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Chapter 341 - I Regret…

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 341: I Regret…

    Ning Meng's body was frozen stiff. Huo Beichen stood behind her, still damp from his shower. The familiar fragrance of the shower gel wafted over, and Ning Meng pursed her lips. She was not sure how much of Zhen Shanmei's voice note he had caught.

    She slowly turned toward him and saw Huo Beichen wrapped in a towel, displaying his slender yet solid muscular arms and chest. His handsome and indifferent face showed that he was suppressing his sexual desires.

    She took a big gulp, and not realizing that Zhen Shanmei had sent another voice note over, her finger accidentally pressed the play button: "That's okay, don't worry about it! You can entrust your lifelong happiness to me! I will give you tens of young handsome men, all guaranteed to possess advanced level skills! They won't make you feel like you're living like a widow!"


    She really wanted to throw her phone into water or smash it onto the ground. Why on earth was she chatting with a drunk lady at this hour?! Not daring to look at the man's icy cold face, she could only feel the intimidating aura oozing out of him, the immense pressure suffocating her, and thus, Ning Meng's survival instincts kicked in.

    She picked up her phone and sent a voice note without thinking it over: "I understand your kind gesture, but there are no young handsome men in this world who can remotely compare to my husband! My husband is the bravest and most invincible of them all, you hear me? When he has clothes on, his slim figure is displayed. When he has his clothes off, he's slenderly muscular! His body figure is every man's dream! You go to bed already!"

    It was only after she had sent the voice note out that she dared to turn her head and look at Huo Beichen with her coquettish eyes. "Lord Chen…"

    Huo Beichen's icy cold aura had melted away. He looked as though he was smiling, but at the same time, he looked as though he was not smiling. "Bravest and most invincible of them all?"


    Only just realizing the gravity of what she had just said, Ning Meng's cheeks started to burn. She felt as though the temperature in the room was gradually rising to the point she was starting to sweat. She let out a cough and was about to say something, but he smoothly cut in. "When I have my clothes on, my slim figure is displayed. When I have my clothes off, I'm slenderly muscular. Can you tell me where my muscles are?"


    Where his muscles were?

    How was she supposed to answer that!? Wasn't this too embarrassing!? She buried her face into her palms and pleaded, "Brother, please don't say anymore."

    Huo Beichen saw that her exposed skin was turning red out of embarrassment and his eyes grew slightly dim. She looked like she wanted to look for a hole to bury herself in. He could not contain himself at this sight and let out a soft chuckle. Who would have thought that the woman who would never have given a second thought to tackling him all those years ago, the woman who would take advantage of these kinds of moments, would turn out to be like this today?

    He slowly lowered his head and went to her side, warmly saying, "Meng Meng, it's all my fault."


    She looked at Huo Beichen abruptly. Under the dim lights of the bedroom, the outline of his face was smooth, his jawline and Adam's apple giving her a mysteriously sensual feeling. This d*mn b*stard's whole body had the charm of making people come closer to him without realizing it…

    It was as if she had been pulled into a trance. "What fault is that?"

    His lips curved up slightly. Suddenly, Ning Meng's shoulders were pressed by a huge hand, and in the blink of an eye, she was pushed onto the bed by force. Before she could regain her senses, he quickly lowered his head and moved his lips next to her ears, speaking in a hoarse husky voice, "I should not be driving when I've been drinking. But now, I regret…"

    His enigmatic words rang in her ears. She felt as though there was electricity going straight into the recesses of her heart. However… what did he mean by driving? Drive? Drive what?

    Ning Meng's heart was thumping wildly and she held her breath. Was… Was this what she thought it was?!