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Chapter 347 - 64 Offensive and Defensive Program.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 347: 64 Offensive and Defensive Program.

    Xiao Luo simply let them attack as his fingers gracefully glided across the keyboard. Line by line, codes were gradually made into the 64 offensive and defensive program. Brick by brick, like building a house. Constantly improving the complex and perfecting the program.

    “All right!”

    After entering the last line of code, Xiao Luo smiled and clicked ‘run.’

    In the virtual cyberspace, Zhou Yuhang’s side were trying their best to attack Xiao Luo’s port. When unexpectedly, a destructive air pervaded and a huge fire wall materialized from thin air, like a natural moat. They were then attacked by a sweeping power. The cyber world started to crumble and everything was annihilated by this fire wall.

    What program was this? How could it be so overbearing?

    Zhou Yuhang’s eyes were wide open. In the eyes of ordinary people, the computer screen was filled with lines of flashing codes. But in the eyes of IT personnel like him, it was a series of instructions with terrifying aggressiveness.


    One of the team leaders had a presentiment that something was wrong and shouted loudly.

    Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu looked at each other and shook their heads helplessly. They both had the same thought: It seems that Mie has the upper hand.

    One by one, the IT personnel stopped and looked at their computer screen with blank faces and bloodless complexion. Their computer was successfully invaded by Xiao Luo. On the blue screen were the words “Mie (Destroy)” displayed by codes.

    “Defense, quickly defend!”

    Zhou Yuhang was sweating profusely. The server had been occupied by Xiao Luo. He must keep his computer port safe and never allow Xiao Luo to penetrate it successfully.

    The other three team leaders also recovered quickly. Their fingers were firing back missiles as they blocked their respective computer ports. In addition, they cooperated with Zhou Yuhang’s honeycomb briquette system and opened a large pocket, inviting Xiao Luo to enter the cage.

    More and more IT personnel withdrew from the battlefield. They gritted their teeth and tried to calm themselves down, waiting for Xiao Luo, a tiger, to break in.

    At this moment, let alone the IT personnel who was knowledgeable in programming, even Zhang Gu who knew little, had a premonition that a decisive moment was coming.


    In the virtual space of the network, a fierce tiger, which was completely formed by flames, roared and rampaged wherever it passed.

    Those soldiers who were transformed from IT personnel’s codes could not fight against it at all. They were all smashed into bits of codes under its attack. In reality, computers representing one IT personnel were captured one after another. The original neat and orderly codes were all changed into random codes and formed into the word “Mie (Destroy).”

    “It’s coming, it’s coming towards us!” A group leader warned in a low voice nervously.

    “Come on!”

    Zhou Yuhang gnashed his teeth. The honeycomb briquet system was the most powerful program he had developed. It was enough to ‘kill’ any intruder who fell into the trap it set up in advance.

    But who knew that Xiao Luo already knew all of this. His finger gently pressed a key. In the virtual space, the flaming tiger loudly roared as it crazily rushed straight to Zhou Yuhang’s side.

    “Right now.”

    With a loud shout from Zhou Yuhang, the ground of the virtual space suddenly collapsed into a bottomless pit, just like Kog’Maw the Mouth of the Abyss², swallowing down the flaming tiger!


    At the same time, the four people joined forces to fill the abyss, trapping the flaming tiger. Countless codes were turned into earth and rocks as it filled the abyss. In this cyberspace, the four people were like gods of creation, and everything took shape according to their wishes.


    When a huge mountain formed by codes fell on the abyss where the flaming tiger fell, the bottomless abyss had become the cornerstone of the mountain. Zhou Yuhang stood up excitedly, and pointed to Xiao Luo as he announced in the loudest voice he’d ever used, almost roaring his words, “He is defeated, he is not Destroy, he is not Mie!”

    How could he not let this get him excited? They had just washed away the shame on their IT staff with practical actions!

    Zhang Gu, Dong Fangshuo Yu and Ji Siying looked at Xiao Luo, frowning: What’s wrong? Is Xiao Luo really not Mie?

    But at this time, the other three team leaders’ faces changed, as if they had seen the most horrible thing in the world, and kept repeating a sentence in their mouths,”How can this happen … how can this happen …”

    Zhou Yuhang saw the extremely bad news on their faces. His eyes then withdrew as it slowly fell back onto the computer screen. His eyes then widened and trembled. His whole person fell into a state of extreme shock. The flaming tiger suppressed by the mountain was gone, but a flaming orangutan flew off the mountain and stood up. The breath of terror swept through the entire virtual space!

    “Game over!”

    Xiao Luo smiled faintly and entered a string of codes with his fingers, finishing by pressing the ‘enter’ key.

    The flaming orangutan exposed two new fangs and let out a long roar that shook the heavens and the earth. The roar was as loud as a tiger and contained a terrible shock wave.

    The image of Zhou Yuhang’s soldiers in the virtual space suddenly disappeared. Simultaneously, their computers sounded out alarms “beep beep beep”, and the word “Mie” slowly appeared on the screen from the garbled code.

    Too shocking!

    At this point, the online battle ended with the defeat of the 100 national level IT personnel.

    Zhou Yuhang was dazed, gawking at the word “Mie” on the computer screen, like a lost soul. But in the end, he had no choice but to accept this fact. He painfully closed his eyes with a sigh. As if his soul was drawn away from his body.

    Zhang Gu was also quietly relieved, as they did not mistake “Mie’s” identity, otherwise it would’ve been really bad.

    He then walked on stage and picked up the microphone, “Now, there shouldn’t be people who still question whether he is Mie or not?”

    All IT staff nodded like chickens pecking rice. They looked at Xiao Luo’s eyes and wondered what else was left to be questioned. They only admired, respected and gasped in admiration. They could not refuse and they would obey. More than one hundred of them joined forces and attacked together. But they were still beaten black and blue and even lost control of their computers. It was like a swordsman who lost the sword in his hand to the enemy. What else could they refuse and how dare they refuse to obey?

    “Teacher, exactly what is this program? I have never seen such a domineering and powerful program! “

    Zhou Yuhang regained his soul and stood up. He asked for advice from Xiao Luo like a thirsty person. His address to Xiao Luo was instantly changed to ‘teacher.’

    “I named it’ 64 Offensive and Defensive Program’, which is built on the basis of the computer’s maximum addressing space. It is active both in defense and attack. It can learn and copy all your previous attacks independently and eventually retaliate in the same way. The more you attack, the more it bounces back. Unless you destroy it at once, and not let it withstand your attacks, then you can win, otherwise the counterattack will be brutal.”

    Xiao Luo patiently answered him, not only because the other party addressed him as “teacher”, but also because the program could strengthen the defense of the country’s online gateway, and he was willing to make some contributions to his motherland.