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Chapter 350 - Woman in Black.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 350: Woman in Black.

    Several NSA soldiers subconsciously reached out to catch him, but the speed at which Ren Maohua was coming was too fast. The impact was like a speeding car. They tried their best to catch him, but the result was like a group of standing pins suddenly being striked by a tumbling bowling ball as they all hit the ground with a “bang”.

    Although Ren Maohua’s crash was buffered by them, he still rolled like a runaway car after falling to the ground. He continued on for a good three or four meters before stopping. His clothes were torn, and there were wounds all over his skin. He looked flustered and gasped as he lay on the ground.

    All of the NSA soldiers that were currently present froze, their eyes were wide open. They couldn’t believe what had just happened. At first, it was clearly Ren Maohua who had the upper hand. But why did the situation suddenly turn around? Ren Maohua was also kicked more than 10 meters away? How was that possible?

    Was this guy a S Rank soldier?

    They callously looked toward the middle of the field, that untouchable figure… Their mind was full of shock! He could even send an A rank flying. What was this strength if it wasn’t S Rank?

    On the fourth floor of the office building, Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu were also equally shocked.

    Behind them, a strong man stood. With short hair, slightly bronze skin, looked to be very strong, with intense eyes, and exuding masculine air.

    “Director Zhang, Director Dong, who is this person? He was able to beat the idiot Ren Maohua with a kick. Ren Maohua has already stepped into the level of an A Rank soldier through his own cultivation.”

    The strong man spoke slowly. Although his voice was low and hoarse, he had the unique magnetism of a man and it was pleasant to hear. His tone was very gentle.

    “He is Mie!”

    Zhang Gu answered as he stared at Xiao Luo’s figure. It was hard to hide the excitement in his eyes. Xiao Luo brought him another unexpected surprise. It was only speculation before, now it could basically be certain that Xiao Luo’s strength was S Rank. That was to say they, the NSA, would have another S Rank soldier. This was a great event!

    “What? He is Mie?”

    The strong man’s body was shaken and his eyes flashed with shock. As a soldier standing at the top, he got much more information than other soldiers. For example, when he returned to the headquarters last year, Zhang Gu mentioned it to him. Moreover, he also stressed that ‘his’ fighting force was very strong. Even Long Sankui of Jiang City died in the hands of Mie.

    Soon, the shock faded away, and the strong man’s mouth smiled with excitement, “Yes, I’ve been looking forward to meeting him for a long time. Now, I was able to see his face today.”

    “King Kong, you should go down. Don’t make the situation go out of control.” Dong Fangshuo Yu ordered, his face expressed a dignified temperament.


    The strong man nodded at them before retreating.

    Zhang Gu smiled playfully, “Dong, there is no more need to assess his strength in an examination, is there?”

    “No, it’s not necessary. He is an S Rank soldier!”

    Dong Fangshuo Yu motioned with his hand, saying that there was no need to carry out any unnecessary actions. He waved to one of his men, “Go, mark on Mr. Mie’s file that he is an S Rank soldier.”

    The man received his order, saluted and turned to carry it out.

    Zhang Gu burst out laughing. He said, “Dong, I have long said there is no need for this. Now do you understand that what I said was correct?”

    “I can’t say that… Everything has to be done according to the rules and regulations. Especially for NSA, we have to pay more attention to this.” Dong Fangshuo Yu replied methodically.

    Zhang Gu raised his eyebrows as he nodded in deep surprise, and he then turned the topic, “How many S Rank soldiers do you think our country has?”

    “I don’t know, but there are definitely more than three in NSA. Our country has a population of 1.4 billion. Among these people, there must be a lot of powerful fighters who have not been discovered and are still hidden in the noisy and gorgeous cities. And this number is absolutely huge.” Dong Fangshuo Yu wondered.

    “Yes, if only they could all be used by our NSA and serve the country.” Zhang Gu said with a sigh.

    At this time, the two men’s noses involuntarily and forcibly sucked in air.

    What was this smell? Why was it so ‘fragrant’?

    It couldn’t be …

    After some quick thinking, the two men immediately turned pale, and then cried out in unison, “Bring me the gas mask!”

    An attendant quickly took off the gas masks hanging on the wall, and sent them into the hands of the two directors. It seemed that this situation was not a first for them, like it had already happened many times.

    Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu put on the gas masks as soon as they got it. When they put it on, their faces looked a little like the pea shooters in “Plants vs. Zombies”, except, the gas mask was iron black and not plant green.

    “Dear directors, you two are still so cute. You really like to wear such an ugly mask every time I come!”

    A black-clad woman came in from the outside, folding her slender waist and taking slight steps, showing her white wrist in a light gauze. Her hair was held up by a jade dragon and phoenix hairpin, and her delicate appearance was as enchanting as a rose blooming in snow. Her charm came mainly from her eyes, which were heady and captivating, and seemed to have tens of thousand kinds of enchanting emotions.

    Her hands were wearing black silk gloves, which were dotted with bright and scattered gems. Even being hidden by the gloves, one could see at a glance that her hands were very beautiful and her fingers were slender and long.

    With a graceful step like she was on the catwalk, she walked toward Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu. The two directors stood uneasily. The NSA staff, who did not have his gas mask prepared, was already hiding five meters away early on. This was Miss Venom. Her body could emit a poisonous fragrance. The fragrance was overflowing with sweetness, but it was also highly toxic.

    If you inhaled too much at one time, you would immediately be unconscious. If you did not treat the patient in time, you would also endanger your life by getting exposed. If inhaled for a long time, it will cause the function of each internal organ of the human body to slowly fail and various diseases will easily break out.

    Although she was a beautiful woman, she was the real monster of the NSA. The number of people injured by her had reached more than 100. It was that type of terror that every NSA member was scared of her.

    “Miss Venom, when did you come back?” Zhang Gu dry coughed, trying to act calm as he asked.

    Miss Venom smiled softly, and answered with amorous feelings, “Old Zhang, it is not very polite to call someone else’s code.”

    Saying so, she stretched out her hand and reached for Zhang Gu’s shoulder.

    This move frightened Zhang Gu as he hurriedly jumped back a few steps, he then loudly asked, “What are you doing?”