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Chapter 524 - Reasons Behind The Human-beast Hybrids’ Awakening

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 524: Reasons Behind The Human-beast Hybrids’ Awakening

    “Take a seat! How’s your injury?” Yun Jiuge asked. Advisor Jun looked fine so he should have recovered well.

    “My injury has healed, thanks to your prompt rescue. A’gu has also awakened and is accompanying Guo’er over at the city,” said Advisor Jun as he sat down.

    “Wait a moment,” Yun Jiuge said and called Da Meng in. “Later, tell Clan Leader Meng to note down all the pregnant human-beast hybrids. Every morning, I’ll be at the house at the square to check on them and issue them an extra portion of food.”

    “Okay,” Da Meng replied loudly and left.

    “Miss Yun, one bodyguard isn’t enough for you. How about I send A’ping and A’fei too?” Advisor Jun asked cautiously.

    “No, just A’ze is enough,” Yun Jiuge said and shook her head.

    She could protect herself and didn’t need human-beast hybrids to protect her.

    “As your bodyguard, A’ze lost control and went crazy. He must have let down your trust,” Advisor Jun said and lowered his head in shame. If A’ze hadn’t been in a coma, he would have dragged him over as well.

    It hadn’t been easy for the human-eagle hybrid clan to give Miss Yun a good impression, and now this was all destroyed because of A’ze.

    “I don’t blame A’ze. I’ll wait for him to return and be my bodyguard,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “I’m just afraid that he’ll have no face to meet you,” Advisor Jun said and shook his head helplessly.

    Yun Jiuge thought about it for a moment, then said to Advisor Jun, “How about I set up a bevy of guards? There’ll be two human-eagle hybrids, human-snake hybrids, human-rabbit hybrids, human-horse hybrids, and human-cow hybrids each. A’ze will be the captain, and A’meng will be the vice-captain. What do you think?”

    “If A’ze is the captain, the whole group will fall apart,” Advisor Jun said in exaggeration.

    Although he was very grateful for Yun Jiuge’s trust in the human-eagle hybrid clan, A’ze was really unreliable.

    “Then I’ll let him be the vice-captain,” answered Yun Jiuge. She continued, “I recently found some clues that might help stimulate the Golden Light in the human-beast hybrids. Would you like to investigate this with me?” Advisor Jun was rather smart, and it was good to let him assist.

    “It would be my honor,” Advisor Jun said, secretly happy. He saluted Yun Jiuge.

    “Go to the mountain behind first to see if Meng has taken the human-beast hybrids there yet,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “Okay,” Advisor Jun said. After he left, Yun Jiuge called A’meng in and asked him to notify the clan leaders of the human-beast hybrid clans to select members for the guards.

    “I’ll go now,” Da Meng said. He didn’t know that he was going to be the captain, and was so happy when he heard that he could choose one more human-rabbit hybrid to join him.

    Yun Jiuge left the parlor and went to the mountain behind.

    The mountain behind was empty, except for a large fence. Inside, there was a short, gray cell.

    There were two floors in the cell. Above ground, there were more than a dozen small cells. The dungeon below ground was used solely for people of importance.

    Yun Jiuge pushed the door and walked into the cell. She saw that Meng and Advisor Jun had placed all the human-beast hybrids who had lost control into a large cell.

    From the human-snake hybrid clan, there was Aunt Gaga, as well as four middle-aged female human-snake hybrids who had been responsible for planting the Gaga Grass.

    There were also two aunts from the human-horse hybrid clan and two teenagers from the human-cow hybrid clan. They all had blank expressions and dull eyes.

    “These people are only being controlled because of their long-term contact with the demonic stones,” Meng briefly explained the situation they were in.

    “Alright, I know. You can go now!” Yun Jiuge waved her hands and Meng left respectfully.

    “Miss Yun, how are you going to test whether these people have Golden Light?” Advisor Jun asked, slightly excited.

    “After researching, I found that the Golden Light will awaken in human-beast hybrids under three scenarios. First, through the inheritance of blood. Second, with the death of a loved one, and third, through life and death. I want to simulate these scenarios to see if I can make them awaken.”

    However, as far as she knew, only strong, young men could awaken the Golden Light. It might be difficult to do so for these old weak women and children.

    In this situation, she had no choice but to try all the same.

    “Miss Yun, why don’t you let me try it?” Advisor Jun asked. He did not believe that these old weak women and children could successfully awaken the Golden Light.

    “You?” Yun Jiuge asked and glanced at Advisor Jun, who was a strong, young man.

    “I, Eagle Jun, voluntarily agree to letting you experiment on me. No matter what happens, I’ll not complain,” Advisor Jun swore solemnly.

    The outcome of the human-wolf hybrid clan had sounded alarm bells for all of the human-beast hybrids. The awakening of the Golden Light was the only way out, and he was willing to pay any price for this.

    “Okay, I accept your proposal, but I’ll still use them for testing first because the gray energy in their brains is easier to observe. It’ll not be too late to experiment on you after I find a more suitable plan,” Yun Jiuge said.

    She didn’t want to waste a good man like Advisor Jun, so she would only experiment on him after coming up with a good plan that was guaranteed to work.

    “Okay.” Advisor Jun nodded, and then asked seriously, “So what are we going to do now?”

    “There are no human-rabbit hybrids here, so the blood inheritance method cannot be used. We’ll just try the other two. Go and investigate the family situations of these human-beast hybrids,” Yun Jiuge instructed.

    Advisor Jun was stunned for a moment, then asked nervously, “Do you mean to kill their loved ones?”

    “Do I look like such a brutal, senseless person?” Yun Jiuge asked. She was speechless. Who did Advisor Jun think she was?

    “No,” Advisor Jun answered. He also felt ashamed of what he had been thinking.

    “Okay, go and investigate properly. I’ll leave for a while,” Yun Jiuge said and left the mountain, preparing to go to the plantation to find Yin Shili.

    The plantation was a few miles long, and a gray wall separated large plots of fertile land. These were the territories for the different human-beast hybrids.

    Yun Jiuge didn’t walk along the passageway but instead, jumped onto the wall.

    She looked down and saw that there was yellow grazing grass growing at the territory of the human-snake hybrid clan, and its walls were covered with green moss.

    The human-snake hybrid clan had a row of wooden houses similar to stilted buildings near the entrance. It was said that these stilted buildings were personally designed by Yin Shili.

    The human-beast hybrids lived upstairs and raised animals downstairs. Now, they were raising many elks, pheasants, goats and other wild animals.

    These wild beasts had initially wanted to run away. But after discovering that this place had food, water and safety, they gave in one by one.

    The neighboring territories of the human-horse hybrid clan and human-cow hybrid clan also had grazing grass and moss that were beginning to grow.

    They also lived in stilted buildings and raised wild beasts downstairs. In future, they would use these to trade with the other clans.

    And because they were herbivorous human-beast hybrids, these wild beasts were very tame and were much less worried compared to those in the human-snake hybrid clan.

    The territory chosen by the human-rabbit hybrid clan was at the intersection of the various territories.

    Although only two days had passed, rows of stilted buildings had already been built.

    They were indeed very gifted in planting. Their grazing grass and moss grew faster than the human-horse hybrids’ and human-cow hybrids’.

    In front of a sturdy stilted building, Guo’er was saying to A’gu, “If you live together with me, we can raise some wild beasts under the stilted building.”

    “Okay, I’ll follow what you say,” A’gu replied. He would just listen entirely to Guo’er.

    “Then what are you waiting there for? Quickly go catch some now,” Guo’er said and slapped A’gu’s wings.

    “I’ll go now.” A’gu immediately flapped his wings and flew away, soon becoming a small black spot on the horizon.