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Chapter 340 - Oh My, You’re So Pitiful!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 340: Oh My, You’re So Pitiful!

    Unable to walk stably, Qi Shan staggered from the left to the right, and when he finally felt the sofa of the lobby, he immediately lay down. Papa Zhen maintained his gentlemanly and elegant manner.

    "It seems like Qi Shan doesn't need me to send him home. I'll head back with Mei Mei first."

    Taking Zhen Shanmei from Ning Meng's grasp, he helped her out the entrance. Ning Meng pursed her lips and looked at Huo Beichen. "What about him?"

    Huo Beichen closed his eyes. "Ignore him."

    Charming Club's staff would look after him anyway. Not only was his alcohol tolerance poor, he even dared to insult Meng Meng as a dog relying on a man's right. Hmph. Let him suffer a bit on the sofa of the lobby!

    Huo Beichen made his move first and went out after he had made up his mind. When they had arrived at the entrance, the staff brought their car over and subconsciously handed the car keys over to Huo Beichen. Huo Beichen gestured at Ning Meng with his chin and then went to sit at the front passenger seat.

    Ning Meng's sportscar was still under repair. The car that was brought to them was a black BMW. As she walked toward the driver seat, she seemed to feel that something was amiss. It was only when she had turned on the engine that she abruptly realized that… Ning Meng glanced at the man sat next to her. "Lord Chen, let me tell you a story!"


    "A wolf came to the doorstep of one house and heard the cries of a little kid. The kid's father told him that if he continued crying, he would throw him out and feed him to the wolf! The wolf waited outside throughout the night, and the kid also cried throughout the night. What is the moral of this story?"


    Ning Meng chuckled. "It tells us that men are like big pork trotters. We cannot believe what they say!"


    Ning Meng continued, "Lord Chen, I remembered that you told me that you don't know how to drive?"

    "… Yeah."

    Ning Meng pursed her lips. "Then, the night that you were smoking at the bottom of my apartment. Who sent you over?"

    There was no driver in the car. In fact, she had seen Huo Beichen personally driving from the CCTV footage the security guard had shown her. Back then, she only cared about feeling sorry for this cheater, she had completely forgotten about who drove the car… Had this b*stard become addicted to making her the driver now?

    Huo Beichen had not thought that far about this matter that had happened a while ago. Who knew that she would still investigate? Letting out a cough, he said, "I can't drive today. I drank."

    Ning Meng was speechless.

    They both returned to Yuxiu Garden. Ning Meng parked the car and they both went up to the apartment. Upon entering, Huo Beichen asked, "When are you moving to the mansion to stay with me?"

    Ning Meng looked at him and gave it some thought before nodding. "Anytime's fine with me."

    Although there was quite sufficient space in this apartment, the mansion was clearly more comfortable. They had been sleeping together every night anyway, she did not need to feel like a hypocrite any longer. They both went into the bedroom and after Ning Meng had had her shower, she started playing with her phone.

    Zhen Shanmei had sent her a message: [Are you home safe?]

    This drunk lady had had too much to drink but still remembered her friend. Ning Meng laughed and replied with a voice note: "I'm home. What's up?"

    Zhen Shanmei sent a voice note over as well. Ning Meng played it immediately: "Meng Meng, why do you still have time to talk to me? Aren't you supposed to be cuddling and, you know… with Mr. Huo now?"

    Ning Meng quickly replied: [We have not advanced to the level you're thinking of!]

    Just as Ning Meng opened Zhen Shanmei's next voice note, Huo Beichen stepped out of the bathroom: "Mr. Huo really cannot perform!? Oh my, you're so pitiful! I feel so sorry for you!"