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Chapter 315 - Is There Something That I Dont Know? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 315: Is There Something That I Don't Know? (1)

    Having spent more than half of the month in the hospital, Xu Weilai was starting to go crazy from boredom. Being granted a reason to go out and get some fresh air was more than a dream come true.

    She agreed without any hesitation and even teased, "Sure! If it were someone else who asked me out, I would have to check my schedule, but I'm always willing to make time for you."

    Very soon, Xu Weilai received the meeting time and place from Xiao Chun. The appointment was for lunch in a Cantonese restaurant located near the apartment.

    Xu Weilai immediately felt Xiao Chun's thoughtfulness. Knowing that she had just recovered, Xiao Chun chose a cuisine that was light and suitable. She even picked a nearby location so that she didn't have to travel far.

    Seeing that it was almost time, Xu Weilai got changed, grabbed her purse, and headed out of the bedroom. After leaving a quick word with Mrs. Lin, she stepped out of the door.


    Xiao Chun arrived at the restaurant a short while after Xu Weilai arrived. Just like the last time they ate out together, Xiao Chun brought a large bag of things with her. Xu Weilai peeked over. Not only were there bird's nest and collagen, but there were also various other kinds of supplements.

    Xiao Chun pushed them over to Xu Weilai and said, "Little Weilai, I specially picked out all these products for you. They're very effective in aiding recovery. You have to remember to take them religiously when you go back. Got it?"

    Having no idea what to say, Xu Weilai palmed her forehead and remarked, "Chunchun, I haven't even finished the stuff you bought me previously! How many mouths do you think I have?"

    "Well, that's on you for always causing me to worry!" Xiao Chun clenched her fist gently. Her voice then turned rough as she said, "I almost lost you that day when you collapsed in front of me and bled all over!

    In any case, you better finish all of these supplements! Also, you better take good care of your body and not allow yourself to get hurt again!"

    Knowing that Xiao Chun was saying this with her best interests at heart, Xu Weilai could only nod her head in appreciation. With a smile, she replied, "Alright, got it! You can be so nagging at time…"

    At the use of the word "nagging", Xu Weilai suddenly thought of the only other person that was just as nagging as Xiao Chun: Gu Yu.

    After she had escaped death this time, Gu Yu had been solicitous towards her. Even when he was out of the apartment, he would call to check on her.

    She could understand Gu Yu's anxiety when she had been hospitalized. Now that she was completely recovered, however, why was he still so anxious? Moreover, she sensed that Xiao Chun was also anxious about her for some strange reason.

    Her dark eyes shifted uneasily. In a tone that was half-joking and half-curious, she asked, "Chunchun, why are you acting like Gu Yu? My injury is already healed. Is there… something that I don't know?"

    Xiao Chun's eyes flashed uncontrollably, and she quickly looked away as she picked up her cup of coffee. Instead of replying, however, she asked, "Weilai, how have you and Brother Yu been lately? Has this calamity finally forced the genuine emotions to rise to the surface?"

    Xu Weilai shook her head. "I have no idea if his feelings are genuine. Gu Yu has been treating me so well throughout my time recovering. He apologized to me and even told me to wait while he makes an effort to make it up to me. Even so, I can't read his thoughts."

    Xu Weilai continued, "I would like very much to give the both of us another chance, but at the same time, I don't want to allow myself to fall too deeply again. I'm afraid that if I do, I will have to wake up from this sweet dream again, just like I had to three years ago."

    Xiao Chun watched as Xu Weilai calmly expressed her feelings, but she could sense the latter's hesitation and timidity under her calm exterior. Her hands were clenched in a death vice grip.

    "Let not talk about this, Chunchun. Didn't you have something to say to me? What is it?"