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Chapter 971 - Rex Is Really Infuriated!!!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 971: Rex Is Really Infuriated!!!

    She was behaving just like a recalcitrant girl throwing a tantrum.

    Duke Moville’s face stiffened and he had no choice but to admit defeat and feel ashamed. Despite knowing that it was all just an act staged by Wen Xinya who merely wanted him to lose the right to demand for the document to be returned, he was at a complete loss for words.

    Once again, he found out something new about Wen Xinya. She could fight, wield a gun, put on an act, had a sharp tongue and was multi-talented.

    Avrora could not help but feel a little shocked and anxious. She said in a feeble voice, “Miss Bella, please listen to my explanation. I really didn’t mean anything else. I hope you won’t get the wrong idea. I hereby apologize to you for my mistakes, Miss Bella.”

    Wen Xinya could not even bother processing her words. Her mask hid her face, but not the tears in her eyes. Her rosy lips quivered and she seemed as if she had just cried out of anger after being bullied, all pitiful and vulnerable.

    Avrora turned to look at Rex affectionately with tears in her eyes. “Rex, you must believe me. I really didn’t mean anything else. You were the one who misunderstood me, Miss Bella…”

    Wen Xinya quivered in anger, thinking to herself,

    Duke Moville quickly said, “Rex, look, this is just a misunderstanding…”

    Si Yiyan ignored Avrora and he immediately appeared stern and austere. “Duke Moville, what do you mean?”

    Having lived to such an old age, Duke Moville was extremely scheming and sly.

    Si Yiyan continued coldly, “Both Miss Avrora and Bella were willing parties to the horseback riding competition and everyone was there to witness it as well. Besides… Bella never wanted to race in the first place, but Miss Avrora was the one who compelled her to. In order to comply with her, Bella even hurt her arm in the process. Duke Moville, what are you trying to do by bringing Avrora here to ask for the stake to be returned to you?”

    Duke Moville frantically said, “Don’t get me wrong, Rex. Actually, it’s just that the document is way too important to the Moville Family. That’s why we’re so thick-skinned to visit you and ask for it back.” He then looked at Wen Xinya sincerely and said, “Miss Bella, I hereby apologize for my mistakes if I have offended you.”

    Wen Xinya pouted and ignored him.

    Duke Moville felt a little awkward.

    Si Yiyan placed the teacup back onto the teapoy. However, it soon fell onto the ground and shattered into bits, producing a loud and crisp noise that seemed to be amplified because of the silent and tension-filled living room.

    Duke Moville’s pupils constricted and he stopped stroking his cane.

    Avrora shivered uncontrollably, overwhelmed with fear.

    No one knew if Si Yiyan had done it on purpose or not.

    Si Yiyan quipped coldly. “Duke Moville, I respect you because you’re a Russian aristocrat who has contributed greatly to Russia. Do you know what kind of people I detest the most?”

    Duke Moville was at a loss for words. Si Yiyan was obviously not giving him anymore face.

    Si Yiyan continued, “I utterly detest those who ask for more than they should. I believe that I’ll pay others back in double if they respect me. However, if they provoke me, I’ll be sure to fall out with them with no consideration of any ties.”

    Despite being well-mannered, Duke Moville’s face grew sullen and he questioned, “Rex, what do you mean?”

    Did that mean that he would be falling out with Duke Moville? Duke Moville glanced at Avrora, who was sprawled all across the ground, before taking a look at Wen Xinya, who was seated beside Si Yiyan. His gaze turned icy cold.

    He suddenly discovered that he had made the wrong decision by bringing Avrora along to visit Rex today.

    Si Yiyan hollered. “Duke Moville, do allow me to remind you. You’re going overboard!”

    His short and concise sentence comprised of various meanings. It was both evidence of his confidence in himself and a warning to Duke Moville. In fact, it was also a threat to him. He did not regard the aristocratic hierarchy at all.

    Duke Moville’s face grew sullen. Whatever he said did not matter, for he had already lost the upper hand.

    Si Yiyan continued, “Lucifer spans across Russia and China. Although we’ve been refraining from trouble, it doesn’t mean that we’re timid or cowardly. Duke Moville, if you continue cornering us, don’t blame me for falling out with you.” He laughed and continued, “Duke Moville, I have nothing to lose.”

    He was clearly threatening them.

    Duke Moville answered, “Rex, you must be joking. I didn’t intend to compel you at all. Avrora has been spoiled rotten by me. I’ll definitely teach her a lesson when we’re home.”

    He simply meant that Avrora was to blame for everything.

    Avrora stared at him in astonishment while weeping uncontrollably.

    Si Yiyan did not answer him at all. Instead, he glanced at the teary-eyed Wen Xinya and comforted her tenderly. “Baby, don’t get angry. Be careful not to hurt yourself. Don’t worry, it won’t matter even if you had really lost the earring. Lucifer’s interests and my pride won’t matter so long as you’re happy.”

    He could win all of those back. He could not stand seeing her unhappy at all.

    Upon hearing those words, Avrora felt extremely flabbergasted. She and Duke Moville had painstakingly plotted against Wen Xinya to obtain the matriarchal token, only to make a joke out of themselves in the end. The reason being, Si Yiyan did not take it that seriously at all.

    Duke Moville tightened his grip on the cane.

    Wen Xinya pouted and asked while sobbing, “Is that true?”

    Although they were just acting, Wen Xinya was still incredibly touched and she knew that Si Yiyan would not lie to her.

    Si Yiyan frantically answered, “Of course it’s true. Since when have I ever lied to you? If you like using it as a bet, I’ll get someone to custom-make dozens of such earrings so that you can use them as bets.”

    To outsiders, the matriarchal token may be a symbol of unparalleled power, prestige, money and superior status, but it was nothing more than just an accessory to Si Yiyan. He could replace it whenever he wanted, and if she lost it, he could simply replace it with something else. There was nothing to fuss about.

    Although Lucifer would definitely be at a loss and the process would be rather complicated, it was not a problem at all since he could solve it.

    Wen Xinya stopped crying and instead, said smilingly, “You should have told me earlier. You made me get angry for nothing. Had I known earlier, I would have just given the earring to Miss Avrora since she likes it.”

    She was brazenly mocking Avrora.

    Si Yiyan protested. “That can’t do. This is a gift from me to you. How could you give it to a sordid woman?”

    Wen Xinya gave Avrora the side-eye before saying, “How could you say that? Miss Avrora is the true heiress of the Moville Family. She’s not sordid.”

    Duke Moville and Avrora were completely embarrassed by their act.