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Chapter 523 - : Crazy A’ze’s Golden Ligh

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 523: Crazy A’ze’s Golden Light

    When A’ze was very young, his parents passed away, leaving him and his three-year-old brother to rely one another.

    Although the clan would distribute food to them regularly, it was simply not enough for the brothers to fill their stomachs.

    One day, when his brother was hungry, A’ze secretly snuck away from Eagle Cliff with him to pick fruits. Unexpectedly, they entered the territory of the Gale Wolf Rabbit.

    The Gale Wolf Rabbit was a mutant that looked like a rabbit but was more fierce and cruel than a wolf.

    The Gale Wolf Rabbit tore apart A’ze’s younger brother and ate him up.

    “At that time, A’ze was only ten years old. When he saw his brother killed by the Gale Wolf Rabbit, he suddenly went crazy. Not only did he kill the Gale Wolf Rabbit, he also wounded the clan members who went to find them. Later, the old Clan Leader had to personally go over to bring him back,” Elder Bai said, still slightly afraid when mentioning this past event.

    A’ze covered with wolf blood looked as terrifying as the devil.

    Although he returned to normal after he woke up, he would still lose control upon seeing Gale Wolf Rabbits. He would also be aggressive towards human-rabbit hybrids.

    It was only after A’gu’s rabbit companion, Guo’er, appeared that he reduced his hostility towards the human-rabbit hybrids.

    Now that he was beaten by Da Meng, he was very likely to go crazy again. By then it would be too late to stop him.

    Could A’ze have gone crazy because of the Golden Light?

    Yun Jiuge was still thinking about this when she heard Zi Shang say coldly, “A’ze, because you were too useless, your younger brother got killed by the Gale Wolf Rabbit.”

    “What rubbish are you spouting?” Yun Jiuge asked. She really wanted to hammer Zi Shang for adding insult to A’ze’s injury.

    A’ze, who had been furiously throwing punches to resist, immediately froze once he heard Zi Shang’s words, as if he had been beaten into a stupor.

    With a somersault, Da Meng left A’ze. He had just wanted to prove his ability and did not really want to hurt anyone.

    “A’ze, are you okay?” Elder Bai shouted worriedly. A’ze raised his head, and there was a strange look in his eyes.

    He let out a scream and rushed toward Da Meng crazily.

    Da Meng stretched out his hand in defense, but the force was too great that it felt like his arm was going to break, and his body flew backward.

    He quickly stabilized his body and fought back, throwing a punch at A’ze.

    A’ze turned sideways to dodge it and started fighting with Da Meng.

    “Are you not going to use your Spiritual Eye to investigate yet?” Zi Shang quickly urged Yun Jiuge.

    “I’ve already opened it,” Yun Jiuge said. She opened her Spiritual Eye and found that A’ze’s Golden Light was as red as a burning flame, and its fuel was his Life Energy.

    “Quickly grab hold of A’ze,” Yun Jiuge said hurriedly. She was worried that he would really become crazy if he continued to fight.

    Zi Shang reached out and grabbed A’ze.

    A’ze struggled desperately, and almost pushed Zi Shang over.

    Yun Jiuge took out the Moon Spirit Silk Thread and tied him up. She then swiftly pierced him with a needle to release blood.

    A’ze’s meridians became blocked and the Golden Light gradually faded away, but he was still unconscious.

    “Is A’ze all right?” Elder Bai quickly came over and asked.

    “He’s fine. He just needs to rest for a few days,” Yun Jiuge said. She got up, looked at Da Meng, and said, “You’re injured, do you want to go and rest?”

    “There’s no need to, these are only superficial injuries,” Da Meng said and shook his head. The Golden Light in his body could heal his wounds. Although A’ze was powerful, he did not fatally injure him.

    “It’s good that you’re fine,” Yun Jiuge said. After she brought A’ze in to draw his blood, she asked Elder Bai to send him back to Eagle Cliff.

    Currently, Yun Jiuge had received four different kinds of blood samples which were placed on the wooden shelves.

    There was one tube each from the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes.

    The human-eagle hybrid clan had two tubes.

    The human-rabbit hybrid clan had five hundred tubes.

    There were significant differences in the blood samples of the four races.

    The human-leopard hybrid and Lizard-like therianthropes’ blood was a little gray and looked like it was slightly infected by Demon Qi.

    This was very faint in the blood of the human-rabbit hybrids. Some of it might have already been absorbed by the bones and skin.

    A’ze’s blood was fiery red because he went crazy.

    A’dai’s blood was the brightest, shining with Golden Light. It was warm, and also the thickest out of all blood samples.

    Yun Jiuge tried to put the blood of the human-rabbit hybrids together with the blood of the human-eagle hybrids and human-leopard hybrids.

    A violent collision immediately occurred between the two, forming a pool of blood and water.

    “If their blood cannot be mixed, why does Qiu Sen want to drink their blood?” Zi Shang asked.

    “Perhaps some of his Cultivation Techniques can counteract this effect!” Yun Jiuge speculated.

    “It seems like it’s still necessary to get him out of the gray castle to clarify this,” Zi Shang said and stroked his chin. He was thinking about how to attack the gray castle.

    “You need to first solve the problem of death energy and miasma there. Feifei can help with this. We also need to solve the problem of the puppet human-beast hybrids, which is more troublesome,” Yun Jiuge said analytically.

    Puppet human-beast hybrids were not afraid of death or pain, unlike ordinary human-beast hybrids.

    There were also a lot of demonic stones and equipment in the gray castle which ordinary human-beast hybrids could not defend against.

    “Now, in this situation, we can only wait for the Golden Light to be awakened in the human-beast hybrids. If we can awaken an army of Golden Light human-beast hybrids, then we can easily attack the gray castle,” answered Zi Shang. He thought for awhile and continued, “There are currently three ways to make the human-beast hybrids awaken.

    Firstly, through blood inheritance. Secondly, with the death of a loved one. Thirdly, through life and death. As long as we simulate these three situations and put the human-beast hybrids through them, we can harvest a large number of Golden Light human-beast hybrids.”

    “This just a hypothesis. We can’t go around experimenting if we’re not sure about this,” Yun Jiuge said and glared at Zi Shang. Now it was most important to rescue the human-beast hybrid tribes and not scare them away.

    “I hope that we can experiment as soon as possible. We’ve limited time. Qiu Sen and Nangong Yue will not just sit and wait for us to catch up with them,” Zi Shang shrugged and said.

    “Instead of talking nonsense here, you might as well go out and help Elder Bai and Meng. The more human-beast hybrids you gather, the closer we’ll be to the Golden Light,” Yun Jiuge said while pushing Zi Shang out of the door before he could cause more trouble.

    After chasing Zi Shang away, Yun Jiuge called Meng over.

    “What does Miss Yun need?” Meng asked, looking eagerly at Yun Jiuge. Elder Bai had already been called over several times, and even the Rabbit Clan Leader too, but he had not been summoned once. He was worried that Yun Jiuge did not favor the human-snake hybrid clan anymore.

    “Meng, how many human-beast hybrids are controlled by the Demon Qi pollution now?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Now there are ten. Five of them are human-snake hybrids, three of them are human-horse hybrids, and two of them are human-cow hybrids,” Meng said in a low voice. Back then, he had made a bad choice and led his clan members to follow the Divine Envoy, causing some of them to be controlled now.

    If they had not met Yun Jiuge, they would be just like the human-wolf hybrid clan.

    “Take them all to the house at the back of the mountain. I’ll see if I can help them heal,” Yun Jiuge said. The back of the mountain was currently used by Yin Shili as a jail. There, Yun Jiuge planned to conduct her own experiments to stimulate the Golden Light in the human-beast hybrids.

    “I’ll take them there now,” Meng said. He turned and left.

    Yun Jiuge was preparing to move the blood sample and the wooden frame to the back of the mountain when Da Meng came in to report that Eagle Clan’s Advisor Jun wanted to seek advice.

    “Ask him to wait for me at the parlor,” Yun Jiuge said. She put the blood samples and the wooden rack in the Magical Bottomless Bag and walked to the parlor outside.

    “Miss Yun,” said Advisor Jun, quickly getting up as soon as he saw Yun Jiuge. He placed his fist on his left chest to salute her.