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Chapter 259 - Siblings

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 259: Siblings

    Le Anqi was also shocked.

    In their eyes, Jin Mou was a typical, cold, rich, and beautiful girl. She had never bothered with anyone before, but now, Jin Mou was in front of a tall guy, showing unprecedented happiness.

    Le Anqi was not the only one who was shocked by this scene.

    There was only a low-key car behind the guy. It was the kind of car with a market price of less than 100,000 yuan. It was an ordinary car mixed with the nearby luxury cars.

    But that guy was too eye-catching.

    He was very tall, and the height advantage brought by his height showed his perfect figure.

    On that summer day, he was wearing only a camouflage T-shirt, revealing his well-defined muscles. However, from the overall look of it, he was rather thin, and it was as if one would notice he had muscles only after he'd taken off his clothes.

    His camouflage pants could not disguise his long legs. He had a handsome face, sharp eyebrows, and thin lips. He had an iron-blooded aura and a hint of being repellent.

    His exquisite appearance was enough to attract the attention of most girls present.

    Even Jin Mou looked petite in front of him.

    Su Cha noticed him not because of other reasons, but because she actually knew this man.

    Su Cha was also surprised.

    She had met him once. When Li Dongfeng was in trouble and the police came to investigate, this man suddenly appeared and called off all the policemen who were questioning her.

    She only heard the police calling him Captain Jin.

    Someone from the police station?

    "Jin Mou's boyfriend?" Le Anqi was surprised. "I didn't expect Jin Mou's boyfriend to be this type."


    Su Cha speculated, "Brother and sister. His surname is also Jin."

    The surname "Jin" was rare. Jin Mou's surname was Jin, and if he was her boyfriend, Su Cha did not believe that he would openly express his feelings during such an occasion. Judging from Jin Mou's expression, it was clear that she was completely relaxed and dependent on him, which proved that she trusted this person very much. Judging from their temperaments, Su Cha felt that they were siblings.

    "How did you know?"

    Le Anqi was puzzled. "Have you seen him before?"

    Su Cha nodded. "He is a police officer. I met him unintentionally, but I never thought that Jin Mou was his sister."

    It was a coincidence. After all, Su Cha did not think too much about it afterward.

    At that time, she would never have thought that Jin Mou was Captain Jin's sister.

    Jin Mou smiled and said something to Captain Jin. Captain Jin's expression softened. He patted Jin Mou's head and asked her to get in the car before taking her away.

    As soon as Jin Mou left, discussions started.

    The discussions behind the girl's back were straightforward. Like Le Anqi, most people regarded this man as Jin Mou's boyfriend.

    Of course, Su Cha would not explain actual situation to them. She took the subway with Le Anqi and left.

    "I didn't expect Jin Mou to have such a handsome brother. She's so blessed."

    Le Anqi was a little envious when she thought of Jin Mou's brother.

    After all, the siblings were both good-looking and seemed to be in a good relationship. In the eyes of others, they were the perfect match for a family.

    Su Cha did not comment.

    She was just a little surprised as she did not pay much attention to Jin Mou and Captain Jin.

    But this person's appearance reminded her of something. During that previous incident, who had killed Li Dongfeng?