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Chapter 970 - Endless Prestige and Authority

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 970: Endless Prestige and Authority

    Wen Xinya stared at Avrora who was kneeling on the ground submissively. Before this, she would never believe that the haughty and arrogant Avrora would ever kneel before her.

    God knows how terrible of a plight Avrora must be in now that she had lost the document. However, Wen Xinya did not sympathize with her at all because she was the one who planned everything from the start. If Avrora did not flirt with Si Yiyan back then and even made her use Lucifer’s matriarchal token as a stake, she would not have set Avrora up.

    Avrora had brought it all upon herself.

    Since she kept mum, Si Yiyan would obviously do the same too. He smirked and picked up a honeydew cube using a toothpick before feeding it to Wen Xinya. “Is it sweet?”

    After eating the honeydew, Wen Xinya nodded and answered, “Yes!”

    Si Yiyan laughed out loud.

    Duke Moville watched as Si Yiyan behaved intimately with Wen Xinya, fearing that they would brush him off. “Miss Bella, you have no idea how much that document means to us. It represents our family’s power and authority. Avrora harmed our interests by stealing the stamp and using it for her own use. So, this document is very important to us. Miss Bella, please return it to us. We’re willing to pay the price.”

    He felt that his words should weigh more than Avrora’s.

    Despite knowing that the document was in Si Yiyan’s hands, he felt that it would be better to tackle Wen Xinya instead.

    Wen Xinya glanced at Avrora for a moment before saying, “I see. Seems like Miss Avrora was really audacious.”

    However, she still did not mention a thing about returning the document.

    An icy cold gaze formed in Duke Moville’s eyes.

    Avrora knelt on the ground, feeling stuck in a spot for she did not know if she should get up or not. Her body stiffened and she was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

    Just as Duke Moville was about to say something, Wen Xinya fiddled with the Lucifer matriarchal token on her ear and suddenly turned at look at Si Yiyan. “Yan, is there a special significance behind this earring you gave me?”

    Duke Moville could no longer say what he wanted to.

    Si Yiyan pulled her into his arms and explained, “Duke Moville’s stamp represents his family’s power and prestige? This earring of yours represents your status as Lucifer’s lady in-charge. It symbolizes endless prestige and power.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened in shock and she said, “Does it mean that I’ll be bringing shame to Lucifer and become the laughing stock of the Russian aristocrats if I lose this earring? Does it mean that I’ll ruin Lucifer’s pride and reputation and cause you shame, too?”

    She sounded rather agitated and her voice was shrilling and high-pitched.

    Si Yiyan answered softly, “Exactly.”

    Appearing flustered, Wen Xinya patted her chest and pretended to feel thankful. “Fortunately, I won against Miss Avrora during the horseback riding competition. Otherwise, the results would be dire.”

    A mix of emotions formed in Si Yiyan’s eyes.

    Her words made Duke Moville’s face stiffen. It was clear what she meant. She was trying to say that the earring was just as important to Lucifer as the document was to the Moville Family. Avrora was the one who initiated the competition and demand that she use the earring as a stake. Now that Avrora had lost, Wen Xinya was not to be blamed either.

    Even Avrora stared at her in disbelief, completely dumbfounded.

    Wen Xinya finally recovered from the shock and immediately stood up angrily. Glaring at Avrora, she chastised. “Miss Avrora, you’re being too much. It turns out you had ill intentions for compelling me to use Lucifer’s matriarchal token as a stake in our competition. You were bent on embarrassing Rex. You…”

    Exasperated beyond words, Wen Xinya panted heavily while pointing her fair and tender finger at Avrora.

    Si Yiyan’s eyes lit up, not expecting Wen Xinya to be so quick-witted.

    Avrora immediately got goosebumps after being accused. Her lips trembled and just as she was about to speak, she realized that she did not know what to say at all.

    Not only was Avrora shocked, but even Duke Moville also said in bewilderment, “Miss Bella, you’re mistaken. Avrora only made a rash and insensible decision in a moment of recklessness. She didn’t have other intentions. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have used the document as a stake.”

    Duke Moville did not expect to be attacked by Wen Xinya again before the matter about the document had even progressed. Once Avrora was truly accused to have been harboring ill intentions, it would be impossible to settle the issue.

    However, Wen Xinya was long infuriated beyond senses and she obviously wouldn’t listen to Duke Moville’s explanation. She glowered at Avrora and said, “Miss Avrora, if I lost Lucifer’s matriarchal token and brought shame to Rex, Rex probably wouldn’t let me off easily either. How dare you be so vicious.”

    Avrora snapped out of her trance and said frantically, “Miss Bella, please don’t be mistaken. I only wanted you to use the earring as a bet because I found it beautiful. I didn’t mean anything else…”

    She did not expect Wen Xinya to be such a tough nut to crack, and so shrewd as to one-up her and Duke Moville.

    Wen Xinya retorted angrily. “As if I’d believe you. Others may not recognize Lucifer’s matriarchal token, but as a Russian aristocrat and the heiress of the Moville Family, you can’t be so ignorant as to be unaware.”

    Her words rendered Avrora speechless. If she were to insist that she did not know that it was the matriarchal token, it would seem like she was a silly hillbilly. Hence, she turned red in anxiety.

    Duke Moville did not know how to explain it either.

    Glaring daggers at Avrora, Wen Xinya continued, “I initially thought that you and Duke Moville paid us a visit out of genuine sincerity and I was just about to return the document to you. Yet, you were actually just harboring ill intentions right from the start. You’re being too much.”

    Duke Moville’s face stiffened. Although she had taken the moral high ground, he knew that the two of them had never intended to let him have the document so easily.

    Avrora could no longer say the words that she wanted to to explain herself and beg for forgiveness.

    On the verge of tears, Wen Xinya continued angrily, “You… you people are too much. Are you just bullying me because I’m a weak woman? You refuse to stick to your word and you’re the ones who harbored ill intentions from the start. You were the one who clearly lost and yet, you still came forth to bully me…”