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Chapter 526 - The Nine Serenities Yin Formation

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 526: The Nine Serenities Yin Formation

    “Let’s go now then. What about them?” Yun Jiuge asked as she looked over at the one big and two small figures.

    “Wait for me,” Yin Shili said. He kept his wife and children in the Cultivating Corpse Bag, then walked back to Yun Jiuge.

    “Feifei, it’s time to leave,” Yun Jiuge said and waved to the little butterfly.

    “I’m not leaving, I’m not finished yet!” Feifei said. She was focused on removing death energy and didn’t even glance at Yun Jiuge.

    “There’s no one to watch over you. You can’t stay here by yourself,” Yun Jiuge said and personally went over to grab its small wings. She said intimidatingly, “If you’re kidnapped, other people might just scorch you.”

    “I’m so cute, who would bear to scorch me,” Feifei mumbled, but flew and landed on Yun Jiuge’s shoulder.

    “Your master is right. You’re the most precious now in this entire secret realm. If Qiu Sen finds out that you’re here, he’ll definitely take you away,” Yin Shili said.

    After Yin Shili found out that Feifei was a Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly, he admired how bold Yun Jiuge was to let such a precious treasure come out to work, not afraid of it being snatched away by others.

    “Master won’t let me get caught!” Feifei retorted unhappily and quietly shrunk its body.

    “Don’t scare it,” Yun Jiuge said, and stuffed two Cherry Pills into Feifei’s mouth so that it would not stop working in protest.

    The two of them returned to the cell in the mountain behind. Advisor Jun had already sought Meng out to gain a better understanding of the situation, and the ten stoned human-beast hybrids were still locked in the cell.

    “You set up the Illusion just for them?” Yin Shili asked and raised his eyebrows. What a waste of resources!

    “It’s not for them, but for the human-beast hybrid clan,” Yun Jiuge said. She brought Yin Shili down the stairs to the underground prison.

    The underground prison was dark and gloomy and had no light at all. It was musty and chilling.

    Yun Jiuge lit a torch and placed it on the wall. She then took out the Spiritual Stone to start laying the formation.

    “You know the Nine Serenities Yin Illusion?” Yin Shili asked, his eyes widening in surprise.

    This Illusion was a legend that had been circulating among the Black Magic Sects for a long time, but he had never seen it before. He had not expected Yun Jiuge to know it.

    “Do you think I’m called a Goddess for nothing?” Yun Jiuge said. She used cinnabar to draw on the Spiritual Stone, and Runes with mysterious power appeared on the Spiritual Stone.

    She was too lazy to rack her brain when Zi Shang was around, but that didn’t mean that she was brainless.

    After being a Goddess for so many years, there was nothing in this world that she did not understand. It was just that she had sealed up those memories and would only search through them when she needed to do so.

    “So you really are a Goddess?” Yin Shili asked. Although he had long guessed Yun Jiuge’s identity, he was still surprised to hear her admit it.

    “Why? Hasn’t Fan Yin told you about me before?” Yun Jiuge chatted with Yin Shili as she drew.

    “Master Fan Yin has never mentioned your identity. But if he had noticed you, you must not be an ordinary person,” Yin Shili replied prudently.

    In fact, he had been very disappointed when he saw Yun Jiuge for the first time because Yun Jiuge was too weak. The only highlight was that she had Zi Shang with her.

    After Yun Jiuge joined the Yin Corpse Sect, he had been secretly observing Yun Jiuge to see if she was concealing anything.

    Later, when Mo Hua, Bai Gu, and Qiu Sen were persecuting her together, he was even more disappointed that Yun Jiuge only focused on fleeing. He even thought that Fan Yin might have lied to him.

    But now, Yin Shili finally understood that Yun Jiuge was powerful not because of her force, but because of her ability to persuade another person by making them inexplicably happy.

    No matter what, she was always right.

    “I used to be special, but it’s not the same now. You’ll need to save this world by yourselves,” Yun Jiuge said.

    Yun Jiuge put the Spiritual Stone that she had drawn on into Yin Shili’s palm and said, “Use your Yin Yang Qi to carve the Rune into the Spiritual Stone. I’ll teach you how to position it later.”

    “Okay,” Yin Shili said enthusiastically and began focusing on carving the Rune.

    After he was finished with it, these runes were also engraved in his mind.

    Next, Yun Jiuge taught him how to bury these Spiritual Stones in the Nine Serenities Yin Formation.

    “Okay, we’re done. You can go back to building your wall,” Yun Jiuge clapped her hands and said, ready to leave.

    “Miss Yun, actually I’m not in a hurry to build those walls. I can stay with you and continue to work,” Yin Shili said. He had learned how to create a Nine Serenities Yin Formation and found it promising to follow at Yun Jiuge’s side.

    “Are you sure you’re not in a hurry?” Yun Jiuge turned to look at Yin Shili and said with a smile, “How about you say that again when Zi Shang is here!”

    “No, don’t. I’ll go back to the wall now,” Yin Shili said. When he heard Zi Shang’s name, he couldn’t help but shiver. That abominable demon wanted to squeeze him dry. If Zi Shang knew that he was slacking off, he would be in trouble.

    “Take Feifei with you, and remember to take good care of it,” Yun Jiuge said. She placed Feifei on Yin Shili’s shoulder. Transforming death energy was what the little butterfly should be doing.

    “Rest assured that even if I lose my wife and children, I’ll not lose it,” Yin Shili said. This was the most solemn vow that he had ever sworn before.

    “Don’t worry, you just need to look after it and not let it run around,” Yun Jiuge said. She still trusted Yin Shili. Feifei had no ability to protect itself and was safer with someone looking after it.

    Soon after Yin Shili and Feifei left, Advisor Jun and Da Meng hurried over. They were followed by the human-eagle hybrid A’fei and an unknown female human-rabbit hybrid.

    “Master, Elder Bai recommends A’fei to be your bodyguard,” Advisor Jun said.

    “Good,” Yun Jiuge said and nodded, then looked at the female human-rabbit hybrid behind Da Meng.

    The human-rabbit hybrid had dark skin, short hair, and a slender body full of explosive force. With a cold expression on her face, she faced Yun Jiuge’s scrutinizing gaze and said, “My name is Maya.”

    “Maya was sent by the Clan Leader. She’s a master in our clan, but just a little reticent,” Da Meng said quickly.

    In fact, Maya was stronger than him. It was just that her character was slightly strange, so the Clan Leader had not initially sent her.

    When she heard that they were increasing the number of guards, she decided to send Maya.

    “Very well. As my guard, you won’t need to do much,” Yun Jiuge said and nodded. She then looked at Advisor Jun and said, “Have you finished the tasks I asked of you?”

    “Yes. These are Aunt Gaga and the others’ relatives,” Advisor Jun took out a stone slab and began explaining to Yun Jiuge.

    In summary, Aunt Gaga and the others had no children but only collateral relatives, which was why they had been assigned to be in contact with the demonic stones.

    “Are you still going to try?” Advisor Jun asked cautiously.

    “I’ll try. How can I not? Take them all to the Dungeon. You guys guard the outside,” Yun Jiuge instructed as she turned and walked into the Dungeon.

    Advisor Jun brought Aunt Gaga into the dungeon and tied everyone up in the corner as Yun Jiuge had ordered.

    “Come here,” Yun Jiuge said and beckoned to Advisor Jun, who was sitting in the hut beside the Dungeon.

    “What should we next?” Advisor Jun walked in and asked.

    “We won’t do anything but look at them,” Yun Jiuge said. She threw a Spiritual Stone at the Dungeon, and the Nine Serenities Yin Illusion was activated.