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Chapter 316 - Back for him (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 316: Back for him (2)

    Even as her fingernails dug deep into her palm, Xiao Chun didn't seem to feel any pain. She flapped her lips as if she had something she wanted to say, but she didn't speak. This happened several times before she eventually broke into a bleak smile.

    She lowered her head to avoid Xu Weilai's gaze. Then, after taking a deep breath, she said in a low voice, "Little Weilai, I just wanted to tell you… to stay well in the future. To get along well with Brother Yu too."

    "I have seen you. For all these years, you've been chasing Brother Yu around. And now, Brother Yu has finally begun to see the good in you. I… I truly am happy for you."

    Xu Weilai couldn't stop the smile from forming across her face as she said, "I know, you've always been the matchmaker between Gu Yu and meI. If in the end, Gu Yu and I are able to truly be together, I'll definitely give you a big red packet!"

    As she finished her piece, she picked up the dish that Xiao Chun liked and placed it into her bowl. "Let's eat first. The dishes are getting cold, so eat more!"

    "You should eat more, too."

    After they finished their meal, the two weren't in a rush to leave. Since it had been a long time since they had gone shopping together, Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun agreed to it easily. And so, off they went, striding to the shopping mall located across them, hand-in-hand.

    As soon as they reached the plaza before the shopping mall, they caught sight of an interview broadcasting on the LED screen atop the plaza. As the interview went on, images of the woman getting interviewed were inserted repeatedly. Along with her pictures were her renowned pieces of work, as well as how she came to fame, et cetera…

    Xu Weilai glanced over to the screen. Slightly intrigued, she stopped in her tracks and continued watching the interview.

    She knew this woman. As a reporter that had to keep abreast of the newest information happening in and out of the country, it was natural that she followed this woman who was known as "Yun Rou".

    This was because Yun Rou had just clinched victory at the International Piano Competition, and she had even gotten the most honored award of all. Not only did she become the most popular pianist overnight, but she was also Chinese!

    Going onto the international stage from China and winning honor for the country, she became a national hero. Nowadays, she was the most talked-about woman. She has even been on the top of the most search list for three consecutive days.

    The host interviewing her was moving on to her love life.

    The host asked, "Miss Yun Rou, it's a well-known fact that you have been married for three years. So, was your husband the biggest motivation on your road to success?"

    Yun Rou was an extremely elegant and captivating woman. It could be because she had immersed herself in the arts for all these years. Everything she did seemed extremely gentle and alluring; she was able to capture the attention of everyone watching her.

    She smiled slightly, her lips curving into a gentle smile. She didn't answer the question immediately. Instead, she said, "I'd like to use this interview to announce two things."

    "Firstly, my ex-husband and I have peacefully parted. We'd be staying as friends. Secondly, I would like to announce my world tour. The first stop of my world tour would be to my country."

    "Anyway, didn't you ask me what was the biggest motivation on my road to success? It wasn't my ex-husband, but rather…"

    Yun Rou paused for a moment before directing her beautiful and charming gaze to the camera. As if she was speaking to a certain someone, she enunciated every single word clearly from those pretty lips of hers, "A man that has been on my mind until today."

    "Here, I'd like to tell him that I am finally able to return to his side, in my most perfect form."

    "The first stop that I'm making for my world tour, is because I'm coming back for him."

    "Seems like it's a love story full of pathos! Then, let us look forward to your world tour and wish you all the best in pursuing your love!"

    Only after the interview ended did Xu Weilai divert her eyes away from the screen. It was only then that she realized that Xiao Chun, who was standing beside her, had turned pale at some point. Her face was pale white, with not one bit of rosy red left…