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Chapter 328 - Why Don’t We Put on a Show for a While?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 328: Why Don’t We Put on a Show for a While?

    “Are you done?” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    Jian Qi rubbed her head against his chest and said woefully, “I was so scared. I was nearly sexually harassed just now. Why don’t you comfort me, Little Tang Tang?”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. Then, he grabbed her collar from the back and pulled her away.

    Jian Qi stood up straight and glanced at him sadly. “Little Tang Tang, you’re so cruel.”

    Tang Jinyu let out a heavy sigh. “Acting Queen, cut it out!”


    “Where did the other soldier go?” Tang Jinyu asked her.

    Jian Qi glanced at the haystack beside them. “He’s inside there.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at it before turning his gaze toward the men who were tied up again. Their heads were bleeding. Hence, they might remain konked out for a while.

    Then, he turned to look at Jian Qi. “It’s a drug deal. They’re going to carry it out tonight. Another party has yet to show up. So, we still can’t tackle them now.”

    Tang Jinyu frowned slightly. He took a look at the time on his watch. It was half past one now.

    He had actually planned to introduce Leng Yu to them officially that afternoon as she was back to the team. Feng Yi and the others should know what to do in a situation like this. If they realized that both Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu were gone for quite some time, they would certainly come looking for them.

    Tang Jinyu naturally trusted them.

    However, the fact that the two bandits had been knocked out was indeed a big problem.

    He could not let the other bandits find out about it.

    “Why don’t we take off their clothes and put them on us so that we could go and guard the door outside?” Jian Qi asked him.

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched. “When can you change your habit of tearing off other people’s clothes?

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. Then, she started to tease him calmly, “What if I tear off your clothes instead?”

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    “They would know if the two of them are still here!” Tang Jinyu changed the topic directly.

    “So, what should we do next?” Jian Qi looked at him with her starry eyes.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and smirked. “I’ll give you a chance to perform, Acting Queen!”

    “What?” Jian Qi asked.

    “Go and put the injured soldier back to where he previously was. Then, put those two men down.”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    How could he make her exercise like that?

    If she knew better, she would not have tied them up just now.

    She spoke again when she was done. “What about now?”

    Tang Jinyu waved his hands at her to ask her to come to him.

    Jian Qi smiled happily and went to him. “Do you want to give me a hug, Little Tang Tang?”

    She appeared docile and obedient. She was even staring at him with her beautiful shiny eyes which seemed just like the obsidian. She appeared rather alluring in that manner.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her. Then, he put his hand on her head.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. “Little Tang Tang, are you patting me? How romantic…”

    Tang Jinyu smirked and he smiled cunningly. Then, he ruffled her hair vigorously.

    It took only thirty seconds, and Jian Qi looked up at him pitifully with a nest of messy hair on her head. “Don’t ruin my image even if you’re jealous of my beauty.”

    Tang Jinyu remained quiet. He bent down and got some of the bandits’ blood on his hand. Then, he rubbed the blood stains on Jian Qi’s face.

    He pulled down the collar of her shirt and rubbed some blood stains on her neck too.

    The whole process lasted only for about a minute. In the end, a beautiful young girl was turned into a woman who was raped by villains. She appeared to have been ravaged by them.

    “Unbutton your clothes and button them up again in a messy way…”

    Tang Jinyu instructed in an orderly fashion.

    Jian Qi smiled deviously. Her smile matched her pathetic appearance in a peculiarly good way. However, she did not appear pathetic. She was giving off a cold and savage aura.

    “Little Tang Tang, why don’t we roll around on the floor? It would appear more realistic!”

    “Don’t smile!” Tang Jinyu pinched her face. “Stay in your role, Acting Queen.”

    Jian Qi remained calm as she teased him, “…But, I need to build up my emotions slowly. Little Tang Tang, why don’t we put on a show for a while?”