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Chapter 308 - No Rivals

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 308: No Rivals

    Unfortunately, the person in his arms was struggling forcefully, trying to get down. He lowered his arms and said, “You should eat more, you are too light!”

    Jiang Yao gave her dress a pat down, soothing the wrinkles and making sure that she looked presentable. As she was still angry, her chest heaved, accompanied by sporadic grunts and curses. Noticing Lu Xingzhi’s gaze on her chest, she raised her hands trying to shield it.

    Lu Xingzhi grinned, “Well, I have seen it before though.”

    “Shut up, Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao was offended. What a thug!

    “Still angry?” Lu Xingzhi stopped grinning, betrayed only by his smiling eyes.

    “Well, what do you think?” Any lady would be mad getting carried into a men’s restroom.

    How embarrassing!

    To the uninitiated, it might seem like they were trying to do something else.

    Lu Xingzhi pulled his tie, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. “I don’t know.”

    A moment later, he asked, “What else did she say to you?”

    The person in question was Chen Feitang. He had no intention of mentioning her name.

    Jiang Yao rolled her eyes, “You heard everything. What are you asking? We did not get to talk much before you came and interrupted us.”

    Lu Xingzhi smiled faintly, “I don’t like her, never did and never will. You should have faith in me. Or should I say, you should have faith in yourself.”

    Jiang Yao turned on the water tap and splashed her face with a handful of water. The cold water was soothing to the touch and calmed her mind down.

    Such a sweet talker, who said that Lu Xingzhi was quiet and unemotional?

    “I know you have no feelings for her.” Jiang Yao was very sure of this fact.

    Lu Xingzhi was a straightforward character. The things that he wanted; he would get it no matter the cost.

    Even if one day, the entire world told Jiang Yao that Lu Xingzhi caught feelings for somebody else, she would never believe it unless he admitted to it himself.

    A person who could stand the intense loneliness and suffering for eleven whole years! Jiang Yao strongly believed that these feelings would not fade away easily.

    Back then, she spent eleven years unsuccessfully trying to discourage him and force him to lose his love for her. Now, with her by his side, Lu Xingzhi would never love someone else the way he did for Jiang Yao.

    “Then why are you still angry?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

    “Can’t I be angry still?” Jiang Yao sighed. “I am mad because I was praising my love rival, like an idiot! Seeing another woman trying to pry you away from me, how can I stay calm?”

    She looked at the mirror and saw the reflection of the person standing beside her suddenly smiling. Startled, she lost her focus momentarily.

    Lu Xingzhi looked really good when he was smiling, Jiang Yao realized. It softened his apathetic face and added some gentleness to it.