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Chapter 349 - Come Again.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 349: Come Again.

    Ren Maohua’s mouth muscles twitched. His fist gripped so hard that it started cracking. He suddenly flung the roses in his hand as his feet fiercely stomped on the ground! With a hissing sound, he rushed towards Xiao Luo. He threw his right hand out, like talons reaching at Xiao Luo’s back.

    His fingers were like knives, spreading a sharp breath!

    Feeling the coldness behind him, Xiao Luo coldly hummed. Without turning, his right hand accurately intercepted Ren Maohua’s sneak attack.

    “Peng ~”

    The two exchanged blows, it was fast like wind. With a dull crash, Xiao Luo and Ren Maohua’s bodies shook at the same time.

    Xiao Luo took a step behind as his right foot stomped on the ground. The force exuding from that almost buried his foot in the soil.

    Ren Maohua did not expect Xiao Luo’s strength to be this incredible. He was caught off guard, his body bolted back, it was only after ten steps that he was able to steady himself. He wore a stunned expression on his face.

    “If you want to fight, you are barking up the wrong tree!”

    Xiao Luo glared on the back of Ren Maohua’s hand, his ‘claws’ now had a slight wound.

    Ren Maohua burst out laughing arrogantly. He looked at the stunned Ji Siying and said, “Siying, this guy’s strength is really good, but it is still far from threatening. Today I’ll show you who is a real man between me and him!”

    With a grimace of a grin, his eyes suddenly froze. With a few steps, he appeared in front of Xiao Luo. He threw out his right fist straight toward Xiao Luo’s neck.

    “Peng ~”

    In the face of Ren Maohua’s fierce attack, like an angry wave crashing on the shore, Xiao Luo’s face changed slightly as he raised his hand and quickly intercepted his attack for the second time. The fierce collision sounded like muffled thunder.

    “Don’t force me to act!” Xiao Luo warned.

    “Force you!? You? You’re just a coward! How on earth did you think you are worthy of taking Siying? Pweh~ ”

    Ren Maohua sneered as he spat a mouthful of saliva to the ground. He fiercely rushed forward again, waving his fists with crushing impact. With his speed, he sent seven to ten punches at Xiao Luo’s head! Each punch was mixed with fierce power. While he was throwing out the punches, the wind roared and combined with the surrounding ‘still air’ stirring up a small tornado.

    Xiao Luo was indifferent as he intercepted all his attacks. He did not want to make any trouble at NSA, of course, provided that this person does not completely irritate him.

    “Peng Peng ~”

    The ground where the two men were standing, cracks began to appear one after another on the ground. Sandstorm blew up and the fighting scene was very visual.

    At this time, a large number of NSA fighters were attracted from the training ground, both men and women, formed a circle and excitedly watched Xiao Luo and Ren Maohua fight.

    “This guy is unfamiliar… He can actually fight with Hua Ge who’s a Rank A. It seems that his strength is also at Rank A.”

    “He is indeed a new face, I have never seen him before. He should be from other places and was transferred here by the headquarters.”

    “Hua Ge has been pursuing miss Ji all the time. And by looking at this, they are fighting for miss Ji! This is the first big show in years.”

    The people talked with ease and their eyes were full of excitement.

    Ji Siying stomped her foot in a hurry, “Stop fighting, stop fighting, stop!”

    As a Rank C fighter, she couldn’t stop this level of fighting.

    Xiao Luo also didn’t want to continue this meaningless fight, however, this Ren Maohua was bent on taking him down and proving himself in front of Ji Siying.

    “Boy, did you hear? Siying told us to stop. All you have to do is kneel on the ground and bow to me three times, then call me ‘Grandpa’. With that, I’ll let you go. What do you say?”

    Ren Maohua’s face showed a fanatical look. He was constantly on the attack while making a ‘proposal’ to Xiao Luo. Of course, his proposal was nothing more than his attempt to make Xiao Luo lose the dignity of a man and achieve his purpose of spurning Xiao Luo in front of Ji Siying.


    Xiao Luo coldly rebuked, his hands pushing on Ren Maohua.

    Ren Maohua suddenly retreated as he seemed to float in an incredible turning point. It was a breathtaking but clever escape. His posture was amazing. He then suddenly appeared on the right side of Xiao Luo. His right hand formed a claw. While grinning, he slashed it towards Xiao Luo’s face.

    “Zi ~”

    His fingers drew a bloody breath, as he pounced on Xiao Luo’s face.

    It was like Xiao Luo was hit by a gust of wind. His whole body was thrown backward and he fell to the ground two meters away.

    “Why are you so useless?! You already fell, even before I did my best!”

    Ren Maohua raised his voice and deliberately sneered. His plan was to trample on Xiao Luo’s dignity in front of Ji Siying and make her be downright disappointed at Xiao Luo.

    “That was very heavy handed. I think his face got scratched.”

    “I’m afraid it’ll leave a permanent scar…”

    “Brother Hua laid hands on him so hard. Who would be to blame?”

    The NSA soldiers around whispered about it. Though they were just purely talking about it. No one came up to help Xiao Luo nor stop the battle. NSA was a national organization. That was true, but they were soldiers! They fear the strong, and were already very happy to appreciate such a battle.

    Ji Siying was stupefied, looking at Xiao Luo lying on the ground. She felt a faint feeling, a bad omen. Ren Maohua was undoubtedly, constantly provoking Xiao Luo’s patience. It seemed that Xiao Luo’s patience had just ran out…

    “Kaka Kaka ~”

    Xiao Luo slowly clenched his hands into fists. His knuckles issued bursts of crackles.

    He stood up and turned to face Ren Maohua. His indifferent face was full of coldness. He twisted his neck left and right and flexed his shoulders. “Come again!”

    The light two words contained deadly and cold meaning.

    The NSA soldiers around were stunned, feeling that something was wrong.

    Ren Maohua was equally stunned, but it immediately changed the next second. He squinted slightly and smiled, “Interesting, interesting… You’re like a roach, very resilient. Ok, let this grandpa help you!”

    His face was full of enthusiasm, and he went up fearlessly to meet him. The iron fist he held, with an unstoppable ferocity, blasted Xiao Luo in the chest.

    But when his fist was about to touch Xiao Luo, he was amazed to find that Xiao Luo had disappeared in front of him. His fist only hit empty air. The next second, his pupil shrunk suddenly, and cold sweat emerged from the tens of millions of pores on the surface of his body! That was because Xiao Luo just silently appeared beside him like a ghost.

    What speed was this? Why didn’t I see his trajectory clearly?

    These two questions suddenly came to mind.

    But at this time, the expressionless Xiao Luo twisted his body and swung his right foot that was encased with strength. His leg was like cold iron that severely whipped Ren Maohua in the neck.

    “Peng ~”

    At the moment of the collision, there was a dull sound. The power of a mountain-high tsunami surged out. Ren Maohua only felt his neck break before his body flew out like a shell. His body skipped and crashed towards the group of NSA soldiers watching.