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Chapter 381 – Immortal Sect Cultivator

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     These two were cultivators from great sects. Many years ago, a master from their sect had entered the Infinite Realm and inadvertently wandered into the mountain valley. But this master didn’t die. Rather, he had entered into an agreement with the two terrifying life forms. Every time the Infinite Realm opened in the future, the sect would send disciples to enter the mountain valley and give the two terrifying life forms some items in exchange for scales and other random items shed from their bodies.

    Because of this, the cultivators of this sect understood just how strong these two terrifying life forms were.

    During this opening of the Infinite Realm, these two people weren’t lucky at all and were sent far away. In addition to some other accidents they encountered along the way, it took them four months to rush all the way here.

    But what they saw when they arrived…the seal covering the mountain valley had vanished and the two terrifying life forms had died. Even their bodies had been viciously and savagely torn apart! How could such a horrifying being appear in the Infinite Realm? Without even thinking of searching through the mountain valley, they fled with looks of horror.

    After Qin Yu left the valley, he went into a short period of seclusion. Although he had only maintained the power of the burning heavens for a single breath of time, he still suffered some losses.

    Three days later he opened his eyes, a sharp light flashing through them. When he entered the Infinite Realm he hadn’t come here seeking treasures, but even so he had obtained many harvests. Could this be considered unintentional actions bringing unintentional success?

    Qin Yu helplessly twisted his lips, but at this time, his complexion changed. He could sense cultivators fighting nearby. Originally, this sort of scene was common in the Infinite Realm so he normally wouldn’t pay attention to it, but soon, a pleasant look of surprise crossed his face. He flicked his sleeve, putting away the array plate and howling out.

    In the air, several figures were battling. It was five people joining together to surround a white-haired old man. This person had a cold and severe gaze with an overwhelmingly tyrannical aura. Even though he was fighting one against five, he still held the upper hand.

    A golden-robed youth stood on the ground. There was the image of a palace embroidered on the front of his robes. He coldly said, “The treasures I see are mine. You people that dare to compete with me, you simply have no idea of death or danger!”

    Across from him, seven or eight cultivators all had pale expressions with blood staining the corners of their lips. Unexpectedly, they were the group of people Qin Yu had encountered at the edge of the swamp.

    Feng Yunyun and Xu Wenze were part of the group. At this time, they all had expressions of worry and anger. Before this they had found a secret area. After opening it, they had all been pleasantly surprised. There was an ancient treasure inside with some formidable inheritance within.

    But what they never imagined would happen was that just as they took out the rare treasure, it was taken away by a single person. That person alone was actually able to suppress them. Moreover, that person’s guardian was even more dreadful. All of their guardians together could only barely hold on against him.

    However, what was most horrifying was their opponent’s identity. Golden robes were common, but when added along with that palace embroidered on the front of his robes, that actually represented a supreme influence within the Land of Divinity and Demons – the Immortal Sect! This cultivator was a disciple of the immortal sect. It was no wonder he was so strong and his guardian so dreadfully powerful.

    “Does an Immortal Sect disciple need to forcefully seize the items of others?” Xu Wenze roared.

    The Immortal Sect cultivator sneered. “The strong eat the weak. What does any of this have to do with status? Since you found a treasure for me, I’ll let you live if you run away now. Otherwise don’t blame me for being heartless!”

    “You…” Feng Yunyun was enraged but she was held back by Xu Wenze. “Don’t be impulsive!” He took a deep breath. “Guardians, come back. We will admit defeat!”

    The five guardians had barely been holding on this entire time. They let out a breath of relief and quickly flew backwards. But at this time, that Immortal Sect guardian shouted out loud and thrust out a palm.

    A middle-aged cultivator near the front coughed and was sent flying backwards. Blood gushed out from his mouth and nose and he smashed into the ground, creating a giant pit.

    Feng Yunyun shouted out, “Guardian Li!” She fumed with anger. “We have already admitted defeat, so why must you be so heavy-handed still? Is this how the Immortal Sect conducts themselves!?”

    The Immortal Sect guardian had a gloomy voice. “To fight with us is to disrespect the Immortal Sect. This is only a minor punishment for doing so. Little baby, do you disagree?”

    Guardian Li hurried to stop her. “Miss Feng, I am alright…cough…I’ll be fine as long as I rest for some time. Don’t provoke those Immortal Sect cultivators.”

    “Humph!” The Immortal Sect guardian turned and landed on the ground.

    The Immortal Sect cultivator smiled with smug satisfaction. “It would have been better if you did this earlier. Why purposefully make yourself suffer so much pain and distress?”

    He turned around to leave.

    Qin Yu flew in rapidly, stopping a distance away. He smiled and cupped his hands together. “This Immortal Sect fellow daoist…” But before he finished speaking, the Immortal Sect cultivator flicked his sleeves and the phantom of a giant wave came crashing down upon his head!

    His complexion changed. He punched out a fist and the wave phantom trembled and disintegrated. He drew back several steps, his face darkening. He took a deep breath and said, “Immortal Sect fellow daoist, I really have no ill intentions. I just wanted to inquire into some things.”

    The golden-robed Immortal Sect disciple coldly smiled. “Don’t think you have the qualifications to speak just because you blocked one of my strikes. Just who are you that you dare to ask me anything!”

    The reason he didn’t kill Xu Wenze and Feng Yunyun was because these people came from a considerable background. Though he didn’t fear them as a disciple of the Immortal Sect, he still wanted to avoid as much trouble as necessary.

    But this person had actually dared to block his path. This was simply seeking death!

    Qin Yu took a deep breath, his eyes turning cold and dire. He didn’t like the way this Immortal Sect cultivator conducted himself to begin with, but he had purposefully endured it because he had something to ask. However, it seemed that this person was no different from a rabid dog; it would be impossible to obtain news about Ning Ling from him. But in the end he was still an Immortal Sect cultivator, and Qin Yu had no intention of becoming enemies with such a colossus. There was also the fact that Ning Ling was someone from the Immortal Sect. So, he forcefully suppressed the growing fires in his heart and turned to leave.

    But what he didn’t know was that his cold eyes had already enraged the moody Immortal Sect cultivator. The Immortal Sect cultivator said, “You want to leave? Get down here for me!”

    He grasped out a hand and powerful fluctuations of strength erupted within the world. A giant green hand soared towards Qin Yu. Before it arrived, a terrifying feeling was already washing over Qin Yu. If he had been a common fourth or fifth level Divine Soul cultivator, he would have been directly killed by this strike!

    Qin Yu coldly smiled. He had suffered the surprise attack from this Immortal Sect cultivator to begin with, and now this fellow even wanted to place him in a death trap.

    “Humph!” He took a step forward. Five-colored lights erupting from his fingers.

    Puff –

    The green hand trembled. Several cracks raced through it and it immediately shattered.

    “What?” The Immortal Sect disciple’s complexion changed. “You actually hid your cultivation? To block my Mystic Green Origin Palm, it’s no wonder you dare to disrespect my Immortal Sect. Then, today, I will teach you what it means to bring about your own destruction!”

    Qin Yu laughed in anger. This Immortal Sect disciple was truly shameless; he had immediately placed the title of disrespecting the Immortal Sect onto him. However, a dignified expression rose on his face. Invisible threads seemed to appear in the world, circling towards him from all directions.

    These threads were invisible and intangible, yet Qin Yu felt an enormous threat from them. They were like sharp blades, capable of slicing apart anything.

    Qin Yu lifted a hand and slammed out. The Five Element Swords erupted and a radiant five-colored divine light instantly swept out. He revealed a helpless look. He had just broken through to Divine Soul and didn’t have the time to meditate upon the rules and create his own magic arts. He could only use the Five Element Swords to fight against his enemies. His methods were just too simplistic and one-directional. Once he concluded his business in the Infinite Realm, he would need to go into seclusion for some time and fix this problem.

    Hum –

    Hum –

    Within the void, the phantoms of threads began to appear, colliding with the five-colored divine lights. But, the formidable five-colored divine lights weren’t able to stop the phantoms of these threads at all. They continued to race towards Qin Yu.

    The Immortal Sect disciple coldly sneered. What he used was an Immortal Sect secret art, capable of overwhelming any opponent at the same step. This person might be hiding his strength, but in the face of this secret art, he would still die.

    Qin Yu did feel an intense threat. With a loud shout he raised his hand and thrust up a finger. Strong winds whipped up and the clouds above began to tumble and roll. A finger phantom appeared, moving the strength of the heavens and earth, rapidly growing as it crashed into the thread phantoms.

    The Immortal Sect cultivator’s complexion changed. It watched as those threads that completely disregarded the five-colored divine lights seemed to suffer a heavy attack. The threads trembled for a moment before disintegrating. An opening was torn open and the finger phantom flew out, soaring towards the Immortal Sect disciple.

    Puff –

    The Immortal Sect disciple blew out a mouthful of blood, a look of disbelief on his face. He screeched, “Kill him! Kill him for me!”

    The Immortal Sect guardian coldly snorted and moved in front of the disciple. He lifted his hand and slashed the air. A black cross-shaped crack appeared in space, colliding with the finger phantom.

    Quietly, the cross-shaped crack vanished along with the finger phantom. The Immortal Sect guardian’s confident face froze and he muttered in a quiet voice. “A rule-type secret art!”

    His gaze suddenly turned burning hot.

    The Immortal Sect disciple’s eyes widened. “Guardian, what did you say?”

    The Immortal Sect guardian quickly sent a sound transmission, “Gonghai, the might of the magic arts this person has displayed is far inferior to by Extermination Cross Cut. But, if it can vanish together with it, that must be with the support of the rules. If so, this person likely possesses some formidable secret rule art!”

    That Immortal Sect disciple Gonghai’s eyes brightened. As a cultivator from the Immortal Sect, he naturally knew how precious secret rule arts were.

    Even within the Immortal Sect, secret rule arts were extremely precious legacy secrets. Only core disciples, and even then only those that had performed great deeds or had incredible potential, had the possibility of being taught them. When Gonghai was in his hometown he was considered a peerless proud son of heaven. He had rushed through countless difficulties and trials to be brought into the Immortal Sect. However, even in the Immortal Sect, his talent could only be considered average, or even a bit worse than average.

    Through the dozens of years he was there, he had only obtained one low level secret technique, the Mystic Green Origin Palm, and one low level secret art, the Void Thread Slaughter. With these two abilities and his ninth level Divine Soul cultivation, combined with some power-erupting skills, he could easily overwhelm most Divine Soul cultivators.

    Above secret techniques were secret arts. And only when secret arts reached a certain degree of profundity and possessed the strength of the rules could they be called secret rule arts. The strength of the rules here wasn’t activated or controlled, but something automatically produced by the secret art. It had specific formidable attributes, and those that could create secret rule arts were at least at the Calamity Immortal level.

    In a way, it could be said that secret rule arts possessed an extremely minor portion of a Calamity Immortal’s prestige and power; they possessed all sorts of inconceivable strengths.

    With Gonghai’s talent, even in a hundred years or several hundred years, he would never obtain the qualifications to obtain a secret rule art. But here in the Infinite Realm, a nameless cultivator had used one.

    Gonghai’s heart shook with excitement, so much that it was difficult to compose himself. “Don’t be impulsive. This person might have changed his appearance. In truth, he likely has some sort of great background. If we kill this person, I fear a great calamity will fall upon us.”

    He formed hand seals with his fingers. A strange fluctuation swept over Qin Yu before everything fell quiet.

    Gonghai couldn’t help but laugh. The secret detection arts of his Immortal Sect could find any hidden marks in a cultivator’s body. Since this person didn’t have any, no matter how great of a background he came from, there was no need to be wary.

    It seemed that this boy had walked into a great stroke of luck and obtained this secret rule art through an ancient inheritance. But after today, this inheritance would be his!

    “Guardian, this person has disrespected my Immortal Sect. We must hurry and punish him!” With a loud shout, Gonghai took out a token and crushed it in his hand.

    Bang –

    A light instantly erupted and covered the surrounding 10 miles, causing a formidable suppression to fall over the area. All Divine Soul level cultivators would have their strength reduced by at least half!