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Chapter 307 - Uncertainty

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 307: Uncertainty

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    Seeing Lu Xingzhi’s serious attempt at explaining, Jiang Yao broke into a small chuckle.

    Still, she gave him a good, hard slap on the chest. Of course she knew that he did not like her, but!

    “Chen Feitang likes you! Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

    Looking back, she realized why Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao were making strange faces after hearing her praise for Chen Feitang.

    “I’m not sure,” Lu Xingzhi answered uncertainly. “She did not explicitly confess, so…”

    Since she did not declare her feelings, it was not appropriate to assume that she liked him. At least, that was how Lu Xingzhi saw it.

    He did not know how to tell Jiang Yao about this in a proper way.

    His buddies were adamant that Chen Feitang had feelings for him, though he paid no attention to it. He did not like her, and he had no intentions of getting to know her better.

    However, he was a little worried when he heard from Yannie that Chen Feitang was talking to Jiang Yao alone. He was afraid that Chen Feitang would say something inappropriate.

    Hold on! He obviously saw Jiang Yao smiling. But why did she look like she was still angry? Lu Xingzhi was utterly confused.

    “You…” Lu Xingzhi wanted to ask, but seeing Jiang Yao’s face darken, he stopped.

    Yup, she was still angry.

    He was starting to dislike Chen Feitang. He had no idea what she said to Jiang Yao before he arrived at the scene. She must have said something wrong to make Jiang Yao angry.

    He was pleased seeing Jiang Yao getting angry because of Chen Feitang.

    Being outraged at what had just happened meant that Jiang Yao was jealous and wanted Lu Xingzhi to be hers only.

    Lu Xingzhi felt the same too. As a person who prided himself in his extraordinary willpower, he could not control his feelings toward Jiang Yao at all.

    “Come with me.” Lu Xingzhi tugged at Jiang Yao. He looked around, and after a moment, held her up.

    “Hold on!” Startled, Jiang Yao grasped onto Lu Xingzhi tightly. She looked around in horror, not wanting anyone else to see this.

    Lu Xingzhi carried her to the men’s restroom. Putting up the “cleaning in progress” board outside the door with his foot, he locked the door in one swift movement.

    “Lu Xingzhi, this is the men’s room!” Jiang Yao panicked. “Put me down right now!”

    “I made sure there is no one else present before coming in.” Lu Xingzhi wanted to explain and to ensure that there was no miscommunication before returning to the banquet hall together with Jiang Yao.

    Carrying her in his arms, he looked down and locked gazes with Jiang Yao. Seeing her flushed cheeks and bright eyes, he felt his heart skipping a beat. Suddenly, he did not want to put her down anymore.