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Chapter 260 - The Unusual Movement on the Rooftop

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 260: The Unusual Movement on the Rooftop

    The only strange thing that had happened to her was this.

    Li Dongfeng was indeed dead.

    Su Cha felt that it had something to do with the Martial Union and the Divine Union that Bo Muyi occasionally hinted at.

    At that time, she'd felt that some amazing things must be existing in this world, but she could not be sure.

    Even until now, Bo Muyi had never straightforwardly revealed anything about these things. From Su Cha's perspective, she was keeping her own knowledge a secret from Bo Muyi, so it was naturally not appropriate for her to ask.

    Otherwise, how could she explain why an ordinary girl like her would want to know about such matters?

    Bo Muyi was willing to tell her, but after he asked about her reasons, Su Cha could not explain herself.

    She knew that Bo Muyi must have understood her past self. Her sudden change was unreasonable. It was only that Bo Muyi did not care about it. But if Su Cha were to ask, that might be a different matter.

    Now that she had a secret to keep, it was better not to talk about it at present.

    During the past few days, Bo Muyi had not been coming back early to the Lookout Pavilion. He had a lot of things to do in the company, but of course, Su Cha was not sure if he was busy only with work.

    Until now, she had not heard anything about the Bo family.

    She did not expect Bai Kun to be home today.

    This was one of Bo Muyi's trusted subordinates. If he was there, Bo Muyi must be there too.

    Seeing Su Cha, Bai Kun grinned. "Miss Su, good afternoon."

    Su Cha nodded. Just as she was about to ask, Bai Kun pointed in a direction. "Young Master is meeting a guest in the main hall. Miss Su might not understand what they are talking about. You can wait in the room."

    This was an implicit reminder for Su Cha that she could go over, but the topic they were talking about was not suitable for her.

    Bo Muyi did not care about letting Su Cha hear it, but Bai Kun had to remind her of certain things.

    Su Cha immediately understood. She nodded and went back to her room.

    She thought about it as she did so. Bo Muyi did not like others entering the Lookout Pavilion, so those who could enter the Lookout Pavilion to discuss matters with him must have extraordinary status.

    As her latest embroidery work was about to be completed, she went back to her room to wait for Bo Muyi to return.

    Her latest work was a crescent moon pattern, which was being done on her last piece of white cotton.

    She planned to start embroidering other patterns soon.

    After finishing the embroidery, Su Cha rubbed her tired eyes and looked at the time. Half an hour had passed and Bo Muyi was not back yet.

    The moment she looked back, her eyes flickered.


    There was a soft sound. If not for the fact that she was in an absolutely quiet environment and had sharp senses, she might not have heard it.

    On the top floor!

    She looked up. Bo Muyi lived on the first floor, and the ceiling was right above. Although he used an ancient style building and the roof was covered with tiles, there was a special layer of blockage in the middle. Logically speaking, the soundproofing effect should have been very good.

    Looking up from here, she could see only a luxury chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

    Someone had just walked over from the top floor.

    She was sure of that, but the roof was filled with tiles. Normal people would not be able to climb up, and it was obvious that someone was trying to hide their aura.

    Her expression changed slightly as she walked out of the bedroom. Opening the door, she saw a poker face, Ah Chen.

    A strange light flashed past Ah Chen's eyes when he saw her coming out.

    He lowered his head respectfully and whispered, "Miss Su, the young master is not back yet."