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Chapter 426 - I“ll Leave With You

Let Me Game in Peace
     426 I“ll Leave With You"Long time no see, Qin Wufu." Ják turned around and looked at Qin Wufu.

    Qin Wufu saw Ják's face clearly and was immediately alarmed. "Impossible… Ják… How were you released…"

    Qin Wufu had participated in the encirclement operation of Ják. It included many of his comrades in the Federation.

    Back then, Qin Wufu was still in his prime. Surrounded by a group of Epic experts in the Federation, he hunted the psychopath, Ják. He hadn't been afraid at all. He only had the zealous ardor of getting rid of a scourge of humanity.

    However, as the encirclement continued, more and more of his companions were silently killed by Ják. They didn't even meet Ják at all. This made Qin Wufu realize that Ják was a terrifying devil, a cunning fox, a venomous snake, and he had the necessary qualities of all evil people. He was a born devil.

    On Qin Wufu's back was a scar that stretched across his entire back. It was left behind by the battle. If his Life Providence hadn't been extraordinary, he probably would have died in that battle.

    Ják's name caused the faces of some middle-aged soldiers to change drastically. It was the name that their parents often used to scare them when they were young.

    If they made a mistake, or if they constantly pulled a tantrum, their parents would say that serial killer Ják was coming for them to eat them up. It caused a childhood trauma.

    Even though they had already advanced to the Epic stage, hearing this name made them subconsciously fearful.

    An Epic officer who was about 27 years old had clearly never heard of Ják's name. He might have heard of it before, but he had no deep impression of Ják.

    After all, Ják had been arrested when he was born.

    "No matter who you are, you can't do as you please," the young Epic officer said coldly. He bragged that he was a genius, advancing to the Epic stage at the age of 28. He claimed that he wasn't inferior to the geniuses of the six families.

    Unfortunately, he didn't know how terrifying the person in front of him was. He had also underestimated the kind of existence that left a name of ‘devil' in the history of the Federation.

    Ják didn't even look at him and merely snapped his fingers.


    The young officer's body exploded and a terrifying shockwave blasted all the nearby buildings. Although the officers reacted quickly, they were too close. Many of the officers were injured from the explosion and the surroundings were in a mess.

    "From now on, all of you, shut up. I don't have time to waste on trash like you. Whoever dares to spout nonsense will share the same end," Ják said coldly.

    "You, he…" A hot-tempered officer was about to rush towards Ják when he was stopped by Qin Wufu.

    "Ják, what are you trying to do?" Qin Wufu stared at Ják and asked.

    "I only want him." Ják pointed at Zhou Wen and said, "Follow me now. If you dare say no, I'll make everyone here turn into fireworks, as the pre-celebration before my meal."

    "Zhou Wen, listen to me. Leave this place immediately and let me handle it." Qin Wufu stared at Ják as his body shimmered. An armor appeared on him.

    The other officers and soldiers also summoned their Companion Beasts, prepared to fight at any moment.

    "It looks like you still don't understand what's happening. Then I'll let you all sober up," Ják said as he raised his hand to snap his fingers.

    "Ják, wait a moment," Zhou Wen said.

    Ják stopped and looked at Zhou Wen with interest. "Why? Have you thought it through?"

    Zhou Wen nodded and said, "I understand. I'll leave with you."

    Zhou Wen didn't agree to leave with Ják because of Qin Wufu and company. After all, he wasn't afraid of Ják to begin with. Besides, he needed to find Ják's real body to completely eliminate him.

    Even if he were to attack and kill Ják, he didn't know if this was Ják's second puppet.

    "Zhou Wen, you can't. Leave here immediately," Qin Wufu ordered.

    "Governor Qin, the entire military camp has Life Blast implanted in them by Ják. As the commander-in-chief of Chess Mountain, do you want everyone to die with me?" Zhou Wen only wanted to leave as quickly as possible without wasting any more time.

    When everyone heard this, their expressions changed. If everyone was implanted with a Life Blast, wouldn't they explode at any moment like the young officer?

    "That's impossible. Life Blast needs contact before it can be released. We haven't seen him before," Qin Wufu said with a change in expression.

    "You should have seen it before, right?" Ják pointed at the cat at his feet.

    Everyone looked at the cat and their expressions changed when they saw it. They had indeed seen the cat, but they had just noticed it in passing. However, when they paid attention again, they didn't see it again. They thought they were seeing things.

    But now, they realized that something was amiss. Furthermore, the self-detonation of the young officer just now disheartened them.

    "Do you want me to prove it to you?" Ják said coldly.

    "There's no need. I'll leave with you." Zhou Wen wanted to quickly escape the current situation. He had to find Ják's true body as soon as possible.

    How could such a dangerous fellow, who stood at odds with him, be allowed to live?

    This time, he dealt with soldiers who had nothing to do with him. It was hard to guarantee that the next victim wouldn't be his family or friends.

    "Zhou Wen…" Qin Wufu looked at Zhou Wen with a strange expression.

    "Governor, please remember your responsibility. The person you need to protect isn't me, Zhou Wen, but the millions of ordinary people behind you." Zhou Wen only wanted to quickly follow Ják. If Qin Wufu were to stop him, he would only become an obstacle. All he could do was say something that pinned Qin Wufu in place so that he wouldn't have the determination to fight to the death.

    However, when Qin Wufu, Lu Su, and the officers and soldiers heard this, it meant something completely different to them.

    Zhou Wen's image instantly became lofty in their hearts. It was like a saint sacrificing himself to save the citizens.

    They had no idea that Zhou Wen yearned to stay as far away as possible from them as possible. No one wanted to be with a pile of bombs that could explode at any moment.

    "Let's go." Ják turned around and walked towards the encampment's entrance.

    Zhou Wen didn't hesitate to follow him. Qin Wufu gaped, but he ultimately didn't say anything. All he did was give Zhou Wen a military salute.

    All the officers and soldiers saluted Zhou Wen and watched him and Ják leave the military camp.