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Chapter 339 - The Unlucky Qi Shan

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 339: The Unlucky Qi Shan

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    Huo Beichen's line of sight brushed over his phone and he seemed slightly stunned when he saw the message that had just come in. Ning Meng also glanced at his phone after noticing his peculiar reaction. When she saw the message, her sensitivity peaked as she remembered the latest Weibo post from NingMeng521. This N person had to be her.

    She pretended to nonchalantly ask, "Who's that?"

    Huo Beichen mulled over the situation and replied, "Not familiar."

    Ning Meng did not know how to respond to his words. His response was quite interesting and unique. How was he able to be so cold and iron-clad toward his ex-girlfriend? This made her feel… That he was super cute! Feeling rather satisfied, Ning Meng decided to forgive him.

    Qi Shan, who had had a bit too much to drink, had mustered even more courage than usual and asked, "Boss, what dare did you draw? Have you done it?"

    Huo Beichen coolly glanced at him and calmly took up his beer glass. "I accept my punishment."

    He would rather go through his punishment than give his ex-girlfriend a call. Lord Chen's performance was stellar! Ning Meng was smiling from ear to ear. She was filled with enthusiasm and warmth as she poured him his beer.

    The few of them continued drinking and playing. Soon, without them realizing it, it was already eleven at night. Qi Shan had too much to drink whilst Fei Bai had not had a single sip of alcohol. Just as they were about to leave, Fei Bai directly told Li Shiyao, "I'm sending you home."


    Before she could even reject his offer, Fei Bai had led the way and walked in front of her. The Little Queen jumped up in fear when he turned around to look at her, so, she nervously trailed him from behind. Su Ye was gentle and moderate, only having had two glasses, but he looked for someone to drive him home, leaving after bidding his goodbyes. Zhen Shanmei had too much to drink and was stumbling when she tried to stand up. Qi Shan wanted to hold her up, but he himself could not stand on his own two feet properly. Ning Meng had no choice but to walk over and hold Zhen Shanmei up as she pushed Qi Shan to the side. "Only try when you are in a stable condition yourself!"

    Qi Shan's cheeks were flushed a bright red as he pointed at Ning Meng's back and let out a mock cry. "Boss, look at her… She only clings onto you but treats us this way! Huhuhu~ Boss, you've become a muddle-headed king. You've lost track of day and night now! And she… She is… How does that idiom go again?"

    Qi Shan was wracking his brain trying to recall the saying as he walked out. Ning Meng who was walking in front of them could only laugh to herself as she ignored him. When they had arrived at the lobby, they heard a surprised voice.

    "Mei Mei?"

    Ning Meng turned her head and saw that Zhen Shanmei's father was also there. She quickly explained, "She drank a bit too much."

    Papa Zhen looked elegant. He glanced at Zhen Shanmei and then at Qi Shan who was staggering across the lobby. "Sorry to trouble you Meng Meng. Could you help bring Mei Mei to my car? I will help hold this gentleman."

    Huo Beichen had refused to hold Qi Shan, thus, it was quite a big achievement for the latter to have been able to walk to the lobby all by himself.

    Ning Meng nodded and Papa Zhen went toward Qi Shan and threw his arm around his shoulders. Qi Shan squinted his eyes and suddenly seemed to have recalled something. "I remember now! Like a dog relying on a man's… Burp!"

    He belched before he could say the word "right" from the idiom "Like a dog relying on a man's right", and so, it sounded as though he had just said "Like a dog relying on a man"…

    Papa Zhen stopped dead in his tracks while maintaining the smile on his face. "Are you talking about me?"

    "… right."

    Qi Shan had finally managed to say the final word of the idiom.

    Papa Zhen and Ning Meng who was still supporting Zhen Shanmei were bewildered when they heard what he had just said, and even Huo Beichen paused. Everyone looked at Papa Zhen at the same time. Qi Shan, who was completely clueless to what had just happened, let out another belch.

    Papa Zhen then let him go and brushed his hands clean. Qi Shan was soon struggling to stand up again…