. Then, she held a stick in her hand and pretended to still be tied up against the pillar.

    They walked into the room and closed the door behind them, most probably because they were feeling guilty.

    However, they soon came toward her when they realized that Jian Qi was tied up against the pillar all alone.

    “Where are the other two soldiers?” One of them asked angrily.

    At the same time, the other bandit wanted to take out his gun to point it at Jian Qi.

    However, what happened next was beyond his expectation. She took out the stick and hit him on the head swiftly just when he pulled out the gun. He was knocked out from the assault and fell with a thud on the ground.

    The other bandit beside him did not manage to react in time as Jian Qi came to him as fast as the devil. He did not even have time to resist her before he was knocked out by her too.

    She then reacted quickly and tied them up when she saw them lying on the ground.

    After that, she snatched away their guns.

    She soon heard some noises coming from the window when she had done all of that.

    Tang Jinyu was back. She smiled and said, “Little Tang Tang, your timing is terrible. I resolved it right before you came back. How could you tire me out like this? They wanted to sexually harass me just now.”

    “I want you to hug and comfort me…” Jian Qi said as she threw herself at Tang Jinyu swiftly.

    Surprisingly, Tang Jinyu did not dodge.

    Jian Qi did not know what he was thinking about. But, she would not give up the chance to take advantage of him.

    Tang Jinyu tilted his head and looked at the two bandits whose heads were beaten to the point where they were bleeding. He was slightly helpless at the sight of that.

    She was truly savage and cruel.